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Facing The Past

His eyes inched open inch by inch as the pain in his head came to the front of his mind. As the pain hit full force his eyes clenched back together as the urge to throw up came quickly, it left just as quickly though as he pushed the pain to the back of his mind instead concentrating on the fact he was bound. His wrist were tightly secured with a heavy chain as well his feet. The chain appeared to be wrapped around the steal poles that were behind him.

Trying to see if he could escape he pulled at the chain on his wrists harshly, letting out a growl as they held tight. Derek Hale was one pissed off werewolf in that moment. Looking around he tried to clear his head enough to see if he could pick up any clues as to where he was or who might have hit him over the head. No smells had stood out, not the alpha and not the Argents. It was entirely possible one of them had him though; the only worry about who had him was what they planned to do to him. Derek let out a curse though as he realized that he had no clue how long he had been out and he had promised Stiles that he would be back.

If he didn't get back Stiles may think Derek didn't want him which couldn't be further from the truth. The boy annoyed him, hell half the time he was entirely ready to rip out the boys' throat but there was something about him that called to the wolf inside Derek. Even from the very first time Derek had saw him in the words with Scott his wolf had lain a claim on him, constantly trying to get out so he could show the boy just who he truly belonged to. Thankfully the human in Derek had managed to keep his wolf at bay, sure he was always there, lingering and waiting for his chance to escape but Derek never let it get that far.

While thinking of the young boy Derek had failed to notice that another had entered the room until he heard a throat being cleared. Looking up he was shocked as he saw his uncle standing before him. The shock wore off though as he realized all the signs that had pointed to this, all the things Derek should have seen that would have allowed him to save the lives of all those people.

"Surprised nephew? I'll admit I was shocked that you didn't figure out sooner. I really shouldn't be surprised though, your sister was always the smart one." The smirk that accompanied the simple off-handed statement was enough to have Derek thrashing in his restraints. He had yet to be able to think of his sister without the pain coming along as well.

"You hid this, all this time! And Laura, you killed her and for what? Because she knew, she knew you were the alpha the one she was looking for." Derek couldn't keep the anger out of his voice, but he was proud that the hurt did not seep though. He knew his uncle already knew Laura had been a weakness, but he really didn't need him to hear how much it broke him. Didn't need him to know that when he had found half of his sister's body he had screamed until his throat was raw and he could no longer support himself on his own two feet, instead falling to his knees wishing that he could follow the same fate as his sister.

"Ahh Derek, you really shouldn't raise your voice to your alpha. I won't tolerate you disrespecting me. Your sister did the same and look where she ended up. I won't take your life though Derek, your fate will be much worse." Derek had no more than a second to ponder the words that were coming out of his uncle's mouth as he felt a sharp pain in his side. The whisper that escaped from his throat sounded more like a scream in the near silent room. Looking down he was shocked to see a sharp piece of metal protruding a few inches above his hip bone on his right side. Struggling to get his breathing under control he was happy that his wolf had yet to make an appearance.

Derek didn't want to give his uncle the satisfaction of making him lose control. He let his thoughts stray to Stiles once more, the thought that the boy was waiting for him was enough to make him stay in check. He let the images of him lying there the warm lite body pressed against his own distract him enough until he was calm. Looking over at the man he called his uncle as soon as his breathing was under control, he could not see the same man that he had grown up with.

The man before would have never killed his own niece. He would have never let his anger control him enough to kill so many other people either. Sure the circumstances were different, but no matter how much Derek had wanted to rip those people apart he looked at the overall picture wanting to take out the main person instead of the ones who just followed orders. Sure the thought of tearing them to shreds had made his blood boil, made his wolf want to take control and there were so many times he had wished he was less of a man to allow it to happen. His uncle though was the one who has supposed to keep a clear head, but apparently after sitting inside his own body for so long, with no one to talk to, the clear head option was no longer there.

"Aww come on Derek, let the wolf go. Let it take control, you'd feel so much better. You cannot argue that you did not wish to kill those pathetic excuses for humans as well. They killed your family Derek; they burned them to death without a guilty thought crossing their mind. They only got what they deserved."

The smug tone in his uncle's voice made his own falter for a minute as his wolf deemed it necessary to try and rattle the restraint Derek had on it. The words were true, every one that came out. As much as he hated to admit it, he couldn't fault the man he was once close to. He was stopped short though as the image of his dead sister came to mind. That was one death that was not deserved. She did not need to lose her life for just wanting to know the truth. All his sister had seen has a rogue alpha killing innocent bystanders, she did not know the reasons and all because she had wanted to help she had been killed by a man she should have been able to trust.

"You know what the funny thing is; I could have lived with them being dead. Every single one of those people, fuck I would have helped you rip them to shreds. You know what the one thing is though that I will never forgive, you murdered the only family I had left. Don't even think of counting yourself as my family, you're nothing to me." The hate was clear in his tone, the need to break free and kill the man who stood before him was stronger than ever. All Derek would need to do was let his wolf go, just let the snarling caged beast go long enough for him to escape and murder the man that stood in front of him.

As much as he wanted to though he couldn't, the guilt it would bring would be impossible to forget. He had promised Scott that he would make it so that the younger teen was the one to land the final blow and take his life. He at least owed the kid that much, after everything that had happened to him Derek could at least allow him to try and see if he could become human again. Stiles would understand why he took his life, he would understand why Derek had felt the need to rip him to shreds and he would never hate him for it. He would hate himself though even if his loved did not.

Focusing on the pain that continued to pulse in his side he pushed at the tapped animal inside of him, trying to get it to quiet down. Letting out a relived sigh as he felt it retract he looked up once more, straight into the eyes of the alpha.

"Like it or not Derek, I'm all you have left. Join me, and help me kill the woman who was responsible for all the pain and loss we BOTH had to suffer. You lost your family Derek, but so did I! I lost everything that night as well, I lost my family as well as the ability to even function on my own. SIX YEARS DEREK! SIX YEARS I WAS STUCK THERE UNABLE TO MOVE, UNABLE TO TALK! HELP ME KILL THAT WOMAN SO IT CAN FINALLY BE OVER!."

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