Once again everyone was laying about on the blankets, after changing back into their sleepwear and cleaning the make-up off of Gir, watching TV. Dib and Gaz schooled the irkens on the history of earth TV, starting with twilight zone. Zim and Tak were intrigued with the irony, joining the siblings in making witty comments.

Dib smiled gleefully as the next show's theme started, the piano music and flutes adding to the eerines. Zim raised his brow as the images of UfOs flashed on the screen.

Gaz looked over to Tak, "I always thought David Duchovny was kinda hot."

Tak nodded, the character Mulder reminder her of dear Dib.

"I think the human looks like a stick with a giant nose." Zim spat, "What exactly is this we are watching?"

Dib chocked. Coughing, he finally regained his voice, "You never heard of the X-files?"

Zim shook his head. Dib put his hand on his shoulder, "You poor… deprived creature. "

Zim rolled his eyes and continued to watch, certain the show would fail to catch his interest.

An hour later

Zim was sneaking around the room, as if nobody could see him, before he took his place next to Gaz, "Agent Gaz…I was certain I was never going to see you again."

"Zim, you just went to the bathroom." Gaz replied dryly. Tak snickered.

At this moment Dib came in from the kitchen, refilling his glass of fizzy soda. Returning to the blanket he and Tak were sharing he looked at Zim, "Agent Zim..you're alive!"

"Yes. But I'm afraid all the proof of extraterrestial life has been flushed away."

Tak grimaced, "Eewwwww."

Gaz took the remote and flipped through the channel before turning the TV off, "I'm bored of TV. For now at least."

At this moment, Gir, who had been strangely quiet, walked by gaz and Zim. Or rather danced. He had Gaz's purple ipod in hand.

Gaz growled, "Hey, give that back you brat!"

Gir only giggled and ran around the room, before setting it on the docking station.

"I don't wanna be burried

In a pet cemetary.

I don't want to live my life again…"

"Hey, what's this song?" Zim asked.

"Pet Semetary by the Ramones." Gaz answered, turning the volume down.

"…it's cool…" Zim yawned.

Tak yawned, "Yeah…"

Tak looked to Dib, who had laid down and fallen asleep just a few minutes ago. He dreamt on despite the music. Tak smiled, her eyelids growing heavy. Sighing contently, she laid down and curled up under Dib's arms. She purred in the comfort of his embrace. Feeling his love in his hold, even if he was unconcious, Dib smiled.

Zim shook his head, "Pathetic. Not even 3 am and they're already wore out…."

He looked to Gaz only to see she too had fallen asleep. He smiled softly and laid down behind her, the music now a soft lullabye. Zim huggedGaz to his chest like a teddy bear. Gaz, being extremly tired, allowed this.

Zim purred, smelling her hair. He took a tendril of her violet hair, and took the end in his mouth, gently licking it. Tasted nice. He fell asleep with her hair in his mouth, purring madly.

Mimi, who had been dancing with Gir, noticed the sudden stillness. She looked to her mistress. It was an odd sight, to see these four cuddled up together asleep. But they looked so happy, so Mimi didn't question it. Yawning (which is an odd thing for a robot to do) she walked past them to the couch. Gir stopped his dancing to see his friend asleep on the couch.

Gir poked at her, "I thought we were going to stay up and say hi to the sun…"

Mimi grumbled and curled up tighter to escape Gir's poking finger. Gir crossed his arms before yawning. He sat down next to her sleeping form and started to think.

"Fine…you sleep and sleep. But I'm gonna see the sun! Me. And all of you will feel bad because you wanted to sleep instead of waving at the sun with Gir!" Gir yawned and laid down, his eyes closing as he continued to think to himself, "But I'll tell you about it. I'll say the sun came up and it gave me a taco. No tacos for you because you fell asleeps…I get taco…as long Ed Gein don't get me…."

With that last thought, Gir fell into a deep sleep to dream about God knows what.