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Three years later...

"So Mom, how does it feel to be arrested again?" Pixie asked with a smile. She was now twenty-three and very different. She'd let her roots grow out and cut her hair short until the chocolate waves of her natural hair were back. "I never thought I'd miss my brown hair, but I did." she confided to her friends.

Carmen had been caught after three years, and now they were driving up to the ACME jail. She hadn't liked it, but she managed a smile. "How does it feel to be upstaged by my daughter?" she replied. "You three are all good detectives, but I hadn't expected you to ever arrest me." Pixie was the only one in the back with Carmen, there because she wanted to talk to Carmen. It was only her and the other two. Ivy was driving and Zack was in the passenger seat.

"Like it hasn't happened before." teased Pixie. "Anyway, we're heading back up to the cells in LA. I'll probably get to see the old group." She had definitely undergone a change in the last few years. She'd never been on such friendly terms with Carmen. They may have been adversaries, but this mother and daughter hadn't ever been as close as they were now.

"Anyway," Pixie continued, "I'm glad I got to talk. Speaking of the old group, there's a certain Good Guide I wanted to ask you about."

Carmen knew who she was talking about. "You mean the one who looks like Ivy with blue eyes? What was her name again?"
"Polly Tix." Pixie answered. "How come you locked her up for weeks?"

Carmen sighed. "I was a lot younger, and a lot less moralistic. Having quit ACME only six years before...I was concentrating on winning more than challenging myself. I should really have apologized to her, but I had things to do, objects to steal, so I didn't have time to explain myself to ACME."

Pixie nodded. "Uh-huh."

When they got to the headquarters, Pixie was able to go talk to her friends that were off duty. All Pixie's ex-flatmates had changed. Rachel had risen through the ranks and at eighteen, she was already a Super Sleuth, as was Sophie. Janie was the biggest surprise. After a couple more years at ACME, she'd trained enough and become a Good Guide! At the time, she was one of the youngest, though older than the youngest ever. Rachel was on a global mission at the time, but Sophie and Janie were free, so Pixie got to talk with them.

"So what are the other detectives like?" Janie asked curiously.

"They're cool." Pixie answered. "Ivy could be a stuntwoman if she wanted to be. She is totally committed to the job and seriously cool. And Zack's really smart and sunny-natured."

Sophie smiled. "Ivy sounds a lot like you, actually."

Pixie shrugged. "Probably a lot of girl detectives are. I can see Mom being like that when she was younger."

Pixie's tone when she mentioned Carmen was much more casual than it had been years ago. She'd tried to avoid the subject, but when she hadn't, she'd tried too hard to sound regular. Now it was obvious that she took it a lot more easily that she was always working against ACME.

More and more people that were awaiting missions had stopped and were listening, now.

"So what's new with you?" Pixie asked.

"Not much." Janie said. "Kim stopped working as a Good Guide full-time," she said this quietly "and some new people joined ACME, but not much else, really. Now come on, tell us about you! Something's happened between you and Carmen! Don't deny it. Come on, tell!"

Pixie blushed a little bit. "It's nothing, really. Just that we see each other a lot more than we did when I was working here. I just have a better relationship with her."

Polly was also off-duty at the time, and she'd changed more than anyone. Her short red hair was much longer, and she looked a lot more peaceful than she had years ago, although she was just as emotional.

"Hey, Pixie!" she greeted the agent. "How's it going?"

"Um, hi. It's OK. You?" Pixie answered.

"Brilliant, like seriously. It's great!"

Pixie nodded. "Oh, Mom told me something about that know, the thing years ago, with you."

Polly froze. "Yeah?"

"She said she was a lot less moralistic back then, and if she wasn't against ACME, she would've apologized."

Polly was thunderstruck for a moment. Then she smiled. "I did not see that coming."

When she was on her way back with the other two, she remarked on this. "It's kind of weird, that I have a better relationship with my mom, even though all I do is chase her when she's stealing stuff."

Zack and Ivy both laughed. "It's kind of weird, but I have to admit, I kind of see Carmen as less of an archenemy than I should." Zack admitted. "Maybe it's because she only steals for the challenge. She actually seems to care about us."

"What do you think, Ive?" Pixie asked. Ivy shrugged.

"She's kind of sensitive on the subject." Zack whispered. "I don't know why. Something about her not wanting to admit she knows Carmen as anything other than an adversary. Don't press her about the subject."

"I know, I know." Pixie whispered back. "She won't say anything if I persist." She changed the subject and spoke regularly. "So, just out of interest, when did Mom actually mention me? She first told me about you two when I was about seventeen, soon after I'd found out about her."

This time Ivy answered. "I was about sixteen, maybe seventeen. Ages ago. I never saw Carmen as a mom, really, but it's interesting. She treats you exactly the way she treats us."

Pixie couldn't help smiling. "I think she sees you as family, in a warped way. She mentioned you two so much that I felt like I knew you already."

"Wow!" Zack exclaimed. "How much did she say? I mean, not that we talk much, but all I heard was that you existed."

"Um, that you were both very determined, it was worth stealing to have you chasing her, something like that." Pixie muttered.

The other detectives didn't persist as they sped back to their home in ACME. But all three of them were thinking.

Zack was comparing Pixie and Carmen mentally, even though it wasn't really registering. Whatever they worked for, they seemed to both have the determination which got all of them to the top of their cause. After all, Carmen was once an ACME agent too, and the only difference was that Pixie was still an ACME agent.

Ivy doubted that Carmen would stay imprisoned for long. She never did. But her opinion of Carmen was bothering her. She hadn't answered Pixie, but she knew deep down that even though her confidence in everything never seemed to waver, it did when she thought about the way she related to Carmen. In a strange way, Carmen was like a role model to her. Not in what she did, but in the way she did it. She looked up to Carmen.

Pixie knew that Carmen cared deeply for her. That incident three years ago proved that. She loved Carmen the way a daughter should. And she wasn't afraid to admit it. She would happily admit that Carmen Sandiego was her mom.

She was Racquel Pixie Sandiego, and she didn't care who knew it.

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