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Chapter 1: The Transformation

Draco Malfoy stood by the sink as he felt the cold smooth porcelain under his firm grip. Was the potion working? He had concocted a potion to make him stronger and better. When he said better he meant better than Potter. Harry Potter aggravated him. He was the chosen one, the boy-who-lived. Why was it he who was chosen for the role? What made him so special thought Draco as his grip tightened on the rim of the sink. Yes he felt his body change. It started to burn and sting. He couldn't help but writhe from the pain as he felt like the insides of him were being ripped from within him. He cried in agony and his hand clenched at his stomach. His skin rolled and become lose from the muscles in his body. His muscles were taking a new form and shape as so did his bones. The pain was excruciating and unbearable. After what seemed like several minutes his muscles were soothed and wrapped tightly around his bones once more as the skin settled to accept the new form of his body.

Draco laid on the tile floor as he waited for the pain to subside. His breathing slowed and eventually went back to normal. He wondered what the potion had done. Had it worked? He dared look at his reflection in the mirror and he soon regretted it. His bleached blond hair was longer as it was down to his waist and his skin was softer. His eye lashes were longer and his nails were polished and no longer were they chipped. His frame was thinner and curvier. He screamed as his voice was louder and higher pitched. HE WAS A GIRL!


"Please explain again Malfoy to why you have suddenly changed into a girl." asked Draco's mentor and Godfather, Severus Snape. Severus was a good friend of his father's and could hopefully help reverse what Draco had just done to himself.

"I made a potion sir to alter my strength, but instead I become this." Draco explained once again.

"And do you have the ingredients to the potion?" asked Severus still trying to contain his anger. Draco nodded and handed Severus the book in which he had gotten the potion from. His long new slender feminine fingers seemed to tremble as they he handed Severus the book. Severus felt a little remorse for the boy. He was lost and hopeless. His father being locked up in Azkaban wasn't helping the boy at all. He was all that Draco had left to run to.

"I shall see what I can do in terms of making you an antidote, but for now you will be known as my niece who is staying for the winter holidays."

"Thank you Professor."

"Naturally I shall inform Professor Dumbledore and will provide you separate room to stay in, away from the other children, perhaps."

"That would be most appreciated yes." Draco admitted. The last thing he wanted was the news to spread around that he had mistakenly turned himself into a girl.


"He what?" asked Draco now furious but nervous at the same time.

"Draco, you have gotten yourself into quite a mess. I suggest you keep your tone down. The ingredients for the potion take a long time to prepare and gather, so yes you heard me precisely. The old coot wants you to enroll as a foreign exchange student. You will be resorted into a house and then you must get through the terms as what you are now."

"Can't you do something, change his mind?"

"If I could, I would." responded Severus dryly. "As for now you are dismissed for dinner has almost arrived and you will be sorted soon."


Draco entered the Great Hall with Severus by his side. It was a week before the term ended and then winter break would come. He was told by Severus that he was going to be changed back before the end of winter break the latest which was a bit reassuring. Heads from every table turned to look at the mysterious new girl. So far no one had expected it was Draco. The headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, smiled as Draco walked in and his blue eyes twinkled. Oh how much Draco loathed the old man. It didn't matter. He was going to kill the man by the end of the year. Dumbledore stood and tapped his glass to silence everyone.

"Sorry for the interruption, but I would like to introduce everyone to our new foreign exchange student. Her name is Eve Ankert." Announced Dumbledore. Eve Ankert, what kind of name was that thought Draco. He deserved a better name than that.

"She will be sorted into a house and I expect that all of you are welcoming and make her stay all but pleasing and memorable." Dumbledore finished. Then a stern witch with emerald eyes and raven black hair pulled into a tight bun had an old hat in her hands. It was none other than the sorting hat. She waited for Draco to stand by her so she could place the sorting hat on his new girl head. She peered at Draco from her squared glasses and Draco wondered if she was informed of his new conditions.

"Please stand here Miss. Ankert, and I shall place the sorting hat on your head." she instructed with a kind smile. No she had not been informed about his potion accident for never had she approached him with a smile. Draco moved to stand by her and she placed the old familiar hat on his head. He felt like he was elven again when he first came to Hogwarts. He then heard the Hat whisper to him in his ear.

"Hmm, getting resorted I see, and you've changed. I didn't know you wanted to be a girl, but I guess it's all personal opinion. Care to tell me though how you did it?" asked the hat curiously.

"Just put me in Slytherin already."

"Since you seem like you don't want to amuse me with the tale of how you've change then I guess I must amuse myself in doing something else. You are placed in…Gryffindor!" yelled the Hat and Draco was appalled. Could the hat do that? Severus looked shocked as well. Professor McGonagall took the hat off Draco's head and patted him softly on the back.

"Go and join you table Miss. Ankert. If you need anything I'm Professor McGonagall, head of the Gryffindor house. Feel free to come to me if you have any questions." She assured Draco with a kind smile that he hadn't seen before. She was the last person he'd ever go to. The Gryffindor table in the meantime cheered and clapped. They'd gotten the foreign exchange student as they unknowingly welcomed really Draco Malfoy to their table. This was going to be a long couple of weeks. What had he gotten himself into?