It was strange to have Luffy all quiet and still; seated on the floor, legs crossed and hands onto his knees. His hat slightly pulled forward and hiding his eyes. It was then when his crew had to wonder what was going on through his head.

Zoro lay before him, the bandages covering his body as a thin blanket was sprawled on him as he slept.

Everyone wondered what the Straw Hat Captain would think if he knew what Zoro had done to save his life, but no one could guess that he, somehow, knew.

It was something he'd sworn would never happen. He had promised this to the swordsman and, in some way, he knew that it was his entire fault. He had not only failed his First Mate but the rest of his crew. He'd let his guard down after having defeated the Shichibukai Gecko Moria and because of this, he almost lost one of the most important mates to him.

"You know, Zoro… Brook has joined the crew. We have a musician!" His voice was so serious, so sad despite the soft smile on his face. "I've always told you how much I wanted one. Zoro, why don't you wake up so we can celebrate together?"

No one really dared to step closer to the both of them. They knew that their captain needed to be left alone with the swordsman and no words could actually cheer him up. The only thing that would bring their hyper, reckless captain was Zoro opening his eyes, look at him in annoyance and tell him off with some kind of harsh dismiss that would bring that huge, sheepish grin back into the teenager's lips. Even a brief 'Shut up, Captain' would do if it came from the mosshead.

"Luffy… Shut up already and go annoy the love cook for some meat."

The rubber-like man pushed his hat back and grinned widely. "Sanji! Food!"