Title: the children green and golden follow him out of grace

Fandom: White Collar/RED/Inception

Disclaimer: only one character is mine; title from Dylan Thomas

Warnings: mentions of violence and torture

Pairings: Eames/Arthur

Rating: PG13

Wordcount: 230

Point of view: third

Prompt: Any, any, I/He/She/They knew I/He/She/They was/were going to die...

Louie knows he's going to die. If the CIA dad doesn't get him, that brother with the knives and damned FBI in his pocket sure will.

Except, no, looking past the gun to the guy holding it - Louie says, "But you don't even like the dude!"

"You should do better research, mate," Tattoos and Muscle snarls, before setting the gun on the railing and pulling out... oh, fuck. A fucking knife. "Now, I'm going to kill you, all the same, but because Arthur is alive, I'll simply draw it out a little less. How's that sound?"

Louie swallows, looking around for a way out. There's none.

"Also, because Arthur is alive - look at me when I talk to you," he says, voice sharp as that knife, and Louie looks at him. "Because Arthur is alive, Frank and Neal are letting me do what I like to you. You're lucky."

Gathering his courage and desire to live, Louie charges him.

The guy - Eames, isn't it? Eames, Arthur's rival, a guy who according to everything would willingly stand back and let Arthur die – steps to the side and shoves the knife hilt-deep into Louie's shoulder.

Fuck, but it hurts. He shrieks, trying to get away, but Eames' grip is iron on his arm, and he twists the knife.

"You're going to die, Louie Carter," Eames whispers, "and it's going to hurt."