A/N: Omake time! Think of this maybe three of four years after the events in the main story. And my reason for a T rating. It's my first time writing straight romance, and it's a ton harder than I expected, especially at midnight. Fluff Ahoy!


A thin blanket was spread in a path between cornfields. It was a handsome, though well-worn blanket: hand-embroidered with golden thread on rich, faded violet material. Upon the blanket were two men, enjoying a picnic on someone else's private property. The taller of the two was shirtless, wearing only denim shorts and sunglasses on his head as he drained the last of his iced tea. His companion wore a white button-down shirt to keep the sun off his fair skin though the wicked heat and humidity had forced him into shorts as well.

Arthur took a pastry out of their picnic basket and gazed up into the blazing July sky. He took a small bite and chewed thoughtfully.

"How likely do you think it is that we'll get caught trespassing? I don't really fancy being arrested."

"Don't worry, Artie, no one's gonna be out in the fields this time of day in this kind of heat," his companion assured him.

"Remind me again why we are?"

Alfred rolled his eyes and stretched out on his back. "Because our A/C's broken and we wanted somewhere private for lunch. The house is an oven."

"Weren't you supposed to fix that, Mr. Engineer?" said Arthur, then continued, "Though I don't mind the privacy of this… corn field. It is nice to not deal with people staring at us once in awhile."

"I thought you'd like it," Alfred said, pulling Arthur down onto his chest. "God, I wish that storm would get here already. I'm dying here," he whined.

"You think you're dying," Arthur muttered, wiping at the sunblock filled sweat that was threatening to drip into his eyes.

"You could take off the shirt?" Alfred offered hopefully. Arthur snorted. He sat up, taking a sip from his own iced tea and fanned himself with the paperback book he had brought.

Alfred was persistent, however. He rolled onto his stomach and pushed himself onto his elbows. He reached out a hand and began unbuttoning Arthur's shirt.

"Come on, Arthur, we're in private," he begged.

"We're in a corn field, Alfred," Arthur replied, though he didn't make any attempt to redo the buttons.

"Like I said, private."

"No, not private," Arthur said, and held up his hand. "Stop. It's too hot for anything."

And so it was, the sun shone down through the haze of humidity blocked only by the dappled shade of the corn stalks. Though a storm front was beginning to appear on the horizon, there was no breeze in the field. Alfred sat up on his knees and gave Arthur a quick peck on the lips, but stopped there.

"Alright. You wanna take a nap or something until the storm gets in?" he asked.

To Alfred's surprise Arthur loosed the remaining buttons, letting his shirt hang open. He shot a sly smirk at Alfred before picking up his book.

"I'll read, and maybe fall asleep."

Alfred nodded, and returned to his back, gazing up at the sky. Arthur laid his head on Alfred's chest and returned to his dog-eared book. Alfred's hand settled in Arthur's hair, fidgeting with it until Arthur took the hand in his own and rested them on his stomach. In a matter of minutes, his eyes closed and he was asleep.

A cool, wet breeze roused Arthur from his nap. Alfred was still awake, watching the wispy clouds churn and grow heavier. Their hands were still clasped on Arthur's stomach and Alfred played with the platinum band on Arthur's ring finger.

"It's cooled off a bit," Arthur said.

"Storm's starting to move in. Thank God."

Arthur sat up and leaned over Alfred who smiled up at him.

"Hey," he said, reaching up and pushing Arthur's button-down off his shoulders so it hung around his elbows.

"Hallo," came the quiet reply as Arthur extracted himself completely from the shirt. He dipped down, kissed Alfred on the tip of his nose before finding his lips. His hand found Alfred's, and the sister ring to his own.

He pulled away when he felt the first rain drop. Alfred sat up beneath him and blinked at the clouds. Rain spattered on his glasses and he wiped them as he stood.

"Look at those thunderheads, I think we're in for an awesome show," he said, whistling. "What do you say, Artie?"

Arthur looked at the rolling clouds, that might be a metacyclone forming over there, or they might just be in for a straight thunderstorm. He still wasn't nearly as good at reading the clouds as Alfred was.

Alfred extended his hand, not looking at Arthur but at the ground. A small smile was still visible. The rain began in earnest.

"Shall we?" Alfred asked, with a smirk.

Arthur took the offered hand and pulled himself up. "Lead on, my love. Lead on," he said.

They ran out of the cornfields, Arthur with the blanket and his shirt, Alfred with the picnic basket. They clambered in, Arthur took the wheel and drove out onto the highway, into the heart of the storm.

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