Title : The opposite of reality

Summary : Rukia decides to ignore her orders to be stationed in Karakura town and Ichigo suffers the consequences of her actions by becoming a hollow. Ichi x Harem


Paring : Harem

Rating : T for now

Chapter one : Fate worse than death

" " talking

' ' Inner soul

' ' thoughts

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"Aizen-sama?" a battered and very tired Apacci said, with what strength she could muster Apacci straightened her body and presented a strong front for Aizen.

"Do not worry Aizen-sama, this Shinigami will be dealt with very quickly" Apacci said with a smirk crossing her face before it changed to one of shock.

"Hadō number 73...Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down" Aizen stated calmly while resting his palm upon Apacci's sternum.

Apacci and Aizen disappeared in a thick cloud of smoke and seconds later a blurred figure flew out of the cloud.

Aizen held out his palm again, slowly following the rapidly falling figure of Apacci. " Hadō number 54.." purple energy quickly gathered into his hand "Abolishing Flames" The purple energy flew out towards Apacci in the shape of a small boomerang.

Just as it was about to hit an orange blur appeared next to Apacci and both disappeared letting the purple blast smash against a pile of debris incinerating it instantly.

"Apacci!" Ichigo yelled as he set her down on a nearby rooftop "Ichigo-sama...is that really you?" Apacci slowly wheezed out, forcing her hand to rise to Ichigo's cheek.

"Yeah" was all Ichigo could say after he took in her battered form, she was bleeding profusely from her sternum where Aizen had hit her point blank with that Kidō spell.

The sound of Sonído filled the air around Ichigo and Apacci, and all of Ichigo's Fracción could only watch as Apacci's spiritual pressure slowly started to fade away.

"I'm so sorry Ichigo-sama" tears started to pool in her eyes, "You have nothing to be sorry about, it is I who should be sorry, I left you alone" Ichigo softly gripped Apacci's hand "Can you hold on for just a few more minutes?"

Apacci nodded, "Good" said Ichigo, he slowly got up and turned to face his leader 'or ex-leader now' he thought. "You've made a grave mistake turning against me Aizen" Lost was all the respect Ichigo had for that man, replaced with pure hatred.

Ichigo's palm flew up and a blood red energy started to form a large ball, a tell-tale sign of a Cero. Aizen's face curled into a grin that would make Gin proud 'Does he really think a Cero will do anything to me?' he thought 'No he must be using it as a distraction' Aizen mused.

Just before the Cero reached its pinnacle for which it could store energy Aizen could have sworn he heard the distinct sound of Sonído, but Ichigo was still in the same spot as before. Aizen stole a quick glance at Ichigo's Fracción who were all still standing in the same place as before.

"Cero! Getsuga Tenshō" could be heard simultaneously one coming from in front of him and the other...Aizen's eyes widened considerably at the realization but it was too late.

Aizen was instantly engulfed in a massive explosion of where bright blue met blood red with Aizen in the center of it.

Ichigo watched as Aizen disappeared in the think cloud of smoke, he knew it wouldn't kill Aizen but it would do some damage. Ichigo looked at his Fracción sitting on the roof tending to Apacci's and their own wounds from battle 'Just a little longer Apacci and I'll have Inoue heal you right up' he thought.

Looking up at the sky he vowed to himself 'I will kill Aizen', looking back to his Fracción his features softened 'Then we all can live together in peace'.

Ichigo shook his head letting a soft chuckle escape 'How the hell did it end up like this?' and with that he sped into the cloud where Aizen was no doubt waiting.

(Karakura Town) (Six months prior)

Night fell over the residents of Karakura Town covering the streets and buildings that filled it. Though mostly dark one would see the faint flashes coming from a two-story house near the top of Karakura Town's highest hill.

It was family movie night at the Kurosaki clinic, Isshin, Karin and Yuzu were downstairs in the living room watching some random comedy Isshin had found at the convenience store earlier today. While Ichigo decided to get to bed early for school the next morning despite his fathers' speech about not spending anytime with him and sisters.

Ichigo couldn't fall asleep even if his life depended on it, he felt dead tired but he couldn't shake off the feeling that something bad was about to happen.

He was lying in bed staring at the ceiling trying to relax each muscle in his body one by one before letting his mind go blank, a trick his gym teacher had taught him one day.

All of a sudden there was a loud explosion accompanied by the house shaking, Ichigo's eyes shot open and he practically flew down the stairs to see what happened. As he reached the corner to see into the living room he found it to be a complete mess with a massive hole in the wall.

Ichigo found his father unconscious sprawled across the broken coffee table, but Karin and Yuzu were no where to be found. "Karin! Yuzu!" cried Ichigo fearing the worst, his ears were met with a scream "Ichi-nii!, Brother!" coming from outside.

Ichigo jumped through the hole in the wall and there were Karin and Yuzu being held by something that could only be described as a semi-truck with arms and legs. "Let them go you son of a bitch!" he roared, the monster turned to Ichigo and tossed his sisters at him "Oh you smell very tasty, I think i'll eat you first!".

"Are you guys ok?" Ichigo received a nod from both of them, "Stay behind me" as he slowly pushed his sisters around to his back.

The hollow moved closer to Ichigo now in the light of a nearby light post where he could easily be seen. He looked like a giant hamster with bird-like hands and feet with a tentacle-like appendage hanging from his forehead. Ichigo thought this oversized fur-ball looked familiar before he clenched his mouth shut as the memory of when his mother was killed flooded his mind.


Ichigo was walking next to the river embankment hand in hand with his mother, with a huge grin that could threaten to split his face in two. Out of the corner of his eye Ichigo saw a girl standing near the edge of the river, Ichigo stopped to see what she was doing.

"Ichigo?" Masaki startled that Ichigo had just stopped moving and was looking at a spot near the river but all she saw was darkness. Ichigo turned to walk with his mother again until the girl started to tip forward looking as if she was going to fall into the river.

Ichigo instantly let go of his mother to try and catch the girl before she fell in. "ICHIGO!" Masaki screamed, she started to run after Ichigo thinking he was going to fall into the river.

Just before Ichigo was able to grab the girl she disappeared reveling a long tentacle coming out from the water in her place.

Ichigo's jacket was grabbed from behind and was pulled back just before he fell into the water below. He looked up to see his mother standing over him with a very worried expression "Ichigo what were you thinking you would've fallen into the river!".

Ichigo was about to ask her why she didnt see the girl about to fall into the river when a large object started to rise out of the water.

The moonlight coming from overhead gave Ichigo a good look at the monster that was now looming over him and his mother. Masaki who still waiting an answer from Ichigo, was about to ask him again when she felt pain run through her chest.

She looked down and saw a hole in her chest, figuring she had been shot she feared for Ichigo not wanting him to die as well. As a last ditch effort she staggered over to Ichigo before she fell on him knocking Ichigo unconscious and hiding him with her body.

(End flashback)

Ichigo's eyes narrowed and bared his teeth, yes he knew this monster "You're the bastard who killed my mother!". Without another thought Ichigo charged straight at Grand fisher, but was instantly on his back with a large hand crushing him into the pavement.

"Ichigo!" his sisters cried out tears in their eyes and looking like they were about to run to him Ichigo shouted "Get out of here! Grab dad and run, AHHHH" as more pressure was applied to his chest he could feel his ribs breaking and the air in his lungs being forced out.

Karin and Yuzu stood frozen unable to move for infront of them their beloved brother was being crushed to death and there was nothing they could do about it.

"GO!" he screamed again while coughing up blood trying franticly to rip the hand that was crushing him off of his chest, Karin was the first to recover, she grabbed Yuzu's arm and ran back into the house to get Isshin.

Isshin could only see stars as he was being violently shaken by his daughter Karin.

He grumbled and rubbed the back of his head as he sat up, Isshin instantly took in the look of desperation and tears in his daughters eyes. He instantly grabbed their shoulders "what happened?"

"There was a monster with a white mask outside and *sniff* it was going to eat us when Ichigo came out..." Karin's voice trailed off. Isshin's eyes went wide "go to Tatsuki's house and wait till I come get you understand" his tone left for no argument, they both nodded and ran out the back door.

'Shit I dont have anyway to get into my spirit form, but I can't just sit by and watch as another part of my family gets killed by these monsters' Isshin jumped out through the hole in the living room just as Ichigo was picked up by the Grand fisher.

"Ichigo!" his father screamed trying to find a way to help his son, "che, a soul reaper? Why can't I ever have a nice meal in peace?" snarled the Grand fisher he was about to feast on the orange haired idiot in his hands, when he felt a hand pierce his stomach.

"What the hell" Grand fisher slowly turned his head to which he saw two hollows behind him one resembling a giant human with fish like qualities including fins and gills on his neck the other took the form of a spider, "hope you don't mind but that kids our meal, and then your next" said the human-like hollow. 'shit two hollows and a soul reaper? Gotta find a way out and quick!' thought Grand fisher.

Ichigo was barely hanging on, 'Shit, this how its going to end? Karin, Yuzu, Dad, Tatsuki, Chad...I wont ever get to see them again' Ichigo thought 'No! I have to hang on I can't just leave them like this I need to live!' Ichigo cleared his vision and saw his dad.

Ichigo was about to tell his idiot of an old man to get the hell out of here when he found himself impaled on one of the spokes belonging to the fence surrounding his house. The spark behind Ichigo's eyes slowly dimmed till they were a dull brown void of any life signifying the death of Ichigo Kurosaki.

Isshin watched in horror as two more hollows came up behind the Grand fisher most likely to feast on Ichigo as well. Ichigo who still being held in Grand fishers hands, was struggling to break free of his grasp.

As they came closer The larger of the two pierced the Grand fisher in the chest. Isshin saw the hollows about to fight he thought 'this is my chance to grab Ichigo and get the hell outta here, dammit where the hell is Kisuke!'.

Isshin made to grab Ichigo when Grand fisher who was still holding Ichigo whirled around and slammed Ichigo onto the fence impaling him right through the heart. He saw the life leave his only sons eyes, as Isshin fell to his knees hitting the pavement in sorrow. Seeing as everyone was distracted to his little stunt Grand fisher opened a Garganta and jumped in.

'Am I dead?' thought Ichigo, he looked at his hands which now were transparent, as he looked further down to his body he saw a chain protruding out of his chest. 'A chain? Why the hell is there a chain attached to my chest?'. Ichigo followed the length of the chain to see what he was attached to, he was shocked to see what was connected to the other end of the chain his body.

Ichigo's eyelids drooped down along with his face and shoulders 'Damn I'm really dead...well this sucks'. Ichigo's face shot up to scan the area around him, remembering that his father was still there. Isshin was about to be grabbed by the spider-like hollow when he jumped to his feet and started running.

Isshin looked like he was going to make it when the spider-like hollow stopped chasing him "Thank god" said Ichigo, glad that his father was able to make it out. At least until the human-like hollow disappeared and reappeared right in front of his father grabbing Isshin by the throat and lifting him up.

"NO!" cried Ichigo who was now trying to get to his father but the chain prevented him from going any further. He had to get this chain off and fast if his sisters were to have any family left, he started to pull on the chain which caused him considerable amounts of pain but he pushed through it.

"ICHIGO NO DON'T TAKE THE CHAIN OFF!" shouted his father who had somehow broken free of the human-like hollow's grip. Ichigo paid no attention to him and with one final tug he broke the chain leaving only a single link still attached to his chest.

The pain he felt was unbearable his skin tightened to the point were any more stress would cause his body to implode. Ichigo made to scream but was met with silence save for the occasional gust of wind gracing his ears.

All of a sudden Ichigo was surrounded by a blinding white light with wind whipping around him throwing debris all around. Even the hollows gave up trying to eat Isshin to shield their eyes from the light and objects flying around this mini-tornado that appeared around the orange haired boy.

After a minute had passed the light began to fade and the wind settled down but the smoke and dust still obscured the fate of the boy. Isshin stared at the spot where his son used to be a lone tear finding its way down his cheek.

'I've failed again' Isshin looked down at his trembling hands, his vision blurred from the amount of tears forcing their way out to fall into his hands. 'Keeping them in the dark is only putting them in more danger'.

Not only had he lost his beloved wife to the hollows now he had lost his only son. Isshin wished that Ichigo would've listened to him for now Ichigo faced a fate worse than death, becoming a hollow.

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