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Chapter 1: Introduction

A soft sigh escaped from the lips of the little blond haired girl seated on the floor of a dark cold room that closely resembled a prison cell. There were no windows and the large cast iron door was locked from the outside with numerous locks, chains , seals and enchantments. The little girl picked up a headless teddy bear with dismembered limbs and hugged it close to her. She rested her head against the cold stone wall carefully avoiding squishing her strange metallic wings. She could hear the footsteps and whispers from outside the wooden door and she wondered again and again if Big Sis had finally decided to come see her, but no such luck as the footsteps and whispers faded away fast. Flandre sighed and hugged the teddy bear tightly as her once high hopes were dashed again. She was still alone.

The jewels on Flandre's wings glowed softly providing some light in the dark room. It was just enough to illuminate the bare walls and the stained floors where Flandre had spilled her "tea". She sighed again and stared at the teddy bear. "Hey mister bear, when do you think next tea time is? Do you think Saky will bring those strawberry cakes and tea like last time? Maybe big sister will come join me and then we can play!" She smiled silently at the childish happy image she painted in her mind of her and her big sister laughing and playing games. The image lasted for a mere blissful second then disappeared into a sea of doubts and lost hope. Her smile disappeared as she sat on the bare floor and stared up at the ceiling. "Hey mister bear, do you think Reimu and Mary will come and play with me too?" She asked softly as she remembered the fun time she had playing with the shrine maiden and the witch. They had promised to come back and play more, but she had not seen them in such a long time ever since they left.

A soft clinking sound filled the room as the locks were unbolted and the spells and enchantments lifted. The door swung open for a brief second letting in a stream of light that blinded Flandre who was so used to the soft shadows. "Click." The door closed softly as a white haired maid with piercing blue eyes that resembled shards of ice stepped in with a dish laden with cakes and tea. Flandre stayed where she was and simply stared, already accustomed to this happening. She remembered the first time the maid had entered the room. Back then she had ran up to the maid to try and persuade her into a game of tag, but the maid had quickly pressed a button on her pocket watch and was gone in a flash leaving only the cakes and tea. The same thing had happened over and over again so many times that Flandre soon grew tired of it and would simply wait patiently for the maid to leave. Sometimes the maid would bring toys for Flandre, but she never said a word or looked at Flandre.

Saky . Flandre thought as she remembered the first time she had heard the maid's name. It was a usual tea time and the maid was just finishing laying down her meal when a loud, but distance voice called out. "Sak-bang" The door had closed off before the whole name was said, but Flandre had heard the first part and took it to be the maid's full name. The maid stood up and Flandre snapped out of her memory day dream as the maid started to leave again. "Saky." Flandre could barely hear her almost inaudible voice, but "Saky" had heard. The maid stopped, avoided looking at Flandre and hesitated before saying " Y-Yes?" in a nervous and surprised tone. Flandre was at a loss for words and she had not intended to say the maid's name out loud. Finally after a moment of awkward silence she spoke in her soft childish voice "Can Saky bring me another mister bear?...soon?" She asked slowly forming the words slowly in her head before she said them.

The white haired maid looked up and stared at Flandre with her piercing blue eyes for a long while. Then she blinked and broke the silence and said in a obedient and controlled tone. "Off course Mistress Flandre." Flandre blinked and wondered, What is a Mis tres? But before she could sum up the courage to speak again "Saky" had already opened the door and left Flandre in the darkness alone again.

To be continued…

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