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This was new to him. It was like he had found a new color, like the whole world was this new shade and he was the only one who noticed it. Morinaga was content just being around him. He was happy to work by him, to be in such a close range, to show affection through his actions and not force.

But Souichi was different. This was just too new. He wasn't sure what to do with himself yet. Usually, in cases like this, Morinaga would take the reins. They had just made up. Shouldn't he be all over the other man? Shouldn't he be touching, kissing, steering towards the bedroom? Yes. But he wasn't . And ultimately, that's what had Souichi fumbling.

And he hated it. Just the younger man's voice would give him the chills. His touch would burn. It was almost impossible to be around him like this. He was getting flustered over the stupidest things! And yet…

And yet he wanted it. To push Morinaga over the edge. To make him lose control. Just the tiniest thing worked in the past. Sitting too close, helping him with ordinary things—hell, breathing his air! So why wouldn't he touch him? Was he still mad? Did he do something wrong? He couldn't remember. Why hasn't he…? What if he is mad? What if Masaki was still in the equation? What if he—

The question burned in his head.

What if he doesn't want me anymore?

But Souichi could only shake his head.