Ch. 1


Summary: Oh no! A malfunction with the Mask of Time has turned Jaller, Hahli, Matoro, Kongu, Hewkii, and Nuparu into toddlers! And the Turaga have to take care of them all and find a way to change them back! What cute chaos will ensure!?

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Non-canon verse, obviously. Although this takes place while everyone is still on Mata-nui.



He was late.

If there was one thing Turaga Nuju hated (among other things) in this world, it was tardiness. Especially from his translator of all people.

Call it a pet peeve, he was known to be impatient in certain aspects, and his icy mood did nothing to help that reputation. Even so, lateness from his own assistant was unacceptable.

Sure, he could let a few late minutes slide with a light scolding. Just a few minutes off work time But the Matoran was expected to not do it again. Now this time for instance…

It's one thing to be a few minutes late. It's another when you're one hour late.

Usually Nuju wouldn't even dream of waiting that long for someone to show up. He supposed he was procrastinating the meeting as well, he could admit to that at least. Now, however, procrastination over, the time reading close to noon, he was getting very impatient.

Well, he thought, he wasn't going to get anywhere just sitting there. And it wasn't like Matoro would hit himself over the head in his Turaga's place for this.

And so he found himself heading for his assistants' home, grumbling to himself. Great, he had just gotten his staff fixed and tuned up, and now he had to ruin it by using it as an 'idiot stick'. Again. (1)

That brat better be either bleeding out on his floor or tied up somewhere. Because if that wasn't the excuse, he was going to get it…

"Matoro! Open up! I know you're in there." He snapped, banging on the door to his translator's home.

No answer. Which was slightly surprising to Nuju. In trouble or not, Matoro was loyal enough to get up and face the music in any given situation he was involved in, even if it meant getting his head slugged off his shoulders.

"Matoro, I mean it, if you don't get out here right now, I swear, I'm going to-"


…'fwump'? What just went 'fwump'?

And…why was it coming from inside Matoro's home? Did he maybe drop something?

A sudden few thoughts occurred to Nuju in that moment.

Matoro was late. He wasn't answering his door. Matoro was almost never late for anything. More so, he almost always answers his door, especially if Nuju sounded royally pissed off. These facts were not adding up. And of course, Nuju's overprotective-worry kicks in and decides to fill his head with a few pleasant thoughts. (2)

Was Matoro maybe hurt? Did he maybe get sick? Was he lying passed out somewhere in his hut and maybe dying!? Did someone maybe sneak in and hurt him!? Was he actually bleeding out or tied up somewhere!? And what was that noise!? (3)

…what the hell was he doing wondering if any of those things were possible? He needed to get in there!

"Matoro?" he grabbed the doorknob, even though his mind was automatically telling him it was-

…not locked?

That's odd, he thought. Matoro always kept his door locked, whether he was home or not. He couldn't risk having someone walking in on him if he was working on something relating to Metru-nui, all of which was still being kept under-wraps from the island.

Which only seemed to further Nuju's concern for his assistant.


More noise. Instinct was heightening and caution was on high.

Gripping his staff firmly, Nuju carefully entered the darkened hut with quiet steps and looked around.

Nothing seemed out of place or damaged. The living room was intact without so much as a book or knick-knack out of place. The kitchen was also untouched, and the small hallway that led to the sleeping and bathing rooms was also fine. The only real worrisome quality to the hut was that the coffee maker was left on and no doubt cold.

Nuju picked up the pot, feeling its temperature. Stone cold. That in itself was very worrisome. If Matoro didn't get his usual caffeine in the mornings, all Karzahni will ensure on anyone within a five mile radius. Much to his dismay, the kid had a problem that he was unwilling to acknowledge… (4)

The living area and kitchen cleared, all that left was the bathroom and Matoro's bedroom.


There it was again. Much closer now, and clearly coming from Matoro's bedroom. Cautiously, Nuju moved past the living room and kitchen and towards the bedroom door. He paused in front of it and pressed his ear to it to listen.

No noise was heard after a moment. But after a while, there was a sound of shuffling, and an almost Rahi-like whine. This severely confused Nuju. Did a Rahi maybe get into Matoro's home? Did it maybe hurt him? Well, knowing that boy, Nuju would not be the least bit surprised if he brought home a Muaka cub. The scenario of Matoro bringing a Rahi home and said Rahi causing his tardiness was starting to look rather plausible…(5)

'I'm not going to find out by standing here…' he thought.

ExHahling a deep breath, staff gripped into a defensive hold, Nuju grabbed the doorknob and swung it open, staff at the ready to defend himself, and his mind hopefully prepared to see Matoro in possibly bad condition.


Not a thing. No Rahi and no Matoro. Simply just a neat, tidy room that was completely untouched.

Well…sort of.

The bed was a mess, as if someone had just recently gotten out of it, one side of the thick blankets hanging halfway off the other side of the bed. Pillows were strewn in a couple places, and a book Nuju suspected Matoro had been reading the night before was flopped onto the floor completely open, its penguin bookmark lying off a few feet from it.

This was a bit confusing to Nuju. The windows were closed and locked, so no one could have snuck in from there. The front door, although unlocked, didn't look as if it was forced open in the slightest. Nothing significant seemed to be missing…


'What the…?' Nuju turned his attention to a rather cliché part of the room. The closet. Of course…

'Why am I not surprised?' he thought tersely.

Again, another, almost shrill and Rahi-like, sound emitted from the closet. Followed by something that sounded like a laugh. Nuju frowned as he approached the closet.

'I swear to you Matoro, if this is some kind of joke…' finally tired of the charade, Nuju grabbed the handle and threw it open, expecting to find either an obnoxious Le-Matoran or his assistant looking for a kick.

He wasn't, however, expecting that.

He blinked, eyes wide, and mind as blank as a sheet of new paper. He could only stare with his mouth agape.

"Uh…wha…?" Intelligent as his lame statement was, it was all he could seem to manage at the moment.

The toddler just looked up at Nuju with its overly large blue eyes and cocked its head to one side curiously, semi long blue-white hair shifting slightly from the head-tilt.

The staring contest lasted for a good few minutes, and the shock even longer. Although somewhere in the confines of Nuju's mind, he managed to take note of the child's appearance.

Very small in size, maybe a little over two feet tall if he(?) stood up. It was hard to tell, as the child itself was clad in nothing but an overly large light blue sweater that was disturbingly familiar to Nuju. Obviously a Ko-Matoran if the hair and eye color was anything to go by, and playing with what appeared to be one of Matoro's throwing disks. That explained the clanging noises.

But there was something so damn familiar about this child. Nuju just knew that he'd seen this toddler somewhere before. It was such a nagging sensation.

He broke out of his confused contemplating when the child cooed and reached up to him with its tiny arms, as if wanting to be picked up.

Nuju flinched back and felt the unsightly urge to press back into a wall. Against popular belief among the island, Ko-Matoran didn't hate or eat children, Nuju included. He couldn't say he loved them, but he didn't hate or dislike them. He just didn't really have any clue as to how to react to a child. A lack of paternal instincts is what he came up with. And honestly, a lot of Ko-Matoran loved kids. They were small pieces of the future, so of course they would have a liking for kids. (6)

But this…this was odd. Nuju only now just seemed to realize where he was, who was missing, and just what he was looking at.

So this raised a few questions.

Where the hell was Matoro, why did he have a child in his closet, and why, oh WHY was this child so damn familiar!?

Seeing that he (Nuju was guessing the child was male) wasn't being picked up, the child pouted at Nuju.

Something in Nuju's head clicked, and it clicked hard.

That pout…no one could pull off that face with that kind of expression and ignite such…odd feelings within Nuju. No, only one Matoran was able to make that face and forcibly fill his head with disgustingly mushy thoughts…

And as ridiculous as it may sound, he had to know…

"Ma…Matoro?" he asked out rather pathetically, seemingly forgetting that he was a strict bird-speaker.

The toddler gave a full watt smile and clapped his tiny hands.


The blood drained from Nuju's face. He felt like he was going to pass out in front of the happily giggling toddler.

Dear sweet Mata-nui above, what the hell was he smoking?


"AH!" Jumping slightly from the noise, and causing the child to flinch, Nuju blinked and looked around for the source of the noise.

Oh. Right. Matoro's nightstand.

Rather numbly, Nuju reached over, still white as a sheet, and picked up a cellphone-like communication devise given to him and the other Turaga by Dume for convenience. And with Matoro acting as his assistant, and Nuju himself refusing to speak normally, the phone was kept with the Matoran to alert Nuju of any upcoming meetings or situations. (7)

Nuju flipped it open and put it to his ear.

"Yes…?" he strained out, again forgetting that he was actually speaking. The situation was too overwhelming.

"Nuju! You are NOT going to believe this!" he heard Vakama say on the other end of the line. Nuju slowly looked back at the toddler that was supposedly Matoro.

"Try me…" he said.

To be continued…


what? You expect something normal from me? Come on! You all just KNOW you've been waiting for someone to do a Bionicle themed 'Pacifier' fic! Don't you dare deny it!

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1-) Last time Nuju used it to hit Matau over the head for attempting to lick a pole in Ko-koro. XD

2-) God, Nuju is so fricken cute when he's all panicky and worried LOL

3-) For god's sake Nuju, calm down! BREATHE! D8

4-) Step one is admitting you have a problem, Matoro.

5-) Let the record show that Matoro is in fact a Rahi lover, as it is stated such in many, if not all, Bionicle wikis.

6-) It honestly makes sense, to me anyways. It's not stated anywhere that Ko people like or dislike kids (as kids do not exist in the canon Bionicle universe), we just assume due to their icy attitude. But all things considered, their aesthetics often amount to their likes and dislikes, ergo children in this situation.

7-) I have NO idea if this kind of technology would be available on Mata-nui. Metru-nui, yes, but since they went back to basics on the surface, I can't be too certain on their technological status. But I do see Dume giving them some form of tech to communicate. It would make sense, not everything can be explained via messenger bird XD (I'm pretty sure this method is used in the Bionicle world)