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Drowning in Confusion

"Dude, I am not cutting your arm off!" After yelling he instantly regretted it as two striking blue eyes quickly looked over at him. "What I mean is…Scott will be here…any minute now and I mean you don't want to only have one arm, no one only wants one arm. I mean not that you would look bad with one arm…not that I'm saying you look bad with two arms…I'm just…I'm going to stop talking now." Looking anywhere but at the werewolf in front of him Stiles moved back quickly hoping he had not over stepped the boundaries that had been placed between him and the almost alpha. Sure Scott had said Derek wasn't the one to bite him, but after all the temper tantrums and how much he knew about everything it was easier to refer to him as alpha.

"Stiles, I'm suggesting you do as I say, because as of right now I can still rip you into pieces." Raising his head he glanced as the wolf to see how serious he was, upon looking at his face and seeing the sharp glare he knew he had to think quick there was no way he wanted to be the one to cut off an arm.

"There has to be another way, I can't cut off your arm, anything but that I mean Derek this is me, you've seen me there is no way I can cut off your arm." 'Please let there be another way, PLEASE!'

"If it reaches my heart I'm dead. My body can't heal it, it's spreading throughout my body and if it continues there is no stopping it. I need you to cut off my arm, my arm will heal I won't bleed out and it won't reach my heart. You need to do this or else Scott could be the next one to die, is that what you want! Do you think he's going to have a choice when the alpha calls him out? If he doesn't kill he's as good as dead and the only one that can help him right now is me so I need you to do this and stop being a little bitch about it."

Stiles was stunned as he looked at Derek, his breathing heavy his face twisted in pain. Sure Derek had threatened him quite a bit but he had never raised his voice to him, had never shouted in anger no matter how much the young boy knew he had wanted to. As much as he wanted to help the werewolf he wasn't the right person for the job.

"I'll make you a deal and before you rip my head off just hear me out. Give me fifteen minutes, just fifteen Scott said he was about to leave he should be here by then and if he's not…I'll cut off your arm." He knew that bargaining with a crazed in pain werewolf was not the best option but it was the only thing he could think of at that point. He didn't want to cause him more pain, sure he didn't particularly like the guy but that didn't mean he wanted to hurt him or anything.

"I don't think I have fifteen minutes, you need to do it now. If I die your friend does as well, so do it now." The anger was still on his face, the pain evident in his eyes as he grasped onto the table and Stiles was more scared than ever. If only he could get him to think about something else…even just for a moment. Gathering every ounce of nonexistent courage in his body he moved closer to the enraged werewolf. He swallowed nervously as the dark haired man looked at him with questioning eyes, the pain and anger just beyond the surface. "What are you doing?" There wasn't anger in his voice but Stiles knew it was there, and if this didn't work out the way he wanted it to then he could easily be killed.

Instead of answering Derek he continued advancing towards him, seeing him back against the wall a little further he gained a little more confidence. He almost stopped when the anger came back on his face full force but he knew he couldn't stop, there was no way he could cut off his arm and if this was the only way to prevent it then he would do it. As he came right on top of the young werewolf he moved his body slightly against the warm body in front of him. The blood and heat coming off of the half-naked werewolf almost made him want to back away but instead he moved even closer pushing his own jacket off his shoulders letting it drop to the ground behind him.

After hearing the jacket hit the ground he took a small breath and prayed that if he was killed it would be quick and not nearly as painful as the other had promised it would be. Moving even closer he pressed his body further into the hard body, feeling it stiffen further against his own he tentatively reached his right hand up and barely touching Derek ran his fingertips softly down the smooth skin in front of him. Hearing the intake of breath he only hoped that he was doing something right.

"Stiles stop."

Hearing the soft voice he was half tempted to comply with the elder's wishes, but knew that if he stopped the idea of him cutting his limb off would come back up. Pushing through he gently ran his fingertips back up the hard planes of the stomach until his hand reached Derek's shoulder, before he lost his nerve he brought his free hand up and placed it on the opposite shoulder of his right hand, moving quickly he brought their bodies flush together and placed his lips on the side of the flushed neck in front of him biting quickly before slowly moving his tongue over the abused flesh.

Continuing to move his lips and tongue he started to move one hand to the spikey dark hair as he waited with stilled breath to be pushed away harshly. After a few moments the thought of being pushed away vanished as a breathy moan escaped the older boy's mouth as his hands came to rest on Stiles hips. It was impossible to say who had really moved first but soon it didn't matter as the younger boy felt his back press against the wall and looking up quickly he was faced with piercing blue eyes that stared blankly back at him. He thought for sure he was going to get his throat ripped out but instead his arms were raised above his head and placed in a firm grasp with one of Derek's hands.

"You have no idea what you're getting yourself into, don't start something that you can't finish." The words were whispered, but to Stiles they seemed more like a scream in the quiet room, no other sound could be heard besides Derek's harsh breath. As each moment passed they continued looking into each others eyes waiting for the other to make the first move. After a few tense moments Stiles had enough, moving quickly he pressed his lips to Derek's clashing lips and tongues together.

He knew Derek could kill him instantly; the pain in his wrist was proof of that as they were gripped even tighter. Other than the pain in his wrists there were no signs of movement to push him away or to keep him closer. A soft moan escaped Derek's lips as Stiles moved his hips forward in a rough movement, needing to get friction that his body was being denied.

The younger boy couldn't deny that he wanted the werewolf; sure it had started out as a distraction, a way for him to get out of cutting off another man's arm, now though the need was there, it was pulsing through his veins as he waited for the dark haired man to make a move. He finally pulled his lips away the need to breathe make its way to the front of his brain, his eyes looked towards the floor as he waited for the other man to say something.

Besides the moan he had been the only one to move, the other had showed no signs that he was into what was happening besides the small moan, but looking down his eyes were drawn towards the front of those dark tight jeans, there in the front was the very obvious bulge that he had failed to see since it had all began. Taking a risk he raised his eyes, and almost reeled back, cool blue eyes were now a dark grey, there was so many different emotions swirling in them it was impossible to pick out the dominant one.

"Derek, I'm…I didn't…fuck please don't kill me…" Even as he whispered the words he wondered if it would be better if he did kill him, he had a taste and he didn't know if he could go the rest of his life without tasting everything the young werewolf had to offer. "Derek…please say something…." He didn't think he could stand another second of silence, it was tense and he wanted him to yell or hit him anything to make the uncomfortable silence to go away.

Just as Derek's mouth began to open, it shut just as quickly as they heard Stile's name being called form the open door.

"This isn't over." Stiles was shocked as his jaw was grabbed and he was brought in for a brutal kiss before Derek backed away quickly as Scott entered the room.

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