Chapter 1

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A/N: This story is a sequel to Once Bitten, Twice Shy. If you haven't read it, you might be a little bit behind. Hope you enjoy it.


"And now again I've found myself
So far down, away from the sun
That shines to light the way for me"

From Away From the Sun by 3 Doors Down


Jane was certain that the French vampire who had sent her on this fool's errand had been lying to ingratiate himself to Aro, but it wasn't her place to question the decisions that he and his companions made, no matter how much she might have disagreed. The sunlight that filtered through the trees glinted off the crimson of her eyes like a warning light. Not that there was any living thing left in the area to warn. The forest around her was unaccustomedly silent, no birds stirred in the trees, not even an insect disturbed the perfect silence with a sound or movement. The only thing that dared make its presence known was the breeze blowing through the trees above her head, as though it were the only thing not scared for its life around her.

She waited patiently in the edge of the trees on the Cullen's property - far enough from the house that they shouldn't be able to detect her presence and downwind to be sure her scent would blow in the opposite direction from the house.

No one was home at the moment, but she expected them to be very soon. She had timed her presence for when they should all be arriving home from school. Her shoulders convulsed slightly with laughter at the thought of them all attending school, making the pretence at being a normal suburban family when they were all so much more than that.

Jane couldn't imagine putting herself through the daily torture of attending algebra and history along with a bunch of mortal children, their blood tempting her every second of the day. The idea of it made the venom pool in her mouth as she dreamed of draining an entire class of youths one by one - their blood rich and potent with the life that thrummed through their bodies. She was almost so distracted by her imaginings that she didn't notice when the silver Volvo pulled down the driveway towards the garage at the rear of the house.

When she noticed that the passenger seat held an unfamiliar face, she smiled. This must be the one she was looking for. Jane would have recognized any of the Cullen's at once. She'd been sent on several occasions to keep an eye on them for the Volturi. They hadn't grown to be one of the largest covens on the planet unnoticed, and the Volturi wanted to make sure they hadn't had any ideas about using their influence. Until now, they'd seemed quite the cute little family, but something dangerous was amongst their midst if the stories were true.

Her heart fell as she watched Edward exit the rear of the house with what appeared to be a normal human girl in tow. There was nothing threatening about her appearance, nothing out of the ordinary, but the wind carried a strange scent towards Jane's nostrils. She breathed it in, and it reminded her of poison, something entirely foreign.

Jane's body tensed, as though prepared for attack, even though there was no way either of them could detect her presence at this distance. She watched carefully, attentive for any sign of something she could report back to her masters. They would be pleased with her, when she informed them that the tale spun by Laurent had been true.

The pair on the back lawn were joined by a third; she recognized Jasper at once. Carlisle had been kind enough to bring he and Alice to Italy to check in when they had joined his little family. His scars were rather disconcerting, but she fought the urge to betray her presence by any movement.

The three of them stood talking for a few minutes before they began to arrange themselves into a familiar pattern on the grass. She recognized the stances from her own combat training as a newborn vampire. They were teaching the girl to defend herself. How adorable! She couldn't wait to see how inept she must be. It was almost laughable, a human girl against a 150 year old vampire.

Jane watched agape as the attack began and Bella stood her ground, not giving an inch when Jasper drove into her like a freight train. In a matter of moments, the small girl had him pinned to the ground. She released him, and he stood, dusting the fragments of grass and soil from his clothes and preparing to attack her from another angle.

The sun chose just that moment to make its presence known in the clearing, shining through a hole in a passing cloud for just a moment. It caught Bella in its path for a second, more than long enough for Jane's sensitive eyes to make out the fine lines of the bite marks that lined nearly every inch of her exposed skin. The faint glimmer they gave off was unmistakable.

Jane backed away slowly, putting more distance between herself and this unknown creature. She didn't know how she could have taken the girl for human when she was obviously so much more, but she was certain that mistake could be the last one that she or some other vampire would ever make.


A/N: I know it was short. Consider it a sort of prologue.