"Epilogue: Silver Blast"

Elizabeth cowered in fear, seeing the remains of the weapon clasped in Shultz's ruined grip, a strange substance coating the tip. His pale grey eyes were impossibly lit, his rotten grin splitting his face. He came slowly, limping slightly, raising the blade over his head. Elizabeth covered her face with her hands, tears streaming from her tightly closed eyes.
"Leave her out of this," Justin fought to stand, panting heavily. "Your fight's with me."
Again, Shultz only laughed, but he would never get the chance to repent.
Justin lifted a hand, a bolt of silver light hitting him square in the chest; but, instead of once more burning to death, the light grew until it completely surrounded him. Justin had to shield his eyes from the brilliance. When it cleared, his jaw dropped in shock. Where there had been a towering creature was now a human being no bigger than himself.
"Well," he hissed. "I'd say that this evens things out considerably." In a flash, he held his former capture in a tight choke-hold. Slipping a hand past the doctor's coat, he withdrew the gun that Shultz always had with him. He'd never used one before, but he knew how to, thanks to various books and television reports from the Boniface estate and later the Rosebush. Shultz stared up at him, shocked at how well the injections had worked.
"It's you!" he cried. "You're number nine from the Beta group!"
"I'm surprised you still remember me," Justin replied coldly. "Now," he added, holding the thing to the human's head. "Unless you want to die by the hands of your own creation, I suggest that you tell me what I want to know. Where is my family?"
The fear seemed to vanish instantly from the man's eyes. A flash of silver jumped across the rat's eyes, but he had no time to react before a knife sunk into his chest. To his surprise, he felt absolutely nothing; nothing but a vile hatred and an uncontrollable fury.
Justin dropped him, slowly pulling the blade from his flesh, a gold light filling the wound as he did so. His eyes glowed with a rage that nearly caused the man to scream in fear. As it had with Alpha group, this first attempt had gone too far.
"I'm going to give you one last chance," Justin growled slowly, knife and gun still in hand. It would be more satisfying to tear the human to shreds himself, but he just didn't have that kind of time. The only question left was which to use, and what he would do with the remains.
"You bastards would all be dead now if it weren't for me!" Shultz shouted. "I made you what you are today, you should all worship me!"
A hard laugh passed Justin's lips. "I've already killed one tyrant," he said. The black form of the gun rose to fire. "Now I'm just ridding the world of another."
The sound was impossibly loud, and blood spattered onto his face from the impact of the bullet. The top half of Shultz's head had been blown clean off, scattering blood and the final remnants of spoiled brain tissue. He had killed before, but never had it been so satisfying. In a few moments the man returned to his normal size, and the wound only followed; but by then, Justin was already gone.

"Mm, where are we?" Teresa couldn't see her hand in front of her face. Neither could her brothers.
"I don't know," Martin tried to stand, but ended up hitting his head. "But wherever we are, it's not very big."
Timothy rubbed his eyes, seeing a small patch of light in the wall. "Hey, what's that?" he drew closer, but only got about half-way before a bright flash was seen. A strange sound accompanied it, and in a few moments a human lay dead on the floor. "Hey, it's the doctor!" he cried. His siblings crowded in close to see.
"You're right," said Martin. "But what happened to him?" his question went unanswered, as Justin came into view. He knelt down in front of their mother, wiping her tears. "I bet she thinks we're dead."
Tim should his head, slumping back to the floor. "I guess we wait," he said quietly. "And hope that they find us."
"How long do you think that'll take?" asked Teresa. A small laugh was heard, and the walls around them vanished. They looked up, seeing the red glow of the stone. But instead of their mother, Justin stood behind it. His fur was soaked in spots of blood, his clothing spattered and torn; in his hand was a strange black object. They dared not ask what it was. Looking behind him, they saw the dead body of Dr. Shultz, his eyes wide and blank.
"Let's get you guys home," he said, smiling. He slipped the gun into his vest, taking their mother's hand. "Jeremy's waiting outside." He brought them to the vent, informing the children of their new baby sisters. They were in the valley the moment the sun set.