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Chapter 5: Hogsmeade

"Get up, get up, get up!" yelled Lavender Brown. She kept on jumping up and down on Eve's bed. Draco only curled into himself, trying to block her out of his mind. He was already at war with another girl over his mind, Eve.

"Would you stop that nascent jumping? It's the weekend. I can sleep in if I please."

"Not today you can't. Today we go to Hogsmeade. Hurry up and get dressed so we have enough time to eat." Lavender retorted while hopping off the bed.

Draco's eyes shot open. Hogsmeade was today? He rolled up in a ball, holding tightly to his bed covers. He learned from the first time. Lavender couldn't pull them away this time.

"Come on Eve. Ron will be waiting for me and I suspect Harry will be waiting for you." she teased, but he just shut his eyes. He wasn't going and that was final. He could make up an excuse. Blame McGonagall he thought, say she gave you detention.

"Eve," came a new voice. It wasn't Lavender's annoying high pitched voice but it was soft and tender. He felt a gentle hand hold his shoulder.

"You know, Harry told me about what happened." Draco peeked over his covers to see Hermione perched on his bed. "Divination is stupid, and even Professor McGonagall said it was unreliable. Don't let that get between you and Harry. I've never seen him this happy before."

Her brown eyes bore into his. Sincerity was written all over them and she then braced a small smile. "Just don't break his heart, or I might have to hurt you."

They both shared a small laugh but for some reason that he couldn't explain, but his mood had brightened immensely.

"All right I'll go." Draco had given in. Hermione looked pleased with herself and they all got ready to go to Hogsmeade.

"Ronnie-kins!" yelled Lavender across the court yard. She leapt into his arms, strangling her arms around his neck like a young child. Draco caught Hermione rolling her eyes.

"Why don't you tell him?" he inquired as Hermione looked at Eve as if she had no idea what he was talking about. "You know for someone who is incredibly book smart, you are horrible with relationships.

Hermione sighed, "I know, I'm pathetic."

"No you're not. You just need to spend more time out of the library."

"Well speaking about relationships, go over to Harry. He's right there." Hermione pointed him out. He was standing beside Ron looking as if he didn't want to be around Lavender and Ron at the moment. Draco didn't blame him.

"Go on Eve, he could use some rescuing there." Before he knew it, Hermione gave him a light push. Harry caught sight of Eve but he didn't know what he should do. Instead he stood frozen in his place. Draco finally pushed Hermione's hands away and straightened himself. It was too late now to back down. He walked determinedly to Harry with his head raised high.

"Hey there Eve." As soon as he spoke, Draco felt his confidence slipping. His cheeks grew hot and there was nothing to stop it. Eve was taking over and once again he tried to push her away but she was resilient.

"Hey Harry." Eve replied with her face flushed her blue eyes on the ground before her.

"Let's just—" they simultaneously said at once. Eve bit her lower lip to keep herself from talking and let Harry take over.

"I'm sorry about yesterday. It's just divination after all." He reasoned. Eve looked at him relived. It seemed like Hermione had talked to him too. She no longer wanted to be in an awkward moment so instead she moved to his left side with her right hand held out.

"May I have your left hand Mr. Potter?" Harry smiled and obliged her. Hermione smiled as she watched Eve and Harry walk off hand in hand. Hopefully things will stay that way she thought. After everything, Harry deserved to be happy.

They walked together to Hogsmeade in content silence. The fact that she was beside him made him feel safer, and somehow complete. For Draco, he felt at peace for once. Eve had taken over briefly, but he was able to regain his control shortly after. He should've let go of Harry's hand, but there was a part of him that didn't want to. The way their hands molded together felt right. He also enjoyed the heat that emanated from his hand.

"We're almost there." Harry broke the silence and Draco looked up to see he was indeed correct. He could see the roof tops starting to appear from over the hill. They kept walking, and once they entered town, Harry let go of Eve's hand despite Draco's disappointment. The feeling only lasted for a moment, until Harry had wrapped an arm around her, to draw her in. Draco found the feeling better than the one before it.

"You must be cold." Harry started to rub her arms in an attempt to warm her, "Would you like some butter beer to warm you up, and then I can start showing you around?"

"That would be lovely." Draco replied and Harry happily led her to the Three Broomsticks. Little did they know that Professor McGonagall had kept a close watch. Things weren't looking good. She sighed inwardly, but she wasn't going to stop it. Draco could love whomever he pleased as she had no right to meddle with it. She only hoped he wouldn't get hurt when the time to change back came around.

The Three Broomsticks was crowded but Harry was able to squeeze in. He left Draco at a small table by the Christmas tree as he went to get the drinks. Draco thanked him and they went back to silence, not that they could speak. It was too loud already to be heard without yelling.

When both had finished, Harry led Draco out of the clustered place, and was finally able to talk to her.

"Where would you like to go?"

Draco had to remind himself Eve didn't know the place even though he knew it very well. "You're the expert, what would you like to show me first?"

"Fair enough," Harry agreed, "right this way then."

This time Draco walked beside Harry without contact. He hated to admit to himself that he missed his warm touch, but he forced it out of his mind, trying to blame it on Eve and her damned hormones. Harry led Draco into every shop there was in Hogsmeade. If Draco liked what was on display at a shop window, harry would oblige and led her in. Laughter was shared along with stories that Draco found hard to believe.

"So they locked you in a cupboard?" Draco repeated incredulously. He wondered how Harry could still turn out smiling even though his whole childhood was filled with abuse.

"Yes, but it's getting better, and I try not to think about it much anymore. Enough about me, how are your folks?"

"They're," Draco paused to think, "They might not be the best, but I still love them."

"How so?"

"My mother loves me too much while my father doesn't enough. Whenever he looks at me, all I can see is shame. It's like I'm not good enough for him, and he resents that I was ever born but yet he spoils me with only the finest things." Draco stopped him to see his reaction to the new information, but all he saw was empathy.

"I understand," Harry saw the need for a response in Eve's eyes, "all you really want is to feel loved and accepted. We have that in common."

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't be complaining since your family life is worse than mine."

"No, don't be sorry. The important thing is that you're not like them. You've chose to live above their ideals and make your own. It's all we can do to keep moving through our lives. Once we do, we can start enjoying life, and the little things it provides." Harry smiled down at her as he offered her his hand again, "Come on. Let's get back to Hogwarts before we freeze our arses off."

Draco wished what Harry had said was true. He took Harry's hand once again and they started their way back to the castle. He kept going through the conversation in his mind. Never before has he ever opened up to anyone before and he had to wonder what had brought it out of him. It was Eve. He once again blamed it on Eve, but even if it was Eve, he was feeling better than he ever had. He was able to confide his feelings to someone he felt like he could trust. He was torn. He wanted to hate Potter but at the same time, he couldn't bring himself to do it.

Harry walked Draco all the way to the Gryffindor common room. They stood awkwardly, knowing it was time to say good bye.

"Well bye then. Thanks for showing me Hogsmeade." Draco was heading towards the stairs, but Harry had stopped him.

"Eve," he looked nervous, "would you like to go to Slughorn's party with me?"

"Sure, that would be lovely." Draco didn't even give it a second thought.

"Great, I'll see you then." Harry felt a large weight lift off his shoulders. He stood there a moment longer smiling at Eve before he went up the stairs leading up to the boy's rooms. Draco's heart beat faster as warmth spread all over his body. He couldn't help but have a stupid grin over his face.

His footsteps were light even, feeling as though he could walk on air. Nothing could bring him down from the clouds, or so he thought.

"Miss. Ankert, there you are." Draco turned around to see Vivien, the head girl of Gryffindor, approach him. "Professor Snape requested to see you at once in his office."

Draco knew this couldn't be good, but he had to go. He made his way down the halls and back into the dungeons. The dampness never bothered him until now. He could feel it cling to his skin in the most uncomfortable way. Draco gave a little knock on the door of his godfather's which was shortly followed by his dark monotone voice that bid him to enter.

Draco entered the office to find Professor Snape sitting behind his desk. His quill quickly moved back and forth across a piece of parchment. Snape gave no further instructions to Draco, leaving the girl awkwardly standing by the door.

Once Snape was done, he capped the bottle of ink and sat back in his chair. His dark eyes bore into Draco's blue.

"You wanted to see me Professor." Draco said in a voice almost inaudible.

Snape said nothing, but reached into his robes to pull out a vile filled with dark green liquid. He held it out for Draco to take. Draco got the notion and took it from his Professor, eyeing it precariously.

"It's the antidote Mr. Malfoy. Take it once break starts. You may go now." Snape dismissed him.

"Thank you Professor." Draco left with the potion clutched in his right hand. He had another week before he had to take the potion, and then everything would go back to how it was before.


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