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Rizzles one-shot, enjoy!

With Rihanna's S &M playing in the background for the third time that night, Jane tossed back her ninth shot of Patron, chased it down with her MGD and told Frost to call her a cab. She was drunk and horny beyond belief. Even though it was her "bachelor" party, she didn't think the guys would mind if she left.

Korsak was busy pulling dollar bills out of his pocket again and Frost and Frankie were working on their side bets to see how long before Korsak tried the pole.

Jane laughed, the guys had been great, Frankie planning their night out, Korsak making sure the right talent was lined up and Frost, "Uh!" Jane groaned, Frost had been busy making sure they played the right music all night.

Which basically meant anything and everything that could possibly be suggestive. They all knew that she and Maura were waiting till their wedding night. Unfortunately they also knew how tense "and sexually frustrated" Jane had been since they announced their engagement a little more than a month ago.

Frank Sr had been the worst of them all. Jane never thought her father would be okay with her marrying another woman but it seemed that not only was he okay, but he took pleasure in joining Frankie in teasing Jane about the fact that "she wasn't getting any"

Jane hadn't planned to drink so much, especially not the night before her wedding, but between the pounding music and the strippers the guys kept the guys kept throwing her way it was the only way to distract herself, until S & M came on the first time.

Frost had made sure they dedicated the song to her which prompted no less than three of the strippers to try and pleasure one Detective Jane Rizzoli with lap dances.

"Hey Rizzoli!" Korsak had yelled to her after the second lap dance, "pull out those handcuffs" Korsak started laughing so hard he knocked his beer over which had promted everyone else to start laughing and asking Jane where her 'cuffs were…

Her ''cuffs had been the butt of jokes since she joined the force and usually she could ignore it, but by the second time they played S & M, all she could do was picture her soon to be wife Maura acting out the song, cuffs and all and had to down a couple of shots just to put the fire out.

Frankie had asked if she was okay at one point, when sheen of sweat had broken out on her upper lip and brow having just imagined Maura doing unbelievable things on the stripper pole in one of her silk teddies.

Even though she continued to try and enjoy herself, Jane couldn't help thinking about what Maura was doing at that moment.

By the time the song came on a third time, Jane had to leave. She needed Maura now, to hell with the wedding night. Jane gave the cabbie directions and settled back on the seat.

It was 2:30 in the morning and she knew Maura was going to be pissed, not only was she was drunk, but she was fucking horny, and she was about to break her promise.

By the time the cab pulled up to the house, Jane had sobered up enough to realize that she couldn't break a promise to Maura, not matter how drunk or horny she was.

Just as she considered heading to her parents for the night, the light on the porch came on. "Ah shit" Knowing she didn't have a choice anymore, she paid the cabbie and tried to gather her resolve before she went in.

It was a cool evening which was helping her sober up but it wasn't cool enough to put out the desire that was burning just below her waist. Taking a deep breath, she took the steps two at a time and, given that she was drunk, promptly tripped on the last one and fell into the door.

"Son of a …Maura!"

Dr Maura Isles stood in the door of their house and looked down at Jane with a little smile. She knew exactly what Jane had been thinking in the taxicab and why. Just like she knew why Jane was staring up at her now with her mouth hanging open, as Maura stood framed by the door wearing the silk teddy she had imagined her in.

"Jane, are you all right?"

"Uh, I mean, uhm…no that's not right dammit!" Jane looked away from her and tried to gather herself. She sounded like a babbling idiot. Shaking her head, Jane closed her eyes wondering if she was really seeing what she thought or if it was the tequila.

Maura looked down at her fiancée and was amazed to see Jane Rizzoli at a loss for words. At this moment, she knew without a doubt the effect that she had Jane. Sadly she had doubted. She knew that Jane loved her but she had worried when Jane had made no move to have sex with her before their wedding night, she thought that maybe there wasn't the interest she thought there was.

Maura had known it was an irrational fear most likely a result of the fabled pre-wedding jitters, but in order to find out the truth, she had helped set up Jane's bachelorette party with Frost, Korsak and Frankie.

The song, S & M, had been her idea since anytime she heard it she could think of nothing else but Jane. The lap dances had been Frankie's.

Maura reached a hand down to help Jane up and Jane jumped. Concerned, "Jane are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine, just tripped" Jane picked herself up and weaved a bit before grabbing the handrail.

Determined to not to let her see the effect she was having on her, Jane smiled fiercely at Maura and said, "see, nothing broken!"

She tried to walk past Maura without touching her, but Maura wasn't having it. As Jane walked past, she turned ever so slightly making sure Jane's arm brushed against her breast.

Jane's sharp intake of breath was all the evidence Maura needed. As Jane threw herself on the couch, Maura could see how she was biting her lower lip, and smiled.

Whenever they've made out or teased each other senseless, it would always end with Jane biting her lower lip and taking a shower. Now she knew why.

Maura sashayed toward Jane and sat on her lap. Jane's yelp was enough to cause Maura to giggle.

"Maur" Jane growled through clenched teeth, "what are you doing?"

Maura batted her eyes innocently "Why dear I'm just welcoming you home."

"We, uhm, we need to get to bed, its gonna be a long day tomorrow and" a beautifully manicured finger pressed against her lips and Jane opened her eyes wide at the beautiful woman sitting so provocatively in her lap.

"Hush" Maura moved a bit and brought one leg on the other side of Jane effectively trapping her on the couch. Jane swallowed convulsively. She could feel Maura's beautifully toned legs, strong from running and yoga tighten suggestively around her and couldn't control her desire any longer.

Jane could feel the pulse of that damned song roaring her as she grabbed Maura by the arms. "Maura, you don't know what you're doing." She could feel her heart beating erratically in her chest and she was so wet "shit" she thought, she wanted to grab Maura and take her right there.

Instead of being afraid, Maura leaned into Jane and traced a path with her tongue from the pulse beating in her neck to her earlobe, which she bit.

All resolve gone now, Jane pulled Maura into her chest and smashed her lips into hers. The brutal kiss deepened and softened as they came together as one. It was a few minutes before they broke apart, both panting and Jane with a dangerous gleam in her eyes picked Maura up and took her into their bedroom.

Jane had her on the bed and held her down, a moment of sanity made her say

"I made you a promise, Maura, why are you doing this"

Maura Isles looked into the eyes of the only person in this world who mattered to her heart and soul "Because you did keep your promise Jane, mind, body, and soul" she smiled "For awhile I even thought you didn't want me that way"

Before Jane could protest, "Jane, I wanted to give you a wedding present you would never forget" Maura pulled Jane to her and whispered seductively, "now how did that song go?"

The look of surprise and happiness on Jane's face was something Maura would cherish for the rest of her life.

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