Sorry for the wait - Also sorry for this short chapter ! Also, Bella isn't a Demon, she's sorta Half Lampads and half nymph . A reviewer gave me the idea.. Her father was a Lampad and her mother was a Nymph .

It was two days after that wonderful night at the movies, and I was on cloud nine. Nothing could bring me down and I wouldn't allow anything to burst my lovely bubble of sex with my mate. Seriously nothing is better than having her warm hot body pressed against mine, or her hot mouth on me, anywhere on me! Her body and the feel of her body was just about as refreshing and satisfying as blood.

I thought it would be awkward for the two of us the morning after, but it wasn't. I soon found out that Bella was one of those, attack at any given moment sort of girls. Not to mention sitting around a breakfast table while trying to seem like nothing was happening at a table surrounded by vampires was hard. They heard, smelt, and seen everything, Bella again seemed to forget about what my real nature was. She would still whisper thinking nobody could hear her, and her actions were one that either didn't give a shit, or just didn't know. And she knew alright, so she had to have been forgetting.

Nobody seemed to make fun or mention it out loud to her awareness. I was thankful for that, I'm sure she wouldn't have appreciated having somebody talk about our sex life that we just opened up to. Besides I knew they weren't going to bring it up or tease us about finally getting it on, at least Emmett would say that, because they respected Bella and I , or they were afraid of getting caught on fire.

Speaking of getting caught on fire, Carlisle has done non-stop extensive research about different types of creatures that he's either aware of or that somebody he knows or use to know has been or was aware of them. According to a few texts that he's gotten his hands on, he thinks Isabella is either a lampad or a nymph. He might have muttered something about being it possible that she could be a half-breed between the two, which caused me to grown and made him change his course of suggested name to hybrid. I liked hybrid much better than half-breed, sounded much better and less offensive.

When he brought up possibly knowing or having an idea on what she could be, she was excited. She was happy that there were finally different possibilities of what her race of supernatural creäture could be. She was tired of not knowing, also she's still been upset about not being able to find anything left behind by her parents stating what she is and what things she could or might be able to do. That still bothers her, but I told her not to give up hope, because she could find something, anything letting her know and giving her information about what she is, or who she is.

He, nor we havent figured it out yet. But I'm sure in all due time we will either be told he's either right or wrong. I have faith in his research abilities, and I think he could be right. From what I've googled or read from his little creäture book, that it could and did sound promising for her to be part of both or one of the different suggestions. The whole Lampad suggestion definitely concurred with her ability to set people or things on fire. So why not?

"Did you hear from Carlisle? Did he call and tell you what's going on at the center?" I asked Esmé as I started to put my hair up in a messy bun.

Bella got a call from one of the fathers of the girls she does gymnastics with. Apparently her coach quit or got fired a few days ago, and they were coachless. She hadn't been in to practice or anything since then, since she was so upset. She had only worked with that one coach since forever, and now that he was gone, she was sad and just plain upset, so she refused step foot in that building. Though she and Carlisle did leave quickly after receiving a phone call earlier. I had hunted and only had a note to go from.

"Yes, it seems there is a new coach being brought to the gym. Nobody is happy about it, least of all Bella. Are you almost ready dear, the others are waiting on us." Esmé said quietly as she put her coat on.

"Well do they know who it is yet? Is she well-known?" I asked as I followed her out to the car.

"Nobody knows yet, Rose." Alice answered for Esmé.

I nodded and got not into the passenger side door, hoping my mate wasnt too upset. She lost enough days of practice, and I knew that her skipping was messing with her mentally.

[ Bella Pov ]

Coming for a week shopping adventure had been something I was excited about. I mean shopping, spending time with my girlfriend, and getting to know her family better, not to mention being even closer to my training gym and my team. I had been having so much fun, until I walked into the gym a few days ago and had been informed that my life long coach Martin Walsh, had either quit or been fired was shocking. I mean he was top rank, top dog, and most wanted coach out and available, and we had him, I had him.

I was so angry, especially when I called and called and never gotten an answer back from him. I stopped going to the gym, I wasnt going to walk into the gym again until they got him back, I was personally boycotting the whole situation. It just didn't make sense to me or to anybody else for that matter. The girls on my team, I loved them, they wer awesome and we were as close as we could be with me living hours away, but we had been through so much together for our gymnastics career's to be uprooted the way I had been.

But when I got the call so early this morning, and had Carlisle bring me down to the gym since he was my contracted diet guy and my personal health phycisition, I wasnt expecting the man who was standing in the gym looking at all the equipment.

Sasha Belov.

Sasha fucking Belov, was standing in my gym, in my home gym and I couldn't believe it.

"Pinch me." I commanded Carlisle as I reached and gripped his arm.

He looked down at me with wide astonished eyes.

"Excuse me!" He asked as if he were appalled.

"That's Sasha Belov! Carlisle do you not know who that man is. Use your creepy vampy ears and tell me, is he or is he not the new coach." I practically begged him as I gripped his arm tighter.

This man, no, this gymnastics god, was even better than Martin! I mean he placed gold in the olympics for god sake! Not to mention he's so damn fine, that I, a lesbian, would even rock his world! This is just, too perfect, too good to be true!

"It seems that they are trying to convince the father of one of the girls that he should be the new coach, and not the father. That with this Sasha's experience will give you all the right amount of pushing and guiding that you will need to become even more successful." Carlisle whispered quietly to me

Having a girlfriend that is a vampire, is fucking awesome. Having her sibling and so-called parents as vampires, well that's even better. I mean I could have this man spy on people for me, and see things at a greater distance than any body else I know. How amazing and fuck awesome is that? Plus, Carlisle is pretty cool of a guy, when he's not being a food and beverage nazi!

Oh god, dont pass out. I told myself as I watched Sasha catch on to me being near, and he started walking towards Carlisle and I.

"Isabella DeLaurentis, right?" He asked with his hand stretched out, smiling at me and Carlisle.

Don't pass out, don't pass out, don't pass out.

" You know who I am?" I don't know if I gasped or nearly shouted out the question, either way I felt my whole body flame in embarrassment.

He chuckled, god his chuckle was hot.

Jesus! Get ahold of yourself, you have a hot girlfriend who would kill for you, don't get attracted to the MALE coach. Pull yourself together Isabella!

Oh god, even worse, I'm sure Carlisle, my girlfriends father, could smell how much this man turned me on, and how much I found him attractive.

"Of course, you've very talented." His british accent rang through my ears and nearly melted my bones and body right to the matted floor, in a pile of Bella-Goo.


Parents and family all sat behind a newly sectioned off space surrounded in glass. Sound proof, they couldn't hear us but we could hear them. It was to prevent from distraction and so should the parents shout out to their designated child, they wouldn't spook or surprise them into injury.

Bella sat in a row in the middle of the top gymnast in the large group of gentlemen and women training in this specific facility. It seemed that she and the other three girls were the closest. They were watching with nervous eyes as their new coach Sasha Belov pace back and forth occasionally looking at his crowd of anxious gymnasts.

"Does the man speak?" The girl to Isabella's right muttered quietly under her breath, though the other three in the group seemed to hear it and rolled their eyes.

It seemed my mate had a small attraction to her new coach, it was amusing to a point, and it drove me nearly possessive.

I glared slightly as I watched the man, Coach, turn towards his brood and start speaking.

"You are all very special. You've chosen to do something very few are capable of. Look at each other, go on, look." He commanded softly looking at each person. Everyone gymnast looked right and left at the person sitting next them on both sides. "No one, but your peers can understand what it takes to be the best gymnast in the world," He said as he pointed in the direction we all were sitting in, to the parents I presume. "no one! Which is why you need each other. Mostly, you need me. I have a few simple rules, work as hard as I do. Care as much as I do. Sacrifice as much as I do. You will live, breath, eat, sleep, bleed gymnastics and nothing else. we have only 49 days until nationals and we will spend every waking moment of it in this gym. Together. Go home and say goodbye to your lives as you know it." He said with conviction looking at the faces among him, "And any one of you not willing to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears to achieve excellence, shouldn't bother to come back. We begin Monday morning at 5AM, that's all." Sasha said then walked off and out of the training part and into the coach's office.

The crowed that had sat listening to him gasped as well as the parents. Bella looked panicked. She didn't live in seattle, and having school in Forks was something she could afford to miss, or want to miss. It wouldn't work out if she kept going the way she was.

It looked like Bella was going to have to start making sacrifices. beginning with School and her place of residence at the moment.

"Poor Bella looks like she's about to burst into tears." Alice muttered.

right at that Second she did burst into tears and she walked out of the training center all together with her three closest teammates and my family rushing right behind her.

[ Bella's Pov ]

I was going to be kicked out of the training facility. I couldn't keep going to Forks High School and keep living at home, if I wanted to see my dream and goal to getting to the Olympics through to the finish line.

I couldn't leave my home, my parents left that home to me, it's been my constant throughout everything, I can't leave it. I can't just abandon my parents like that.

Tears streamed down my eyes and I nearly fell on my face tripping over the curb.

"BELLA, BELLA!" Kaylee, Payson, and Emily shouted as they chased after me.

I didn't want them to see me like that, like this. I didn't want them to see me break down, I didn't even show my tears to them when my Dad or Mom died. I had to be strong for them, I was the team leader, their leader.

I forced my tears to stop falling, wiped my eye and face quickly and gave a yawn to make it seem like my eyes were watered for that reason that my eyes were wet and red.

"Hey, sorry I didn't hear you. So, Sasha Belov, awesome right?" I tried to act all calm cool and collected.

That went right out the window as soon as Rose and her family came out of the door looking worried. The look on Esme's face is what made the tears come back full force, because I swear in that moment, she looked just like my mom.

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