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Akihito hid behind the couch, grinning because he knew little Toya was hot on his heels. He knew she would be looking for him from a few feet away after he ducked out of view behind the couch. Her giggle radiated around the room while the slap of her tiny palms against the wood and the scrape of her knees could be heard.

But before she could break the corner to see him he rolled out suddenly and grabbed at her, shaking her lightly while growling playfully, startling her into a fit of giggles that saw a long line of drool running down her chin, exposing the first sightings of an upper baby tooth. Her golden eyes sparkled with mirth and he decided to sit with her, they've been playing all morning and he needed a break.

He then scooped her into his arms after standing, deciding that he would go to the couch to sit. She was fed and cleaned so she was very playful. He realized if she wasn't fed or put to nap at specific times of the day she would become very cranky and near impossible to deal with. But he always gave her what she wanted, it is what he was getting paid for anyway.

"Dada?" the baby questioned after being placed in his lap, facing him. He held her under her arms and watched her as she moved her hands about and kicked him in the stomach.

"Daddy?" Akihito questioned playfully and her golden eyes stared at him then.


Akihito grinned at the outburst, she knew her father well and it showed in the way she always perked up at the word.

"Daddy's at work," Akihito snickered before rubbing his nose against hers, which caused her to try and pull back while turning her head away. He barely managed to avoid a slap to the face.

"You're really cheeky, aren't you?" Akihito teased while twisting his arms gently in an effort to get her to look him in the eyes.

She barely spared him a glance, looking everywhere but at him.

"Case in point," the blond smiled before blowing raspberries on the baby's neck. She giggled and squirmed under him and he pulled back with a laugh.

She blew raspberries of her own, sending spittle flying everywhere and Akihito used one hand to shield his face from the attack.

"Alright, alright, I give up, you win. I won't do that again," Akihito laughed and just like that the baby stopped.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang and he reached inside his side pocket, looking at the LED display and accepting the call before placing it by his ear. He held the baby with one hand and the phone with the other.

"How are things there?"

"Good," Akihito answered. "How are things at the office?"

"I have a light work load today, we should be home by six."

"We? So your friends are coming over?" Akihito asked.

"Yes, two of them to be exact," Asami answered.

Akihito made a noncommittal chuckle in response, he would make enough food for four then. He looked at the baby on his lap.

"Toya misses you."

"Only her?"

Akihito blushed at the question. "Well…no."

"You shouldn't hesitate to answer, that means I'll have to thoroughly remind you later after dinner why you should miss me every second of the day and not be afraid to show it," Asami replied in a lowered baritone voice.

Akihito could feel his face heating up, he knew what the man was implying. "Could you stop? I have Toya in my lap."

Asami chuckled. "Saved by my baby, if it wasn't for her I'll be telling you all sorts of naughty things over the phone."

"Then I'll make sure to always keep her close, pervert," Akihito mumbled with a smile. The baby shifted slightly in his lap and he raised his knees to compensate to prevent himself losing his grip on her.

"I know when to call, if I'm not too busy in the next two hours, which is her nap time, you'll be hearing from me," Asami answered, his voice taking on a slightly huskier tone.

Akihito squirmed. "Talk to Toya," he added quickly before putting the phone by the baby's ear. He didn't know what Asami said or if it was just the sound of his voice, but she suddenly started bouncing up and down in his lap, giggling madly and he had to tighten his grip on her once again. He pulled his hand with the phone back and returned it to his ear.

"Told you she misses you."

"I never disagreed," Asami chuckled. "I'll see you later then."


There was a moment of awkward silence between them before Akihito hung up, like he never wanted to stop hearing the man's voice. It sent a warmth and charm through him like no other and he knew he was head over heels for the surgeon. Whatever doubts he had about being in a relationship with an older man always disappeared whenever said man was near, he dared to hope their relationship would last a very long time. Asami seemed to genuinely care for him in a way he's never known before and it made him happy, like the love struck teenager that he was.


Akihito smiled, he swore this baby was too perceptive for her own good. He decided to take her for a walk, putting her in her stroller before spending an hour and a half at the park. The weather was good, just slightly overcast but not threatening rain. He enjoyed the getaway from the house but returned when he knew she would be sleepy soon.

After reaching home, she suddenly started fussing and he looked at the clock on the wall to realize it was coming to her nap time. He took her up to her room and lay on the bed with her, giving her a bottle where she fell asleep after some miserable minutes crying. He had to rock her back and forth and hush her to calm her down before she could be moved to her crib.

With Toya out of the way for at least an hour and a half, he decided to start the prep work for dinner later. Asami's pantry and fridge was always stocked, and he looked over what was available before he made a decision on what would be cooked. He took Salmon and spinach from the fridge and soba noodles from the pantry, he would combine them to make a simple, delicious dish he's sure Asami and his guests would love. He decided home made Mochi would make a delicious desert and he made sure he had all the ingredients present to make it, it would to be done right before dinner for ultimate freshness.


Asami left work an hour early that day and when he came home it was to the sight of the two most important people to him sprawled lazily on the couch, watching TV. Akihito lay on his back with his head propped on the cushions, Toya face down on his stomach and his socked feet propped on the opposite arm-rest. They looked so good together, relaxed and comfortable and a small smile tugged at the corner of his lips, he could never get tired of seeing them together like this.

"Good evening, Akihito," Asami greeting while walking over to the two and both pairs of eyes looked at him happily after he spoke.



There was nothing like coming home to such smiling faces and knowing you were the cause of it. Asami could feel the slight warmth spreading through him at the thought. He walked over to his lover and gave him a welcoming peck on the cheek before the baby grabbed at him and jumped into his arms.

"You're home early…"

"I wanted to prepare for the dinner later, Feilong and his date will be here in an hour and a half," Asami answered while tickling Toya's nose. She closed her eyes before sneezing into his suit jacket and he grimaced at the amount of booger he imagined was now on the fabric, but he just held her while she clung to him tightly.

Akihito nodded in understanding. He was a little nervous about what he was about to do, but he stood on his tip toes and pecked Asami on the lips in greeting. "Welcome home."

Asami smiled, feeling something churn pleasantly inside him at the gesture and he grabbed Akihito by the nape and pulled him in for a more passionate kiss.

"Mama, Daddy!" Toya giggled and clapped between them and her voice broke the two out of their reverie.

Akihito slowly pulled back and Asami's hand came around to brush against his jaw. He looked him the eyes and quirked a brow. "She's not calling me mama, is she?"

Asami chuckled. "So what if she is, it definitely suits you."

He started to walk away, grinning at the indignant splutter from Akihito in response.

"Stop, you bastard, that's not very funny!" Akihito shouted while walking after Asami. Toya kept watching him while he trailed behind them and he could have sworn she was smirking; just like her father.

Asami ignored Akihito and walked up to the baby's room, where he deposited her in her crib before throwing a few toys in there for her to play with. When she was distracted, he left the room and pulled Akihito with him towards the bedroom.

"What are you doing?" Akihito asked when the bedroom door was closed behind him.

Asami took off his jacket and threw it on an arm chair beside his bed, then he proceeded to loosen his tie before walking over to his blond.

"You need to take responsibilities for your actions."

Akihito stared at the man confused. "My actions? What are you…?"

Asami grabbed his hand and made him feel his crotch and he was definitely standing at attention. Akihito blushed.

"You made me horny over the phone, now do something about it," Asami murmured sultrily before bringing his head down to capture those soft lips in a heated French kiss.

If Akihito could have used his mouth how he wanted he would have said this was totally ridiculous, but Asami left him flustered and eager and to be honest he preferred what he was doing with his tongue right now. Asami tasted faintly of coffee and cigarette, a combination that left him heady and needy. He clumsily unbuttoned his lover's dress shirt before running his hands over the expanse of smooth flesh and hard muscles. Asami held him close, wrapping both hands around him and he used his fingers to pinch and pull on the man's nipples, feeling everything get more intense as a response.

Asami had wanted to feel Akihito under him from his earlier phone call, and he liked how his lover wasn't afraid to sometimes take the initiative; like how he now had his hand down his unzipped pants, caressing and stroking his cock while moaning into his mouth. Only Akihito could elicit the whirlwind of emotions and feelings coursing through his body with just his presence. His touch and the feel of his body were exceptionally beguiling. He squeezed both those firm ass cheeks and pressed Akihito into him while rubbing himself against the smaller boy. They broke their kiss and he trailed his tongue along Akihito's jaw down to his neck. He nibbled and bit on the pulsing vein that sped up with each breath Akihito took and he decided it was time.

Akihito didn't protest or object when Asami led him over to the bed to lie down. He watched those skilled fingers meticulously remove his clothing piece by piece, then those same hands roamed his body, alternating between light, sensual touches and more fervent ones.

Asami wanted to prepare his lover, so he coated a finger with lube he had in a drawer close by before inserting it slowly into his lover's body. He loved the way Akihito writhed and sighed and moaned and tell him more and harder and why the hell aren't you inside me yet?

Of course, not being able to deny his Akihito anything, he entered him, agonizingly slow and sweet for maximum pleasure, even if his desire was to pound into that tight ass and fuck it like a bunny on crack. But those hazel eyes reflected the pure bliss coursing through his lover's body along with the small tremors to his frame. He could feel himself riding on a wave of euphoria every time those kiss bruised lips called his name and he snapped his hips relentlessly into that tight ass.

"As…a…mi, oh God…" Akihito moaned because his sweet spot was being repeatedly molested and he was on the verge of coming. His body tensed, his muscles tightened and his stomach constricted with the force of his release and he was close, so close until the baby crying for her daddy could be heard through the baby monitor on the dresser beside the bed and it snapped him out of all the lustful feelings he was feeling a moment ago.

"Asami…stop," Akihito moaned while the man pounded into him and he tried to push him off, but apparently his lover was too far gone in his lust to realize what he was saying. He decided to try again.


Toya was the magic word, because at the mention of his daughter's name the man stopped suddenly and looked at him, his golden eyes losing some of the lust that was present a moment earlier.

"Toya…?" Asami asked, and that's when he realized his baby was crying. Shit, he was so close too. His cock slipped out of Akihito's ass when he pulled back and he didn't miss the slight wince he was rewarded with.

"Did I hurt you?"

Akihito shook his head in a negative gesture. "I'm just really sensitive is all."

Asami smiled while throwing on a robe. "Rain check?"

Akihito stretched like a cat and nodded happily. "Definitely."

Asami quickly washed his hands before going to Toya's room to see what was up with his little girl. When he entered she turned watery golden eyes on him and started crying harder.

Asami lifted her in his arms and started rocking her, which did little to calm her down. He was about to go mix some infant formula when Akihito walked into the room with a warm bottle in hand while wearing a matching robe. Akihito's blonde hair was still disheveled, his lips kiss bruised and his skin a faint blush; Toya had such bad timing, he only needed about five more minutes before she interrupted.

"I figured she was hungry, here," Akihito said while holding the warm bottle out to Asami. He took it and adjusted himself so he could feed her properly.

"I think I'm going to freshen up for dinner, your friends will be here soon," Akihito said while walking out the door.

"Fine," Asami answered with a nod before looking down at Toya, who seemed way too happy at his plight; he was still horny.


The doorbell rang and with much anticipation Akihito went to answer it. He was a little breathless from trying to dodge his sex crazed lover, who kept bugging him for a blow or hand job to finish what they'd started before their guests arrived, but it was too late now.

When he opened the door it was to two very handsome men; one a long haired Chinese, exceptionally beautiful, and the other a blonde haired foreigner.

"You must be Asami's guests, please enter," Akihito said curtly while stepping to the side so the two could enter, his lover had nice looking friends.

"Thank you, Takaba," the Chinese smiled and Akihito wondered how he knew his name.

Feilong could read the look on the teen's face and informed him that Asami mentioned him in a conversation at work. "By the way, I'm Lui Feilong and this is Mikhail Arbatov."

"Ar-ba-tov…" Akihito pronounced, trying to say such a strange name properly.

Feilong laughed.

The trio walked towards the dinner table where Asami was already seated at the head, sipping on a half a glass of champagne.

"Feilong, Arbatov, glad you could make it," Asami chuckled.

The two nodded in reply.

Feilong was hoping to see the baby, he hadn't seen her in a while but she was nowhere to be seen. "Where's Toya?"

"Sleeping," Asami answered.

"I'll go get dinner," Akihito announced before walking off towards the kitchen.

"Nice house you have here Asami…" Mikhail said while looking around. The house was quaint and spacious; very lovely. He held out Feilong's seat for him before sitting himself. Before each of them were chopsticks, a small porcelain plate, a glass of water and an empty champagne glass. An ice cooler with a bottle of champagne and a bottle of red wine sat close to the middle of the table also.

Feilong poured himself a glass of champagne before taking a sip and looking at Asami. "Didn't know you liked them so young."

"Didn't know you cared," Asami answered after a sip of his own.

"How old is he? He looks fifteen," Feilong asked suspiciously and Asami chuckled.

"He's eighteen, definitely legal."

"Not my fault he looks like a child." Feilong answered.

"Wait, that kid is your lover?" Mikhail asked bewildered.

Both Asami and Feilong rolled their eyes, Mikhail was apparently a slow learner in some regard.

"Here you are!" Akihito shouted happily while heading to the table with four dishes balanced on a silver tray. He'd made cold soba noodles topped with spinach, slices of sushi and grilled salmon for dinner. He set the tray on the table and served Asami, then his guests and left himself for last.

"What a good partner, you served your man before your guests," Mikhail grinned cheekily at Akihito.

The blond blushed fiercely while taking a seat beside Asami. He looked to the foreigner sheepishly. "I'm sorry, wasn't I suppose to?"

Asami didn't miss the kick Arbatov got from Feilong under the table that caused him to stiffen. He smirked. He grabbed Akihito's chin and gently brought his face around so he could look him in the eyes.

"When you're in your man's house you're free to do what you want, alright?"

Asami kissed him chastely on the lips after that and Akihito's blush deepened before he nodded his head in understanding. He wanted to disappear from embarrassment.

Mikhail smirked. "Is that a challenge, Asami?"

"Arbatov," Feilong growled in warning, pausing with spinach on his chopsticks halfway to his lips.

Feilong let out a squeal of surprise when Mikhail grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him on the lips.

Asami raised one eyebrow in question while Akihito looked absolutely scandalized.

"What the hell are you doing?" Feilong shouted after his lips were freed from Mikhail's lip lock. He was about to pummel the blond idiot when the sound of Akihito's voice drifted to his ears.

"A…Asami, what are you….?"

Feilong looked at the teen to see him looking at Asami with wide unsure eyes while his body tensed. He realized one of Asami's hand was beneath the table, suspiciously over Akihito's crotch and he swore under his breath. This level of male testosterone at its worse was not acceptable. Knowing Mikhail he'd try to one up Asami, which will lead to him having to chastise them both for their behavior.

"Takaba, stand!" Feilong bit out, before walking over to the blond's position.

Startled, Akihito did as he was told by such a commanding voice, which caused Asami to retract his hand.

Feilong stormed over to Akihito and grabbed his arm before staring at the other two icily.

"We…!" the Chinese man started in an authoritarian voice. "…will not sit here while you two testosterone laced animals use us like some sort of spoils of war. Now if you'll excuse us, we'll be in the living room and don't you dare follow us, or you'll both be sleeping on the couch tonight!"

"You're in my house," Asami pointed out calmly.

"I don't care," Feilong shot back with narrowed eyes and a snarl.

Both Asami and Mikhail watched as their lovers took their food and left them around the table, alone.

"This is all your fault, Asami," Mikhail accused with narrowed eyes. This was the pits, he wanted his sexy Feilong back by his side.

"Whatever." Asami took all this in stride. The good thing was, after dinner Feilong and Mikhail will be gone and he'll be able to cash in that check for more sexy times. Akihito better be prepared, because he'll pay for him not getting his feel up a while ago. But right now he figured he'll give the two, especially Feilong, time to cool off, no use riling him up any further than necessary, or he really might be sleeping on the couch tonight despite this being his own house.


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