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Despite the calmness of the sea surrounding them, one of Zoro's eyes opened the slightest bit. It was an instinct, something he had to do once every little while because no one really knew what might happen with someone like him around. As reckless as the captain was, he couldn't stay mad at him, it only took for those eyes to look at him pleadingly to melt all his anger away and accept his apology without even questioning its honesty.

He'd been right, he hadn't even opened both eyes and he was already running for the ship's border and throwing himself after that rubber-like man they had for captain AND the doctor aboard, the reindeer with the blue nose that had tried to do just the same as he was now.

Fucking annoying, reckless twigs, the swordsman thought as he dived into the waters to retrieve the both of them and let the love cook take care of Chopper while he grabbed for the other rope and was pulled back up and onto the dock of the Merry Go, throwing the captain on the dock and pushing at Luffy's swollen and full belly almost lazily. He would never get used to this and although his indifferent expression, he cared wholeheartedly for their captain's safety to the point that he didn't even care if he had to get his clothes all soaked of either water or blood for him to keep the boy from getting way too hurt.

It didn't took long for the 'witch that raises the debt that shouldn't even exist' to approach the teenager and smack his head repeatedly as her words spill out. "You. Reckless. Idiot. What the HELL were you thinking walking onto the rail of the ship?"

"'m sowwy. 'wasn't mau intention to fawl," Luffy said, lips swollen from such a scolding beating, yet it didn't prevent him from grinning from ear to ear as his eyes locked with the green haired man as the man huffed and went back beside his katanas to try and get some more sleep.

"I told you," Usopp chimed as he grabbed for his rope again.

A day inside of the Going Merry was never calm. You should fear the day nothing happened in it because that would mean that someone had got rid of Monkey D. Luffy and replaced him with someone else.

"Sanji! Food!" A loud clank sound could be heard into the kitchen.

"You'll have to wait, food's not ready yet!" the blond yelled back as he mumbled something that sounded like 'I can't cook under this pressure, I want to do it right so Nami-swan praises my cooking skills'.