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Kizzy's POV

I NEVER remembered my dreams. Ever. But this one I had last night, well, it almost could have been complete reality. There was an old man talking to me, telling me to pack my essentials because I was 'going on a trip'. Now, for the simple reason that I don't ever remember my dreams, I believed him. I thought to myself, "This must be a sign or something". So there I was, sitting outside the church in the village on the oldest bench in the world, with a messenger bag with a few clothes, my iPod, mobile phone and their respective chargers, my latest three wage packets and a few other necessities. He said, the bloke in my dream I mean, to be here, sitting on this bench, at exactly 12.05pm on Saturday 2 July 2011. At 12.04 my stomach was twisting itself into unbearable knots. "What am I doing? This is madness!" I muttered to myself under my breath. And that's when it happened.

I was surrounded by light. I couldn't see anything, I didn't even know which way up I was. I couldn't feel any of my body, I could hardly even think. And as soon as it had begun, it was over. I fell to the ground and felt a rough tarmac under my hands, definitely different to the freshly cut grass of the churchyard I'd just been sitting in. I was in the middle of the flaming road! Rushing to get out of the way of the oncoming traffic, I bumped against a wall, and stumbled to the ground once again. It was dark, clearly it had taken me longer than it seemed to get wherever this was. I stood gingerly up, swaying slightly with dizziness until focusing on what was on the other side of the wall: water, just a mass of rushing water. I was standing on a bridge. Some distance away from me, a man in a woolly hat was hanging off the bridge. Now he didn't look like somebody that wanted to end it all. He looked more like somebody who had just got into a really awkward and problematic situation and if asked about it, he would probably say "It's a long story" Still, he clearly needed a hand.

I took off running, and I could see that the hand he was depending on was slipping from the lamp-post. I didn't know if I had could get there I time, but I knew I had to keep going. I got closer, and could hear a phone ringing, but I ignored it, not stopping to think what a phone was doing on a bridge and ringing in an old fashioned way. Just as his he could hold on no longer, I reached him, grabbing his arm and yanking him back over the side of the bridge. There was muffled groan and a clattering of something metallic and I found myself pinned to the ground (I've got a feeling the ground here likes me) underneath something heavy, something which groaned again and picked itself up. The bridge-hanging guy. "Thanks" he said. Well, he tried to say thanks anyway, but his words were hindered a bit by the fact that he had what looked like a TV remote control in his mouth. When he took it out, it became apparent that it was a large phone, the very one I had heard ringing. I said "You gonna answer that?" "Oh, yeah." He said in a confused but clearly kind voice, with a London accent. He pressed a button on the phone and put it to his ear, wincing a bit when somebody could be heard shouting down the other end. They certainly had a loud voice, even I could hear them! The guy was saying "no, it's fine, I've got them, yes, no, what? Jesus, you've got to be kidding! I'm coming back".

I just stared at him. "Care to explain?"

"It's a long story" he replied. Sometimes I am too good at predicting people. He must have registered my unconvinced look, because he went on to say "No, really long. Long as in there was a debt, a fight, a burglary, a raid, an ambush, lots of drink, a shoot-out, blackmailing, confusion, and trying to keep all that quiet ended up with me hanging off Thames Bridge with a phone in my mouth" I just gaped at him. "You're right, that does sound like a long story. I'd like to hear it." I managed to say once I had recovered from shock. What came over me, I really don't know. I don't talk to strangers, I don't get involved with wrongdoing, but somehow I was almost enchanted by this man and his story. So I decided to be bold and say "Hey, I just saved your life, I at least deserve to hear why I had to do it."

"Yeah, right, course you do. Sorry, I'm just a bit touchy. Just saved, what I now know is a few thousand quid's worth of stuff, from a watery grave"

"You're not worth a few thousand quid. And I saved you, if I remember rightly."

"Ha ha, very funny. I mean this" and he pointed to a long item wrapped in a blanket sitting on the floor next to him. "Although I guess we both get credit for saving them". He grinned at me, and I smiled back. I liked this guy. "Hang on, did you say Thames Bridge?" I suddenly realised what he had said a minute ago.

"Yep, Thames Bridge. Had a bit too much to drink?"

"Gosh no, I just, well, didn't know I was in London…" I admitted, feeling very stupid.

He looked at me like I was mad. Then he seemed to gather himself and said "You do now! I'm Tom by the way"

"Nice to meet you Tom. I'm Kizzy"

"That's an, uh, unusual name. Foreign is it?"

"Nope. I'm not from London, but I'm still English"

"Well," he said, still amused, "I'd better be getting back to my friends. They'll be wondering where I am. Want a lift?" he gestured to his car nearby, an vintage looking thing.

I was unsure, but my gut instinct told me I could trust Tom. I agreed "Sure, I'll go wherever you're going. I've got nowhere to be particularly" The guy in my dream had not been very specific when it came to the details of my trip, so I thought I'd just go with the flow. What was wrong with me? I usually liked to plan things!

"Ok then," he said cheerily. "Off we go to JD's!" And with that, things took a turn for the worse. He turned around, picked up the long item in the blanket and swung it onto his shoulder. I saw it coming towards my head for a second, and then I knew nothing but blackness.


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