Introducing the Fun-Genda!

By: TracyCook

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Couple: Sonny/Tawni

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Rating: M

Night Two: Pedicures

"Ew! You expect me to touch your feet!" The blonde diva practically screeched as she stared down at Sonny's toes which were now waggling playfully near her disgusted face. Her pink lips contorted in appall as she raised an eyebrow at them. Maybe she would find them cute if she didn't have to touch them. Still, what she did find cute was the huge grin her girlfriend wore as she nodded her head excitedly. 'How does she get me to do these things…?' "Fine!" She groaned out loudly.

"Oh this is going to be so much fun! You do me first!" She said shoving her feet even closer to Tawni as she handed her some nail polish.

"What?" Again she shrieked backing away from the feet that were inching once again into her "Tawni Bubble," and although lately that bubble had been including a lot of the optimistic girl she did not care for it to include said girl's feet.

"I said do me first!" Sonny once again shouted, laughing almost too loudly to be considered normal.

Suddenly the blonde's coco-moco-coco lips twisted upward in a devious and almost wicked grin, her blue eyes glimmering with lust as they often did when in the presence of her girlfriend. Sex was something she seemed to want at all hours of the day, not that the other girl ever complained. At least not until now.

"No, none of those thoughts Tawn!" She quickly interjected an uncharacteristic scowl written across her face. Interrupting all of the impure thoughts running through her girlfriends head about 'doing' Sonny first. "I mean do my toenails first!"

"Oh right, your toenails." Her voice came out monotone and despondent as she begrudgingly lifted one of the other girl's feet in order to begin applying the nail polish. The brunette had chosen a dark black which was not all too shocking. Where Tawni would usually choose pink as an accent her girlfriend usually chose darker shades of purple or black. Which she was fine with, mostly because she thought those colors looked sexy on her. Not that she would ever tell her that. Once finished with painting Sonny's nails she dropped her feet and put the cap back on before placing it back on the floor beside all of the other colors.

"Done!" She announced with a bright smile and a clap of her manicured hands, obviously proud of the work she had done. Sonny could not help but smile back brightly as she waggled her colored toes and admired how adorable Tawni was.

"They look great!"

"I know." The blonde diva stated as if it were a fact written in stone before flipping her hair over her shoulder and putting on a smug grin.

For a moment Sonny merely laughed at the selfishness of the woman she loved, shaking her head, only laughing even harder when the other girl's smug grin evolved into an angry scowl. "Okay okay!" Tawni practically shouted in her high-pitched voice as she lifted her feet directly in the brunette's face before saying. "My turn."

The brunette's laughter died down as she witnessed toes flashing in her face. Reaching out she took one of the feet into her hand smiling gently as she asked. "What color do you want?"

Raising an eyebrow at her girlfriend in disbelief she stated. "You should know."

"Blue?" She innocently teased her girlfriend who now wore a look of horror. Sonny knew that blue was one of the blonde's least favorite colors, she just loved teasing her. It was cute how overly emotional the other girl could get about every little thing. Before Tawni could say anything to object Sonny quickly added. "I was kidding babe." Wrapping her fingers around the pink tube she opened it and started to apply the color to the other's toes.

"You better not miss a spot."

"Seriously?" Sonny laughed at the ridiculousness of the statement only to be quickly silenced by a cold blue eyed glare.


"Oh, psh. I'm not going to miss any spots! I swear sometimes you are worse than Chad." She again laughed as the scowl on her girlfriend's face only deepened at the mention of Chad. She knew that Tawni hated being compared to her ex-boyfriend, yet she could not seem to resist at times.

"I am nothing like him!" The blonde said crossing her arms over her chest as a pout formed on her pink lips, turning her head to the side she avoided the large brown eyes that always seemed to get her to give in. Those damned eyes among other things were the only reason she had ever agreed to this horrifying week and she was regretting it. Even sex wasn't worth all of the teasing and ridiculous things she was being forced to do. "He would have picked blue." She added in a deep whiney voice.

Holding back her laughter Sonny focused on the toes in front of her trying to make sure she did not over-apply, or miss any spots. Because she was certain that the blonde wouldn't let her live it down if she did. Finally when she felt she was finished she smiled brightly, ear to ear, proud of herself. "Done!"

As Tawni lifted her feet up in order to look at the paint job she raised an eyebrow looking over each and every toe with quizzical blue eyes. "Hm…"

"Did I do a good job?" The brunette asked excitedly, her voice raising and squeaking as she asked. The response that she heard not only took the smile off her face, but it completely shocked her. She had been trying so hard.


"I know, I know—Wait, what? No?" She whined her voice again heightening this time from shock instead of excitement.

"I said no." Tawni stated in a matter-of-fact nearly bitchy tone as she lowered her feet and glared across the floor at her girlfriend. "I told you not to miss a spot Sonny and you did. If you aren't going to paint my nails up to my standards you may as well not paint them at all!" Her voice was completely serious and it nearly caused large brown eyes to fill with tears for a moment, she wasn't doing this to be a perfectionist after all it was simply for fun.

Suddenly her sadness switched to playfulness as she watched the blonde stare at her with angry blue eyes. The entire night Tawni had seemed to be on edge and she had an idea of how she could help relax her a little and perhaps also get the blonde to forget about the spot she had missed. 'Because I won't miss that spot… oh gosh what a dirty thought! My mind has been worse than Tawni's lately…' Still she climbed across the floor straddling the diva pinning her against the floor.

"Sonny, what are you doing? I thought we were having fun or something." She smirked.

"We are having fun, or something." The brunette teased her own usually innocent grin twisting into one of deviation as she lent down running her tongue along Tawni's pulse point.

"Mm…" She moaned out as her blue eyes closed and a wetness built up between her thighs that would undoubtedly soon be fixed by her girlfriend. "I like something." Sonny bit down on her neck and she gasped out moaning in enjoyment as manicured nails twisted in brown locks holding Sonny in place against her neck.

"Definitely something."


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