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So this was the first fan fiction I had written in ages. Since it was first published I have had it edited a few times in order to make it more readable. At the time I was desperate for new episodes of Castle so came online to read some fics to satisfy me briefly. This idea has probably been done over a hundred times and done better but when I wrote it I just needed to get my own slant on it out there. Constructive criticism is always welcome

Set during Boom!

Strange, Weird and Wonderful


Natalie Elizabeth

"Go home detective."

"I don't have a home sir," she said sighing. When she had gone through the remains of her apartment, there hadn't been much left. She had been able to find her mother's engagement ring but not her father's watch. Hopefully it would turn up.

"I don't care where you go Beckett. Just go. I don't want to see you for at least 10 hours! When you get back, you're off the case!"

She went to argue but the serious look on the captain's face stopped her. Beckett put her head down and took a deep breath. As much as she didn't want to be off the case, she did need a break, and definitely some sleep as well. She desperately needed another shower as she still smelt like smoke. How was that even possible? She had spent an hour soaping and scrubbing her body, using two different types of body wash, yet she still smelled like summer camp. Except without the delicious after taste of marshmallows.


Beckett put her hand up to silence Castle. She ran her hand through her hair before walking out of the office. She went to her desk and started packing things away. The items she had in front of her were the only things she owned and it was mostly work stuff. She would obey the captain and leave, but where would she go?

"I'll go stay with Lanie," she muttered before walking off in the direction of the elevator.

"You can't!" came Esposito's frantic voice.

Beckett stopped and looked over at him.

"Remember she told you that she was having her carpets replaced after her water bed broke."

Kate sighed, he was right. Lanie's floor hadn't dried out properly and the whole place had started to reek of mould. She was getting the floor replaced and there had been delays.

"How do you even pop a water bed nowadays?" she asked to no one in particular.

"I dunno," Esposito answered rather quickly.

Beckett just shook her head, not knowing what was going on with him.

"Beckett look," Castle tried once more to get her to listen to him but she silenced him again with her hand.

"Ryan, Esposito, if you're staying here can I crash at either one of your apartments? Just a few hours, maybe take a shower".

She watched as the two detectives squirmed.

"I'd like to let you Beckett," Ryan said almost guiltily. "It's just I don't want to risk my girlfriend finding out and thinking it's something when it's not. Sorry Beckett. It's just that I really like her and I don't wanna screw anything up".

"It's fine," she said frustrated. If she had a boyfriend and he let a co-worker of the opposite sex stay at his place, she would be a little suspicious too. It was just her nature.


"I would Beckett, but, umm, well, the maid hasn't been in a while," he said rather quickly.

"You don't have a maid," Ryan said looking at him strangely.

"That's exactly my point."

Beckett ran her hands over her face and groaned. She was running out of options.


"What, Castle? What?" she said turning to look at him.

"Well if you need a place to stay, you could stay with me."

Beckett laughed. "Yeah right Castle, in your dreams."

"I said stay with me, not sleep with me Beckett."

"I wasn't aware you knew the difference, Castle," she stepped around him and started making her way towards the elevator.

Castle stood there in shock. His invitation had been genuine. No sarcastic tone or smart ass remark to go with it. He looked at Ryan and Esposito who gave him a sympathetic look; then their eyes widened and they quickly turned back to their work. Castle frowned at their behaviour before noticing that Beckett had only walked a short distance away before she had stopped and turned around. She looked at him before looking away.

"Castle I..." she couldn't finish her sentence so she looked back at him instead.

Words were Castle's life, but even he knew there were times when words weren't needed. The look in Beckett's eyes told him everything, she may not have said the words 'I'm sorry' but she certainly meant it.

Castle nodded. "It's fine Beckett, until tomorrow," he said, grabbing his coat and heading towards the elevator.

When the elevator rang he stepped inside and turned to see that Beckett hadn't moved. Her head was down, defeated. He made an attempt to walk back out but the doors shut on him. It was for the best. She was tired and probably hungry. After being married twice and living with two women, he knew that being tired and hungry was a bad combination. A short time later the door opened and Castle made his way out of the precinct. He raised his hand to call a cab but it seemed to be a busy night. Cab after cab zoomed by him. Castle shook his head. He should have called a car service. His arm was getting sore from being raised for so long. A cab eventually slowed down and Castle made his way quickly to it. On more than one occasion, he had his cab stolen by a seemingly feeble little old lady. The cab stopped and Castle opened the door and leaned in.


Castle stuck his head out of the cab to see Beckett running towards him. He held up his index finger to her indicating he would just be a second.

"Can you wait a minute?" he said to the Cab driver.

"Time is money," came the reply as he leaned forward and started the meter.

Castle stepped back and made a step towards Beckett. "Is everything ok?" he asked, concerned.

She slowed down to a walk.

"Umm yeah."

Castle watched as she started to fidget. She was nervous!

"Umm look, I was wondering if the offer is still open," she looked away from him and began to fiddle with the sleeve of her shirt.

"To stay with me?" he asked, not wanting to play dumb, but needing her to actually say the words. It had been a trying 24 hours; the jokes could wait for later.

Beckett nodded and then looked up at him with an almost pleading look.

"Are you sure?" he asked, surprised.

She nodded.

"Do you need to go back and get anything," he asked, surmising she had left in a hurry.

"I don't have anything Castle," the pain clearly notable in her voice.

"Right," he said shaking his head. He then motioned her towards the cab. "Ladies first."

He expected Beckett to reply with some witty comment but she simply walked past him and climbed into the cab. Castle followed her and then gave the cabbie his address.

Beckett sat in the cab not looking at Castle. She was going home with Castle. Castle! One of the biggest playboys she knew and she was willingly going home with him. Snapping at him had been out of habit and not justifiable. He had been on his best behaviour the night he had stayed. However the wine and breakfast had been too much. Too nice. Too cutesy. Too much like a date. Too perfect. Almost. What would have happened if Castle hadn't opened the door to find the sick SOB had left a dead body on her doorstep. Sharing a meal was meant to be no big deal, but she knew it would have been. With Castle everything was a big deal, after all he had made pancakes!

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