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Promises-Chapter 1 Dragontwin/Kat

Pan pulled her back in a simple braid and then splashed her face with water once again. A layer of lip gloss, eye shadow and foundation, and she would be ready to go. Twenty years after the death of her grandfather, Pan was a mother herself now, but still felt the loss of him everyday. While applying important eye make up, two purple haired blurs bumped into her leg and sent her flying into the mirror, wrapped up in their game of chase.

"TRUNKS VEGETA BRIEFS!" Her husband of fifteen years turned to grin sheepishly at Pan. "How come you never move that fast whenever I ask you to take the trash out?" Trunks laughed nervously and shrugged. It was one of the great mysteries of the universe. Shinou, their purple haired angel, peaked out from behind her father's leg to see if her Mom was upset, or if she was just playing. She giggled a little before she spoke up.

"Gogeta says that when you yell like that you sound like Great Grandma Chichi." Pan laughed. Trust Shinou to quote her older brother at just the right moment.

"I don't know, Shinou," Trunks replied with a hint of mischief in his eyes, "I think she sounds a lot like Grandma Bulma, don't you agree?" Shinou's wonderful blue eyes got much larger. Her hair and eyes might be Trunks, but her face was all Pan, and Shinou had her daddy wrapped around her little finger. 'Like father, like son, I guess.' Pan would often think to herself.

"You mean when Grandpa Vegeta gets in trouble and she threatens to shut down the Gravity Room but she never does?" Trunks let out a roar of laughter.

"Exactly like," Trunks said after he had gathered his composure. Pan glared at him, still trying to get the mascara off of her cheek.

"Where are you going Kaasan?" The deep voice came from behind her, and she turned to see her oldest son staring at her arms crossed, leaning against the doorway of the bathroom, in a perfect, if unconscious imitation of Vegeta.

Come to think of it, Gogeta was a lot like Vegeta. He rarely displayed emotion outside of the home, and then it was only momentarily. Ten years separated him from Shinou, but he was by no means ignored by the family. Trunks and Gogeta had an easy going relationship, and Gogeta could always find love and peace in his mother's arms. However, Gogeta had always had a special relationship with each of his grandfathers. Vegeta and Gogeta enjoyed pushing the GR to its limits, and Gohan and Gogeta could argue for hours on topics that made Trunks's and Pan's head swirl.

Pan had always been close to her grandfather, but after his death, she had reached out to her grandmother, and the now swiftly aging Chichi had returned the favor. "I'm going to go see my Grandma Chichi, Gogeta." The serious 14 year old smiled indulgently at his little sister, who had jumped into his arms to say good morning.

"What was Great Grandpa like, Kaasan? Great Grandma always gets upset when I ask her." Shinou was now sitting on Gogeta's shoulder, with her hands buried in his hair to keep herself balanced. Pan felt Trunks' hand on her shoulder, supporting and giving her strength. Son Goku hadn't lived long enough to see Pan and Trunks date, get married, or have kids, but Pan knew he would have approved. Gogeta's Vegeta style hair was now being ruined by grape juiced sticky hands, but he had his goofy Goku grin on, and it almost broke Pan's heart.

"Goku looked like Goten, only more muscular and in shape because he was constantly training," Trunks answered for Pan.

"Like grandpa Veggie?" Shinou asked. Gogeta laughed. There were only two people in the world that could get away with calling Vegeta "Veggie". Bulma, and now Shinou. Trunks looked shocked. Pan laughed it off.

"I'm going to go to Grandma Chichi's now. Make sure you keep daddy in line, okay Shinou?" The little tyke mock saluted, and Pan left the house in a very good mood.

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