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"Yay! Taka-Chan, you owe me 2000 now!", Honey-sempai exclaimed with a giggle, throwing Usa-Chan into the air and catching him in a tight hug to his chest. Yeah, it probably would have been cute, but I'd known him long enough that small and chibi-eyed though he was, the blonde wasn't to be gotten on the wrong side of.

Mori-sempai counted out a few coloured bills, and handed them over to the smaller teen to his side, not commenting other than a slight nod.

"This commoner's game is great, Haruhi! I love To-To, he's so cute!", Tamaki beamed, picking up his character from its place on the board and admiring it with chibi-star eyes. Yes, Tamaki got the cute dog, and all I had been left with was the crappy Iron. Oh, the joys of having an over enthusiastic monarch in the club.

Haruhi rolled her eyes. "Tamaki, It's not To-To from 'The Wizard Of Oz', it's an inanimate object game piece. You're not supposed to be taking it off the board, anyway.", The brunette growled to her boyfriend, who in turn whimpered slightly and quickly returned the metal dog figure to its place on the board. She was in one of those grumpy moods, an ever present scowl on her ivory face. I think Tamaki was acting a bit tooTamaki for his own good. Or maybe it was because we had destroyed the layout of her apartment to make floor room for the monopoly board we were currently sitting around, who knows?

Honey-sempai, though it was his first time playing, was currently winning with owning over half the board and had a large array of red hotels to his name. Myself, I was currently bankrupt, and had been that way for the past hour (Even though Hikaru and I owned this board game back in Japan, not that I was going to enlighten anyone on that particular fact). Instead, I spent my time just generally annoying the others, and distracting them at crucial entrepreneur moments. Granted, it would have been more fun if Hikaru was present also to accompany me in said annoying antics, but he was back at our apartment with Pandora, probably scaring her off with his weirdness and general retard qualities we all knew and loved him for. Speaking of which, I wondered how the guy was holding up. It was his first date – well, technically speaking second if you counted his date with Haruhi, but that didn't really count anyway – so I couldn't help but feel anxious about it. He was my brother after all, I wouldn't want to to see him get hurt. It was obvious he was already head over heels for the mysterious Pandora, I still didn't know whether I could trust her. His heart was still frail from Haruhi, if he went down now, I wasn't sure he'd be able to ever get back up again, even with myself picking up the pieces. I tried to push these thoughts aside; he was his own person, able to make his own choices now. I had to remember that. To do this, I did what my twin and I were most talented for – annoying others around us to distract ourselves from what was truly hiding underneath, though I could barely even admit it to myself, let alone anyone else. "Aww, why the grumpy face?", I mock-whined to Haruhi, pronouncing the last two words in a negative, deep and childish tone.

"I'm not...!", she started to protest, but was interrupted by a flustered blonde, leaning in close on his hands and knees towards her.

"Haruhi! Are you upset? Is it something I've done? Haruhi, my love, speak to me!Are you ill?", along with a few other questions that I couldn't quite comprehend due to the speed they had flown out his mouth.

"Nooo! Why is Haruhi upset? Doesn't she want to play with us any more!", cried Honey-sempai, hugging Usa-Chan against his small chest in angst.

"Tamaki, please, you're getting a bit too close...", Haruhi mumbled, leaning back from her boyfriend's ever close face, her cheeks pink from the sudden overwhelming proximity.

Oh, god, now she'd done it. Tamaki had officially migrated to his corner of woe. Again. You'd think he'd get bored at inspecting where two walls met, a little ball or imaginary fungi to keep him company or otherwise.

In the end the whole momentum of the game was gone with Tamaki's oh-so-dramatic move to the dark age corner, so we decided to pack up and check out the pool. It was situated on the roof of the apartment complex and said to have an amazing view this time of day, when the sun had started to ponder about taking a rest for the night. "I'll just go fetch my towel and crap," I called out as I jogged out of Haruhi's apartment, making a beeline for the stairs as I headed for my own. I'd gotten to the door and was about to run in when my hand hesitated on the glistening gold handle. I bit my lip, Maybe this was a bad idea...they're having their first date together after all! They could be doing anything in there by now... on second thoughts, maybe it is a good idea. I wouldn't want him doing anything too hasty..., a high pitch scream burst through my train of thought, followed by a convulsion of giggles and loud thuds that sounded like footsteps running around madly. I raised an eyebrow to myself, then shrugged and pressed my ear against the white-washed wooden door, the golden 7 just nipping my already bent stature. I would have run back to Haruhi's to fetch a glass or something, but then I might have missed something far too funny to worth losing for a few measly decibels.

The giggling and thudding continued, and my curiosity eventually got the better of me. After swiping my key card quickly over the security box, I gripped the handle tightly and slowly started to open the door.

What I found was something I did not expect to see.

Hikaru was currently chasing Pandora around the apartment, holding a bag of flour and Pandora screaming as she held an empty box of eggs after throwing her last one at my twin's leg. They were heading towards the kitchen, that in question looking as if a cake bomb had hit it. Utensils and ingredients of all shapes and sizes littered the countertops and floor and a distinct smell of burning filled the air, the source most likely being the smoking oven.

As strange as it was, he had encountered worse. Slipping by them was easy - they didn't even blink his way and he was slipped into his room just before Pandora let out a particularly loud cry from being attacked with the remaining flour.

Well...Hikaru seemed to be having fun. Though, if he thought I was helping him clean up that massacre which seemed to have spread over the whole apartment, he could think again. Grabbing a towel and some beach shorts from my suitcase, I headed back over to the door and was about to slip out oh-so-stealthily once more when I noticed the playful squeals and cries had stopped.

Had they noticed I was here and were standing just outside ready to pounce? I seemed plausible enough. Well, there was only one way to find out.

...He didn't know why he was so hesitant to open the door until he saw what they were doing.

Pandora let out a soft giggle as she smiled into the kiss, wrapping her legs around Hikaru's waist as she sat on the kitchen countertop. Hikaru's hands traveled up her sides, to where he cupped her face with one, and ran his fingers through her soft, blonde hair with the other. They didn't notice the sudden stifled choke escape my lips as I bolted for the main door.

My hands were shaking as I grabbed for the latch, taking me a couple of attempts to actually get the damn thing open. Why was this happening?

I swung the door open to find Haruhi with a fist raised, presumably about to knock. Upon seeing my expression which quite possibly resembled someone who had just been hit by a train. "Kaoru...?"

I didn't stay long enough to hear the rest. I dropped my things and ran.

My whole body started to burn up, so I tore off my grey jacket and threw it behind me as I bee-lined for the nearest exit. What was happening to me? I had expected this to happen, hadn't I? Even encouraged him to pursue her, right? So...why did it feel as if my heart had just been ripped apart right in front of me?

I knew one thing though. I had to get away. Somewhere, anywhere, as fast as I possibly could.

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