Author's closing notes:

Well, that was a nerve racking experience, let me tell you! I've been writing for years but never plucked up the courage to publish anything i've done. The fear of committing to something has been intense, knowing that once you've written the first bits and actually published them then they're set into stone, and if i decide something is wrong later on then i'm stuck with it.

Thanks to everyone for the nice reviews and comments, they were also quite stressful as well. Seeing an alert in your inbox and wondering if it's someone picking your carefully nurtured story to pieces or not is a wild feeling! You've all made my day and encouraged me to write more in future, and more importantly to actually finish things! However, having said that, i'm definitely going to have a break for a few weeks before getting on with anymore writing. Doing Doubt largely took over my life for the past couple of weeks and i think my girlfriend would like my attention back :)

Annoyingly i've spotted a few typos, despite what i thought was quite thorough proof reading. I'm also aware that i make a bit of a hash of tenses at times, but hey, this is why i'm not a professional author :) There's also a few bits i would like to go back and change, but i am not going to. The whole thing with Renamon "drunk" is ridiculous now i look back on it, but i wanted her to explore her true feelings a little bit more, and she's reluctant to do that normally so it seemed like a good idea at the time. I'm also not happy with how Mack Bailey's dialogue came out in places, he was meant to be short and a little brash but i realise he might come over as a little inconsistent in places. Perhaps i should have split him into two characters, but it's too late for that now. Impmon was hard to write, and i think i might have given in to the urge to shoe-horn him in where it probably wasn't necessary.

I wasn't sure what to call them when they merged, either, they're clearly not Sakuyamon. At first i tried to write it without giving them a name, but that was next to impossible so i settled with the rather cheesy name that she's ended up with. She is a she because it was supposed to be Renamon in control but with Jason behind her. He was, after all, still recovering from his mistake and in no shape to take charge.

Finally, i'm a little bit concerned that FF thinks this story has about 3000 words more than Word thinks it does. If someone spots a great big bit that i've double pasted, please drop me a note to let me know.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

- Stik

And now a few replies to specific people:

The Silent Insomniac: Lack of reviews doesn't bother me too much. Although, i do wonder sometimes, when i'm feeling cynical, if the lack of interest was because it wasn't rated "Ultra M+++" and there wasn't any smut within the first ten paragraphs :) I'm not really a fan of "lemons" myself, at least not unless they are extremely well written and actually have a plot. In terms of update speed, i won't publish anything that i haven't actually finished the first draft of. I'm sure most would agree that there's few things worse than starting to read a brilliant story, only to find that the author has abandoned it and you're left high and dry in the middle of a sea of drama and suspense :( I finished writing Doubt a few days before the first chapter went up, the rest of the time was just spent re-writing bits and fixing mistakes so it's pretty quick to publish.

Johnny 2x4: I like to try and get a bit of depth into my stories, things shouldn't just fall automatically into place just for the sake of getting on with a basic plot. People (and digimon!) have emotions, and there will always be some conflict because of that. I think it is difficult to do correctly, but i hope i've managed to pull it off without making it too OTT.

Something dictionary related: It did get a little harsh in places, didn't it? Quite a lot of this wasn't planned that way at all while i was daydreaming it, but when i sit down to write sometimes my characters and plots just seem to get away with me and start writing on their own. I hope the conclusion to the story was cheerful enough to make up for it! I have to admit, reading it back in one go once i'd finished did actually bring a tear to my eye at one point :')

childofthelord: There is a prequel, however it's not really fanfiction since it doesn't deal with the digimon very much and is more focused on Jason creating Tesseract and the real-world implications of that. It's also nowhere near finished, but i was thinking of doing it properly as a short story one day and putting it online somewhere. Perhaps once i've recovered from doing Doubt i'll give it a go - watch this space :)

JJoutlaw: It can call for one all it likes, it's not getting it :P This was meant to be a sweet little romantic tale, and, let's be honest, poor old Renamon has already suffered more than enough abuse at the clammy hands (and other unnamed appendages :s ) of the internet!