Introducing the Fun-Genda!

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Authors Note: Some may have sex I am warning, this will be a multi-chap of one shots of approximately five nights of Sonny forcing her girlfriend to do what is on her fun-genda and the ways that the blonde twists it around! Hehe Yay! I am officially obsessed! I know. :) Also adding to my Glee and One Tree Hill fics tonight hopefully though! So everyone should get some! Rawr!

Rating: M

Night One: Blindfolded Makeovers

"Isn't this whole thing a little childish sweetie? Can't we do something a little more adult?" At this question Tawni waggled her eyebrows suggestively and her blue eyes reflected lust as she caught brown with them. Her voice was lower than usual and Sonny could tell that she was hoping that she could seduce her into forgetting the entire deal they had made.

"As amazing as that sounds." The brunette started teasingly. "You promised! Now put this on!" Sonny said reaching out her hand in order to give her girlfriend one of the blindfolds.

Face contorted in disgust, the blonde raised an eyebrow at the piece of cloth. This was all too much for her, how could she have been so stupid to make this promise? 'Oh yeah, that's right, maybe because she asked me DURING sex! Who does that? Oh well… promise is a promise, even if I do have to partake in this DUMB-genda!' Letting out a loud sigh Tawni reached out and took the blindfold between two manicured fingernails holding it up as if it were diseased.

"This is going to ruin my makeup!" The diva whined out in her high-pitched voice, the whine was fake but her disgust was completely real.

Leaning forward on her couch she wore a bright smile as she watched her blonde lover whine out in annoyance at the cloth. "That's kinda the point Tawn, now put it on." This earned a pout from Tawni who was fixing to whine again when Sonny took the cloth from her hand and started to move the cloth toward her eyes. "Please? You promised."

Backing away from the brunette she found herself sandwiched between the arm of the couch and the gorgeous woman that she loved. After weighing her options the blonde knew that there was no way she would be getting out of it, so she let out a sigh and fell limply into the couch. "Fine, I'll do it, but you only got me to promise under unfair circumstances and you know it!" She gave one last attempt. This was going to be a long week of these strange activities.

"Oh hush, a promise is a promise." Sonny laughed as she remembered how clever she had been in getting her girlfriend to agree to this week.

Leaning forward she wrapped the black blindfold around the blonde's head making sure that her beautiful blue eyes were covered so that she could not see what she was doing. The brunette did not immediately move away from the diva though, instead she moved to press her lips softly against the spot on her neck that drove Tawni crazy. "Mmm…" The blindfolded girl let out a soft moan at the contact. This drove Sonny to intensify the contact as she brought the sensitive skin between her lips nibbling and sucking at it.

"Oh god… Sonny, if you do not stop that right now than we're not going to be doing these stupid blindfolded makeovers, and that my dear is a promise." Her words came out completely serious and dripping with lust.

Taking this as her cue to pull away. "Okay, okay, let's get this started!" She stated excitedly, smiling brightly she wrapped her own blindfold over brown eyes; she could not wait to share something that was so special to her with her girlfriend, unwillingly or not.

"Okay, so what do we do?" Tawni deadpanned.

"Well, I put many different types of makeup in front of you. You can't see it right?" Sonny questioned smiling brightly as she reached over putting her hand on her girlfriend's face checking to see that her blindfold was still in place and she was not cheating.

"Ah! What are you doing? I can't see, I promise!" The blonde diva whined out batting away the blind hands that were reaching for her.

Placing her hands back in front of her she started to fidget with the assortment of makeup spewed all over the couch between the two. "Now pick whatever you want and feel free to do whatever you want to my face. Then when we are done making each other over we'll check out the damage!" Her voice was so excited that it cracked as she opened one of the containers of lipstick and reached across running it over her lover's face.

"Ahh! Sonny! That is not my lips!" Tawni shouted out in fright lifting her hands to bat the container away from her forehead.

"Tawn, that's the point! We are supposed to look crazy afterward!"

"I'm sure we look crazy right now." The blonde pouted crossing her arms and sighing out annoyed with the entire situation. She was sure that if people saw the two of them in that moment crazy would definitely cross their minds.

"You promised, plus isn't this fun?" Sonny questioned hesitantly.

"Yeah, I guess it is kind of fun." Tawni admitted, as much as she hated for the brunette to be right about things. She honestly was enjoying her night. Reaching down she traced the makeup containers looking for some mascara and smiled when her manicured nails ran over a case. Picking it up she opened the case and started to paint on her girlfriends face. Laughing as Sonny gasped out shocked. "What, you told me to paint your face…"

Laughing the brunette nodded and smiled brightly. "I'm just shocked you actually did it!" Now she was starting to realize that this was all part of the blonde's plan as she crawled on top of her straddling her hips. "Um… Tawni, what are you doing?"

"Exactly what you said to do." The blonde stated with feighn ignorance as she removed her own blindfold so that she could look down at the beautiful girl. "Sonny, did you know that when you lose one of your senses your other senses intensify?" As she asked this she ran the brush down the brunette's face and against her jaw-line before allowing it to travel lower. Running it softly down her neck eliciting shivers and jolts from Sonny as she did so.

Trying to ignore the way that her body was reacting to Tawni's teasing and focus on the game they had been playing, the brunette controlled her breathing. "Yes, I've been told that. Tawni you should really focus on my face."

"Oh? I'm not touching your face? How was I supposed to know that?" She asked dumbly, lustful glint behind her eyes that her girlfriend could not see at the moment. It was true maybe this was simply a mistake she was supposed to be wearing a blindfold afterall, though it was doubtful when the diva was concerned.

"Well. Um that's definitely not my face!" She yelped out as the blonde ran the brush and the tips of her nails against the top of Sonny's breasts teasing each.

"Really?" She piped in her high-pitched voice as she allowed the brush to run beneith the brunette's top teasing her hardened nipple. The usually talkative girl's breath catching in her throat as she bit down hard on her bottom lip to supress a moan.

"Yeah, really. And I'm really starting to think you don't have your blindfold on."


Authors Note: I also plan to do a sequel of one shots where Tawni takes Sonny out to do things she loves for the same amount of time! Should be fun lol I enjoy writing so much it is ridiculous… I just turned 21 am moving away to finish up college at a Catholic all girls college lol shocking that's how it's always been, and this is my last summer of freedom and I'm just type type typing! Oh and the ending is pretty anti-climatic, but we have a whole week! Haha.

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