Chapter One – Haruhi's POV – Haruhi: The Welcoming committee


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I had finally finished heaving the not-so-light dresser in front of the "love door", and stood in front of it triumphantly, smiling. There, I thought to myself proudly, that ought to do the trick. As I was bending down to reach the vase of flowers to my side, Tamaki bounded into the apartment via the main door dramatically, practically making the oak door's hinges cry out in pain as they were swung to their full extent. With the sudden shock, I lost my balance and ended up with my rear on the floor. It didn't really help that much with the stupid oh-so-shiny wooden flooring either, thank you very much. I'd have to do something about it, it was driving me insane. Four times in three days was not something I was going to let myself get used to.

"Hold on, Haruhi!", he cried, running towards me, with the ever faithful Antoinette at his heels.

Sometimes I wandered why the dog even put up with the idiot, and then I remembered, I was the idiot's girlfriend. Oh, mother in heaven, whatever I did, I'm sorry!

"Why are you putting furniture in front of that door! What about the Love Door and our sweet life together?", he continued, his face looking as though the apartment's floor had just crumbled away beneath us into a dark endless pit.

Antoinette strolled up to me, completely unfathomed by her master's reaction, and looked up at me with a cute goofy grin on her face. I guess it was the norm for her by now. "Like I said, I came to study. If you come and go whenever you want from that door, it will be troublesome for me.", I stated simply, giving a quick ruffle of Antoinette's head, then rising from my ungracious position on the floor. "And anyway," I added, "We've already wasted three days by putting this room in order, so lets finish this by today, okay? Also, we will only visit each other using the main door, understood?"

Tamaki was silent throughout, bearing an even horrified face with every passing second. Although I would never admit it, secretly it was actually kind of funny to see him like that, in one of the twisted, evil parts of the back of my mind. I carried on, "When you talk to me, use English as muchas you can! And, only because it can't be helped I'll cook for both of us."

At this statement Tamaki's eyes lit up slightly, but quickly they were extinguished when I finally ended by saying, "But any other unnecessary intimacy is forbidden!"

In an instant, he was in his corner of woe, sitting on the floor with his knees hunched up, his head down. This time it even seemed as though there was a spotlight on him from above. "And would you please stop inventing new ways to look depressed?", I said exasperatedly. It was starting to get annoying.

Ever so slowly, he turned his head slightly towards me and mumbled incoherently, "IfyoukissmeIwilldoasyousay."

I didn't really catch on, so replied with an "eh?"

In another flash, he was beside with his hands gripped at the sides of my arms, his head inconceivably close to my own. How did the guy do that? I guessed with Tamaki, if there was a will, there was always a way, no matter what.

"I'm saying that I will do as you say so long as I get a good morning kiss and good night kiss from you every day! And it's fine doing it now as well!", he said enthusiastically, his lips puckered next to my cheek comically, waiting.

"What are you saying?", I managed to gasp out after the sudden turn of events, not quite getting how that last part fitted right. "It's still daytime."

Tamaki released his grip on my arms and brought his hands to his cheeks immaturely. "Ah? You mean it's fine if it's not day time? Oh my, Haruhi...we are naughty, aren't we?", he teased. "What would Ranka say if he heard you..."

He was interrupted by my sudden uncontrollable out burst, "No, no! I didn't mean it like that! I didn't!", I spluttered on, my words tripping over themselves.

(Sound of the doorbell ringing)

We both suddenly froze and looked towards the oak door. Thankfully, when Tamaki had made his dramatic entrance, the door had rebounded and shut itself behind him, letting our peaceful discussion be left to only our eyes. "Good afternoon! We just moved in next door!", a strangely familiar voice said through the door in English.

I flew across to the door, and started to open it whilst saying, "Hi! Sorry for not introducing myself...", before stopping mid-sentence and door-swing.

There, in front of me, on my doorstep in Boston, America, was the Host Club.

"Hello!", they all said to me brightly, with enthusiastic waving.

For a moment, I couldn't move. When I could though, I quickly slammed the door shut. Tilting my head round to the side with my hands still pressing against the door, I found Tamaki sending me a questioning look. The expression was quickly morphed into that of shock and horror as Honey-sempai let himself in, with the other Host Club members in follow.

Oh, cr*p, what on earth were they doing here? I was still in shock, harbouring the same expression of that of Tamaki's, whilst they started strolling around the room. They spoke, but I don't think Tamaki and I really took anything in. All what went through my mind was, Let me wake up from this nightmare, I beg of you!

"Heh? Every room has got the same layout.", Hikaru said unpleasantly, scanning the room with the side of his hand pressed against his eyebrows like a pirate searching for a treasured island far off in the distance.

"This view from the third floor is very good as well!", Honey-sempai complimented, unfathomed by Hikaru's comment before him, and had Usa-Chan perched on his shoulders. I wondered absent-mindedly if this counted as one of the days he was allowed to have his beloved stuffed bunny.

"Yeah,", was all Mori-sempai said in a monotone voice.

"You two's room is on the fourth floor, right?", Kaoru said to Honey-sempai, who nodded, smiling, in reply. "Ours has got a huge tree right in front of the window...", he grumbled.

"OK, OK, no complaining about something decided by drawing lots.", Kyouya said in bored voice.

They talked on, unfathomed by Mine and Tamaki's shocked expression. I think they were quite enjoying it, actually. Finally Tamaki managed to interrupt them by spluttering, "G...Guys!"

They looked at us, grinning like Cheshire cats finding a stash of Cat-nip. "Ahaha, Did we surprise you?", the twins said in unison to us. "You know, it was very hard to make all the preparation before the goodbye party..."

"We thought that, well, we would have to study abroad too one day.", Honey-sempai beamed cutely. It was hard to stay mad at that face, so I tried not to make eye contact and looked at the wall behind him. It wasn't too hard as he was only small, so I just had to look directly straight.

"And there were also some unoccupied rooms here.", Kyouya said, always the logical thinker. Yeah right, I bet he just bribed some of the residents to move their assess somewhere else. I could actually imagine the shadow king doing something like that.

To think before I even felt a little nostalgic towards them. I take it back.

"Yes, by the way Haruhi", Kyouya said, smiling more earnestly. "You took a bold decision to study abroad to pursue your great dream. You can't say that something like this is going to interfere with your studies, right...?"

Realization hit me full in the face. "Aah...No...", was all I could blubber. This wasn't fair! Why was this happening to me!

But then, I realized something. A feeling that had morphed into my subconsciousness ever since I met them. They had no intention of becoming "Memories", even for a short while. I guess, I shout and scream no, but deep down, (way, way, deep down) I was secretly thrilled. And I think Tamaki was too. Even if he was jumping around the walls screaming at them, same as I.


Ten minutes later, I found myself making instant coffee for everyone else seated in the other room. Somehow the Hatatchin twins had coaxed me into doing it, along with Honey-sempai supplying a large mound of cake as always. Just as I was reaching into the cupboard for the mugs though, Tamaki hip-bumped me out of the way, and did the act for me, slamming the mugs down on to the counter. He was still fuming, and I could almost see the steam escaping from his flushed ears. I, surprisingly, differed from him, and had accepted the rest of the host clubs presence shortly after my initial burst of anger. I had had to deal with them before and still receive top marks on my grades back in Ouran, so I didn't mind too much. There would have to be some rules put in place though for me to maintain what was left of my sanity (they had already stolen most of it).

I couldn't place why Tamaki was still acting like this though. I thought he would be happy that we were reunited again, the whole host club family. "Tamaki, you don't have to do that."

"No, I don't mind, really. I just...I couldn't stand being in the other room with them, you know?", he said quietly, switching on the kettle with one hand and scratching the side of his head with the other.

Whilst he had done that, I had gotten out the milk and poured a glass for Honey, who's face wrinkled in disgust at the very thought of coffee. "Tamaki...", I replied, my words drifting off. I didn't really know what to say. I decided on placing my hand to his arm instead, trying to be comforting in some way.

"Are you okay with them being here?", he questioned suddenly, stopping mid way through his coffee making duties. He looked down into my brown eyes, searching for my answer.

"I...guess so. I've had to deal with them before, so I don't mind too much.", I replied truthfully.

"But, how are you going to study with them around! They'll always be here, looking over your shoulder at whatever your doing or dragging you off somewhere or getting you into a huge debt-", I pressed a finger to his lips, silencing him.

"I'm, glad that you're concerned for me, I really am, but, don't worry about it okay? Just think, were all together again, the whole family.", I said softly. I decided not to enlighten him that most of the time, Tamaki played a huge part in those things too, and just let him carry on thinking the twins were the big bad wolves for now.

In response, he kissed the finger I had still pressed to his lips tenderly, and brought his hand to rest on my own, keeping it there. This simple gesture sent a small shiver down my spine, and I found myself slowly edging closer towards him. With his hand, Tamaki moved my own to rest on his warm cheek, making room to press my lips against his.

As soon as our lips touched, I could feel my heart fluttering like a humming bird in side my chest, as if trying to weave its way out somehow. His lips were so soft, and with them carried a thousand unspoken 'I love you' s. He wrapped his free hand around my waist loosely, and my own arm worked on its own accord and wrapped itself around his neck. Time seemed to pass by us, but I didn't notice it, not in the slightest.

We were interrupted suddenly by the loud sound of one of the doors being opened (it was quite an old apartment, so all the doors made funny noises) and someone saying "Heloooo, um, guys? We'd kinda like these coffees today, if you don't mind..."

Tamaki and I parted lips, both flushed and unable to meet Kaoru's eye. For some reason I felt a surge of anger at him for interrupting us, but tried to push it out of my mind. Tamaki just glared at the twin.

It wasn't nearly as embarrassing as when Hikaru decided to come see what the fuss was all about, and saw both mine and Tamaki's flushed faces. Putting two and two together, he stifled a laugh, biting down hard on his lip, but still unable to help himself to grin madly. "Well, fellow brother, let us leave them to finish making the coffee, or err, finish whatever they were ...finishing...", he trailed off, leaving unspoken words as he and Kaoru left, their bodies shaking with silent laughter. As soon as the door shut, we could hear the twins suddenly burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, and could probably picture them rolling on the floor insanely.

"Well, that was...intriguing.", Tamaki said finally after an unbearable amount of awkward silence between them both.

"Oh, just shut up and make the da** coffee!", I snapped, still humiliated.

"Yes boss", He replied sarcastically, reaching for the sugar, but then pausing when he saw that the salt shaker had 'accidentally' found itself on the counter beside me. He matched my own mischievous grin and said in a bad-acting-way (Okay, so I couldn't think of a better word, bite me! :) "Oh, I wonder where the sugar's gone? Oh, there it is!", he reached for the salt and started shake it in to the coffees, save for two. "Hmm, maybe we should give some more of the sugar to the twins for a little extra sweetness. Don't you agree, Haruhi?", he asked, to which I mmm-hhmed in response.

We, being the inexperienced pranksters that we were, did this with six identical cups and only realized this fact when we had to wash out our mouths ten times over.


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