Chapter 1

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WARNING: this is a mafia story, so there will be violence, death and illegal stuff. Also because I'm me, there will be some dirty-talking Edward lemons. So now you're warned,for mature eye's only.

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'Cullen' is a name that strikes fear through the toughest of souls. Infamous for being violent, ruthless, cunning and devastatingly beautiful, the Cullen's are famous in their own right. They are the largest mafia family in west America and are known for drug trafficking, murders, money laundering and their illegal obsession with speed, whether it be importing race cars or street racing. And one day, Edward Cullen will be handed this thriving empire.

Edward Cullen is the oldest son of the Italian mafia don, Carlisle Cullen, known for being the most violent and aggressive son of Carlisle. The difference between him and his younger brother, Emmett, is that Emmett's the type of guy who'd shoot to wound and then interrogate for information, while Edward will shoot when he likes it, beat the shit out you for looking at him funny and if you dare to fuck with his family again, it'll be a long way to hell. Besides, by that time, you'd be wishing he just fucking killed you.

Jasper is the youngest Cullen, known as the strong, silent type. Quite ironic considering he's the lethal one. Jasper is a strategic fucker that can find his way into anyone's house or building undetected. He's also the master at hand to hand combat with multiple black belts in various martial arts. So pretty much the second you lose your weapon fighting against Jasper, you have already lost.

Together they make an unstoppable unit. They complement each other perfectly so where one person may lack, another will compensate. Such as Edward's short fuse is complemented by Jasper's calming nature or when he get too serious Emmett is there to lighten the mood. It is how they have always worked and it's what works for them.

Their childhood was very different to what any normal kid would have had. They had guns in their hands before they could walk and could fluently speak Italian before they knew their nine times table. They've known, even from a young age, that their family was different than the rest. When you had your own personal body guard as a child, it would be a bit hard for your parents to keep a family secret from you. Their mother, Esme, went to great lengths to give them somewhat of a normal childhood. She made sure that they went to school like normal kids and played sports like normal kids. It was a different childhood but it worked.

When they hit their teens, things started to become more serious as they learned what their roles in the family business would be. Suddenly, things like math and cars and sexy models, became less important as supposed to shooting flying cadavers and learning how to wire bombs in 'preparation'. As the oldest child, Edward always knew what was expected of him as he grew older and was groomed to become the man he needed to be. When he turned sixteen, he started wearing suits and carrying a gun. He was officially his own man and was no longer treated like a child but this also meant that he needed to be able to protect himself and not rely on others anymore.

Now, he's twenty-six, living in his penthouse in Seattle. He enjoys living alone since he's definitely a man who needs his own space. He's quite meticulous which makes him hard to live with, but in his lifestyle, he feels the need to be because for him, it could be the difference between life and death. Growing up, the Cullen brothers have definitely become a close family and have grown accustom to having each other nearby. So, when they moved, spreading across Seattle,it was difficult for them all. Even though Edward didn't want them living with him, he wanted them near. So, he renovated his hotel and completely gutted the two floors directly under him to create two more penthouses, which he gave to them as Christmas gifts. Those were probably the best gifts he's ever given to anyone because they are all much happier as a family now. Carlisle and Esme are still living in their childhood home, Esme prefers the suburban feel. To make sure that they all stay close and in contact, Esme holds a family dinner Sunday, it's somewhat of a ritual for their family and attendance is compulsory.

Speaking of compulsory, remaining a Cullen comes with its own handbook.

Rule 1: Never harm or involve an innocent.

Rule 2: Always be discrete and by that, they mean don't go offing some fucker in the middle of a crowd. They don't need their business splashed all over the front page.

Rule 3: Never harm women. There is only one exception to this rule and that is when some crazy bitch is pointing a loaded gun at your forehead, you are well within your right to shoot her clean between the eyes. Their life, of course, comes first but it has to be a clean shot, no painfully death for the ladies...that's reserved for the men.

Rule 4: Family comes first.

Rule 5: Always be armed and prepared. In the life they're living in, there is always someone who wants to see your blood sprayed all over the pavement. It's kill or be killed.

Rule 6: Outsider's only know information that is of a need-to-know business. You never know who may be the rat.

Rule 7: Be clean. Don't go leaving your prints all over the crime scene because it's a sure way to earn yourself a one-way ticket to jail.

Rule 8: An impeccable dressing style 'cause you have a reputation to protect. Cullen boys don't even remember the last time they wore a tracksuit outside of their home.

Lastly the ninth and golden rule: never ever associate with the Volturi.

The Volturi are one of the main mafia groups in Washington and they are a bunch of messed up motherfuckers. The Cullens may be The Mob and deal with drugs, money and weapons but they, at least, have a conscience...unlike the enemy. Carlisle learned that the hard way since Aro Volturi and him, their Don, go back a long time and once were actually friends. However, when the Volturi started to exploit the innocent and dabble in women trafficking and prostitution, both of which the Cullens family highly frown upon, both families went to war. That was five years ago and since then, it has been a constant battle for territory, money and respect.

As you can see Edward Cullen's life is far from perfect, but it's his and he loves it.

The Cullen's have an abundance of wealthy which they love splash, mainly on luxury cars. Those babies are the families' guilty pleasure; they could barely go three weeks before one of them gets the itch and buys a new one to be imported. They have four, huge air-hanger garages spread all over Washington, as well as their private garages, which hold around six cars each.

The problem is that it was very hard to get behind the wheels of a brand new Audi and not test out just how great of a car it is. It's a very rare day when you find any Cullen driving under 80 mph; even innocent little Esme is a demon when she gets behind the wheel of a good Audi.

When Carlisle received the eighth speeding ticket, he decided that he needed to do something to give them an outlet for their need for speed. Honestly, how stupid would it be for one of them, who have murdered over a hundred fuckers, to go to jail over reckless driving? Carlisle's solution to this problem was to build them a race track in the hills of La Push.

It is perfect for them because it comes off the main coastal street, Pacific Boulevard and branches inland to Cullen Raceway, with no other streets, the track is perfect for street racing as it combines all elements with hills and turns that test out the skills of any car and driver. Originally, it was just the family who knew about the track and it stayed that way for about a year before Emmett started running his mouth and now, you will find up to fifty cars down at the track on a Saturday night.

And right now is 8:15 p.m., so Emmett Cullen should be barreling through Edward's door any second.

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