Body Swap

Chapter 1 – The Swap


"Where the hell am I and why am I surrounded by red curtains?" I silently asked myself when I woke up. I sat up and looked around but couldn't remember how I had got wherever I was. I definitely went to sleep in my own bed last night.

I heard movement and voices the other side of the curtains so peered through the gap in them. What I saw nearly made me pass out. Somehow I had ended up in one of the Gryffindor dorms and not just any one, by the look of things it was Potter's room. As far as I was concerned things couldn't be any worse, that was until I looked down and realised I was wearing Gryffindor pyjamas and was much shorter than I was yesterday. I put my hands up to my head and my worst fears were confirmed. There was no way that hair belonged to anyone but Harry bloody Potter. My thoughts at this time were along the lines of "Holy ****, what the ****, ****, ****, is happening to me."

When I calmed down enough to let any rational thought into my head, I decided the only logical thing to do now was to go and see the headmaster. He was so barking mad he might actually believe me when I told him who I was; anyone else would probably send me straight off to St Mungo's. Actually that isn't a bad idea; if Dumbledore doesn't listen I might go and check myself in.

I ran from the room, ignoring the calls of the Gryffindor boys. I then sprinted to Dumbledore's office like a hundred rabid dogs (either that or one annoying flea bitten mutt) were chasing me. When I reached the gargoyle which guarded his office I yelled every type of sweet I could think of at it as I had forgotten the password, obviously from the trauma of turning into Potter. It finally moved and when I got to the top of the stairs, I banged on the door and stormed into the office.


As I woke up I stretched out. That's strange I thought "My bed appears to be wider." I rolled over and felt long hair brushing my face. I sat up ready to yell at whoever had made my hair grow so much and then realised I wasn't in my dorm. By now I was very confused, especially as I didn't know where I was. I had no memory of being here before or even how I got here. All I knew was it wasn't my dorm or the hospital wing.

I looked around the room it was comfy and nicely decorated so it was obviously lived in but by who? I got out of the large bed and almost stumbled, it appeared that I had grown in height as well as my hair. I moved across the room and then spotted some potions books on the table by the door. "It couldn't be," I thought as my mind veered towards blind panic. "It can't be one of Snape's rooms. He would kill me if he found out I had been anywhere near them. I had to get out! I ran for the closest door and yanked it open.

It turned out to be a bathroom but that wasn't the worrying thing. On the wall opposite the door was a mirror but it showed Snape not me standing in the doorway. I stood unable to move for a few minutes. I looked like Snape! How was that possible? I would definitely remember taking polyjuice potion and I couldn't think of any other way this could happen.

What was I meant to do now? One thing was certain I was definitely out of my depth, I needed help. Normally I would have gone to my best friends Ron and Hermione but I didn't think they would trust me if I looked like Snape and I didn't think they would be much help anyway. Ron would panic and Hermione would run off to the library looking for answers and tell me I should tell a teacher. Therefore I may aswell skip them out and go straight to a teacher but who would believe me. Then the answer came to me, it was obvious really, Professor Dumbledore was the best option. He would be most likely to listen and might even have an explanation for what has happened.

I set off trying to ignore the panic I felt. I comforted myself with the thought that Dumbledore would know what to do. When I reached his office the gargoyle let me straight up even though I didn't know the password. I knocked on the door and was asked to enter. When I opened the door I was surprised to see myself already there glaring at me. Then I realised it must be Snape. He was the only one who looked at me like that.

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