Chapter 26

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Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


"Lift that leg higher Bella or I swear I will rip it clean from your body!" Mrs. Anderson screamed from her chair as we all danced on stage. We were three weeks away from our opening night and our director had been on the war path for weeks. It did not matter that we were all kicking in perfect unison or that we were practicing for six hours a day, it was never good enough. Thankfully our session had come to an end as I hobbled backstage to get changed.

"You OK Bella?" Angela asked as she came to sit next to me, both of us taking of our shoes to rub our feet.

"That was brutal! I have blisters everywhere" I said as I took in the carnage, we had blisters covering almost the entire sole of our feet. Our bodies ached from pushing ourselves to the limits. This was just another day where I questioned how much did I really want this. However, then I would think of Mrs. Anderson and thought there was no way I could quit. I could never let her break me.

"Let's go home and soak in a long hot bath" Angela suggested as we grabbed our things and headed for the door.

"I wish I could but I have to go shopping with Alice tonight. I am meeting Edward's family for the first-time tomorrow night at the Children's Hospital Gala and I need to buy a dress" I said as we got in to our cars.

"That's awesome Bella! You must tell me all about it on Sunday"

"For sure hun! Have a great weekend" I told her before heading off to the shops, I knew Alice would be pissed if I was late for our shopping date.

Hours later and seven stores later I had looked at more dresses than I had in the previous twenty-two years of my life combined. Alice has been on a rampage, acting as if this was my coming out party and if my dress wasn't completely perfect than the world would end. Apparently, every dress in Seattle is too big, not big enough, not shiny enough, too pink, too blue, to green or the wrong style. It was becoming excessive and I was over this an hour ago.

"Alice let's just pick this one and go" I said as I held up a long black silk dress that I felt was the standard gala type dress.

"No way Bella, that dress is at least three years old" Alice yelled back from somewhere in the store, probably in a frantic mess. Thankfully a few minutes later Alice squealed, yelling that she had found 'the one'. I made a Lord of the Rings joke but apparently, it was not that funny because Alice scolded me, telling me that fashion was far too important to joke about, before shoving me into a changing room with a mid-night blue dress. I quickly stripped out of my clothes before delicate placing the one-shoulder chiffon dress over my head and body. As I looked in the mirror I couldn't lie to myself, it was perfect. It hugged my curves perfectly and looked elegant without being conservative. I loved it as did Alice, however when I got to check out I realized what I did not love was the price.

"Alice! This dress costs $3000!" I whisper yelled at her as the sales assistant left to get us a garment bag. I was ready to grab Alice a high tail it out of there because there was no way I could spend that amount for money on a dress I would only wear a handful of times. Nope. No way.

"Bella gowns are expensive and to be honest $3000 is not even that much for a dress like this" Alice said back, not fazed at all.

"Alice I don't have $3000 to spend" I told her quickly, seeing the sales assistant on her way back.

"That is way Edward gave me this" Alice said as she produced a black American Express card from her purse. I tried to fight her on it, I was extremely uncomfortable with Edward spending that much money on me, but each time I tried she swatted me away like a fly. She was surprisingly strong for someone so tiny. Eventually I just gave in and decided that I would just have to save to be able to pay Edward back, this will be a loan because I could not except a gift that extravagant.

The next day was a whirl wind of fake tan, nail polish, make-up and hair spray as Alice decided I was in desperate need of a makeover. Normally I would fight her on it, I am not the high maintenance type and do not enjoy the whole process. However, I was so nervous to meet Edwards parents that night and I wanted to impress them. If nail polish and fake tan would do that then I would gladly coat my entire body in it.

B- How is my princess today? My mum can't wait to meet you! I'll pick you up in an hour -E

I smiled at his text as the butterflies in my stomach multiplied.

E- I'm good but I'm so nervous! What if your parents don't like me? OK I'm almost ready now -B

B- My mum already loves you so relax! Tonight will be amazing, just you wait and see -E

It did not take long for Alice to finish my hair and her own as she was attending as Jasper's date, she was very excited.

"I can't believe your dating Jasper now, are you excited?" I asked as Alice slipped on her beautiful ivory dress. She then fluffed her short hair to perfection.

"I'm so excited! He is just perfect Bella! I think it is just meant to be, don't you think?" Alice gushed with a massive smile on her face. Her smile made me smile.

"Well I've only really met him once but he seems like a fantastic guy." I said as her phone chimed across the room, making her rush over as fast as she could.

"He's here!" She squealed as she rushed around the room to gather her things in her clutch bag. Her excitement made me laugh, it was amazing to see my best friend so happy.

"Use protection!" I shouted as she rushed out the door. She opened it back up just to poke her tongue out at me before she disappeared again and I fell apart laughing in my chair. Our playful banter was a welcome distraction from the nerves I was feeling. It was only a couple moments later that there was a knock on my door, the sound of it was like a punch in the stomach. My nerves came back tenfold but as I opened the door and saw Edward standing there in his Tux, holding flowers, I felt myself become grounded. I love this man and I knew he would never let anyone hurt me. With that thought my nerves vanished.

"You look beautiful" Edward whispered as he handed me the most beautiful bunch of roses I had ever seen. I smiled so large that my face hurt.

"Edward they are beautiful, thank-you"

"They pale in comparison to you! You are so beautiful and you look so amazing, however, I think one thing is missing" He said as he reached behind himself as he produced a large jewelry box. He opened it to reveal the most beautiful drop diamond necklace. It was so exquisite that I couldn't control the large gasp that let my body.

"Edward…" was all I could say as he moved to place it around my neck. It complemented my dress so nicely and as I stared at it, I think I went into shock. It was when I felt Edward pepper kisses down my neck that I snapped out of it and launched myself at him. Our mouths molded together as I poured all my love into him. I knew tonight would be the night that I really told Edward that I loved him and suddenly I couldn't wait any longer. We separated but we remained as close as possible, our fore heads resting on each other's.

"I love you Edward. I love you so much that it hurts! I can't stand the thought of being without you, you are my life and my everything" I told him as I felt my eyes become glassy. I don't know why I was suddenly so emotional. I clung to Edward with everything I had in me and he held me back. We are one unit and the love that is between us, I never knew it existed.

"I love you too! You know you are my whole world. Your everything!" He said as we kissed again, this time much softer but with just as much feeling. I wanted to stay in this moment forever but unfortunately we couldn't, we had places to be. Edward was a perfect gentleman as he held my hand as I lowered myself in to the limo that was waiting outside my apartment. As we were driving it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks.

'Edward are these real diamonds?" I asked as my fingers ghosted over the necklace I was wearing.

"Of course! What, do you think I would give you cubic zirconia's?" He asked as he howled with laughter, acting like he just told the most hilarious joke in the world.

"EDWARD!" I yelled as I slapped his arm.

"What?" He asked innocently as he rubbed his arm where I hit him.

"You know I don't like when you spend money on me" I whined as I pulled a grumpy face, this made Edward chuckle as he brought me into his side.

"I love you, so I can spoil you. Get used to it" He said as he kissed my cheek and that was that apparently. I was still a little miffed but I decided to let it go because as we arrived at the venue, I remembered I had much bigger fish to fry.

The event was being held at a large hotel in Seattle and as we arrived I saw people everywhere. The crowds were crazy, with people and the paparazzi everywhere. There was even a red carpet. Thankfully Edward had already told me about this and while it would be normal for him to walk the red carpet, he was one on the wealthiest men in town after all, we decided to give it a miss. I was already feeling a lot of pressure about meeting his parents so I didn't need anything else to worry about. Like face planting on the red carpet.

We were quick to enter the back door and a few minutes later we were walking into the most beautiful ball room I had ever seen. The whole room was decorated in different shades of blue and silver, making the whole place look like a winter wonderland. Everyone was dressed to the nines in ball gowns and suits with champagne flutes in every person's hand.

"Edward this is amazing…" I whispered as we walked through the room. I noticed several of the women staring at him from around the room with lust in their eyes, however Edward only had eyes for me.

"Oh look, there is my mum" Edward said as the most glamorous couple a have ever seen floated towards us. That right, not walked. Floated!

"Edward darling…" Said his mum, who was truly beautiful. She did not look a day over thirty and I hoped one day she would share her secret.

"Hey mum, this is my beautiful girlfriend Bella. Bella this is my mum Esme" Edward introduced us and before I knew it I was swept into a hug. Not some gentle hug either, but a real squeezing hug that only mum's can do properly. It was a welcome surprise.

"Oh Bella I'm so happy to finally meet you" Esme gushed as she then hugged me again. Any worry about them being cold and not liking me was flushed away as Esme fawned over me. Carlisle, Edwards father, was just as kind but much more reserved than Esme. Instantly they made me feel like part of the family. Esme even demanded that the seating plan be changed so she could sit next to me. She wanted to know my life story.

"Is my Edward treating you well? You know I'll be having words with him if he is not" Esme asked me over dinner, making the table laugh and Edward whine. I kissed his cheek and told everyone that he is a wonderful boyfriend. Thankfully the silent auctions started then so my relationship was no longer the topic of conversation.

There were some wonderful items but for sale and it amazed me how much money the items where selling for. The was diamond earrings, autographed memorabilia, a car and so much more.

"And finally we have our private getaway. This deal is for a private holiday for two in the Caribbean. It includes a chartered flight, a five-star private island for yourself and a private chef for one whole week…" The auctioneer described as a photo of the most beautiful beach villa appeared on the overhead projector.

"How stunning…" I said to no-one in particular.

"Really?" Edward said, looking at me. I shrugged.

"I've never been on a private island. It looks like something from a movie" I said as I shoved another potato in my mouth. It's times like this that I really missed traveling. I was in my own world, daydreaming, when suddenly Edward raised his hand

"2 million dollars!" He shouted as my face shot to his.

"What! What are you doing?!" I whisper shouted at him. He looked at me with his innocent eyes.

"What? You said you liked it" He said like that made sense, meanwhile I was reeling.

"I like a lot of things but that doesn't mean I want to buy them!" I whispered but it was too late, Edward was already bidding again.

"4.2 million dollars!" He shouted followed shortly by the auctioneer yelling


Everyone stood up and clapped as Edward walked on stage to collect is bid. I was silently stewing until Edward reminded me that this meant a holiday for us both after Christmas and seven days alone. I won't lie, I was happy after that. I was just going to have get used to the fact that Edward likes spoiling the people he loves, and that now includes me.


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