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Chapter 18: Breaking point

"Saky, Why is it so cold now?" Flandre asked, pulling the blue woolen jacket that Sakuya had gotten for her. It used to belong to Remilia, but it had been long forgotten at the bottom of her closest, old and worn until Sakuya had patched it up. Winter was fast approaching and Flandre and Sakuya were sitting near the large fireplace that Patchouli never used in the library.

"It will snow soon, the land will be all white." Sakuya said, rocking little Flandre on her lap. The little girl stared up at her in awe, trying to imagine the whole valley coloured pristine and pure white. She had never seen snow, the basement she lived in was always coloured black and grey with no light until Sakuya came.

"Won't China be cold outside? What about the plants? And Reimu and Mary and Alice and-" Flandre continued to trail of, worried for her friends on the outside. Sakuya smiled gently at her and patted her head, she had really grown fond of Flandre's innocent nature. It was a refreshing change to the usually dull mansion when ever Remilia was away.

"Don't worry, they all have their own homes. We'll call Meiling in when it starts to get too cold. Everyone will be warm and safe inside during the winter and Christmas holidays." Sakuya said, continuing to rock Flandre back and forth.

"Promise?" The little girl asked, looking up at Sakuya who held out her pinky. Flandre, knowing what it meant grabbed it with her own and to her that was a promise sealed. Sakuya continued to warm both of themselves by the fire while Patchouli scooted her chair closer to the warmth. KoaKuma too had shifted herself closer to the fire. Meiling had come in, relieved of her duties due to the extreme cold and was standing by the doorway fast asleep, Sakuya decided to let her rest for once. It was like the whole family was here, Flandre was almost completely blissful…almost.

One person was missing, the single person she had longed to see for so long and had so dearly missed. That one person who's portrait was hanging over the fireplace smiling, mischievously down at all of them. The Mistress of the Mansion who seemed to have suddenly vanished, though Sakuya assured her that she had only gone for her daily walk. It seemed longer than usual and Flandre really did miss her, Remilia her sister.

"Bang! Whoooshhh!" Suddenly, a loud sound echoed through the mansion reaching the supposed sound proof library. Sakuya put Flandre down on the floor and reached for the knives tied to her thigh. Meiling, awoken by the loud sound was already in a fighting stance while Patchouli had grabbed her book of spells handed to her by Koakuma. Before they could react any further, however…

"Whoooosh!" The wind blew the large library oak doors open with a bang, filling the room with cold air. A small figure wearing a woolen red cloaked stepped into the room, her large bat wings caused cold drafts to fill the room even further. As if for dramatic effect, the figure paused before lifting up the red hood and rising a few feet of the ground. A deck of cards glowing brilliantly in her hand, infused with her power and rage.

"Mistress! I thought you wouldn't be back until…" Sakuya trailed off, trying not to look at Flandre who was stunned peeking over the arm of a chair. Remilia silenced the rest of what she was trying to say with a single vicious venomous glance. Flandre wanted to run up and hug her beloved sister, but right now she was somewhat afraid. Remilia did not look like Remilia.

"How dare you all disobey my orders? You will all be severely punished for this!" Remilia shouted, her voice carried around the whole room by the wind. Sakuya's heart almost stopped then as Flandre ran infront of the group and held her arms outs as if shielding them from the cold wind.

"No! Don't punish them!" She cried out to Remilia and for a moment, a look of uncertainty passed over Remilia, but she quickly replaced it with a hardened emotionless face. Her wings glowed brightly and Remilia froze at the sight staring at the beautiful jewels hanging from the shining silver metal. How?...Why? Why had Flandre been granted such treasures and not her? Her wings were even more beautiful than ever before, Remilia felt envy and jealousy rise though she didn't know the pain that those wings had cost.

"Flandre, I told you to wait for me in the basement…." Remilia said, glad that her hair could hide the tears starting to brim in her eyes. She was shivering all over and did not see Flandre take a step forward, arms still outstretched.

"You never came….I don't think you ever would have." Flandre said, still looking up at her sister, with gentle eyes. Those calm reassuring words agitated Remilia more than it calmed her. When had Flandre learned to speak so well? How many more things was her sister to beat her at? Remilia was rather irrational at this point, but years of pent up sadness and guilt took it's toll on her and she could not control herself as she normally could do so. Flandre took a step closer.

"Divine Spear ,Spear the Gungnir!" Remilia shouted, thrusting the card forward, almost instinctively, immediately she regretted it. It was just pure raw instinct that compelled her to whenever an enemy…..did she see Flandre as an enemy? Either way, the damage had been done.

Flandre stumbled backwards as the fast speeding Danmaku hit her, like a spear. The impact was so great that it caused her to cough and taste salty metallic blood in her mouth. She froze and all eyes were on her. Remilia had returned back to the ground and was hesitating at taking a step towards her sister.

There was a sharp pain in Flandre's side and she couldn't comprehend it, but she had felt such pain before. When…she played with Remi and Mary…..the time….those games had been fun to her when she could break without caring. Tears started to flow out of her eyes and a sharp short breathless laugh escaped her lips as she began to speak. Her pupils constricted, becoming smaller and glowing bright scarlet red.

Her lips pulled back revealing her fangs and her wings glowed brightly, simply filled with power and madness like how Remilia's cards had glowed with rage. She felt something inside her snap as her vision blurred with tears that ran like a free flowing faucet down her face.

When she looked up back to stare at Remilia, there was a burning anger in her glowing constricted pupils shivering in the vast whiteness of her eyes. She was smiling gleefully like a child at Remilia and her hair was blowing in some unseen wind that got stronger and stronger. Her hands were radiating with heat and light as the cards came to her.

"Remi, Remi, big sister…Onee-san…..Play with me!" She screamed out as her wings glowed and lifted her of the ground. Her arms outstretched as she laughed maniacally and brandished her Lävatein that too was glowing though darkly.

Everyone else was staring in horror at her, even Remilia. Sakuya looked at her mistress and they both shared a look of pure and utter terror and uncertainty. Flandre only continued to laugh loudly as the last of her sanity escaped from her

To be continued

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