Chapter One

"So it's your choice – love or power."

Let me explain.

My name is Courtelia Katherine Ilma. I am 15 years old. I have mocha brown hair and onyx black eyes. I have five freckles around my nose. I have four brothers and three sisters. Alice is 10, Mary is 8, and Louisa is 7. My brothers are Miguel, 9, Paul, 5, and the twins Christopher and Austin who are 2.

Alice Leanne has bright blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She is a cheerleader and is stuck up and snobby. Marylyn Sophia is just like Alice. They look alike and act alike. Louisa Marie is the opposite. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She does not act snobby or stuck up.

Miguel and Paul both have brown hair but Miguel has black eyes and Paul has blue eyes. The twins are nothing alike, Chris has blonde hair and black eyes and Austin has brown hair and blue eyes. He also has freckles by his nose.

My best friends are Brianne Lynnette Petra and Gwendolyn Bethany Qamar, but I call them Bridgette and Gwen. We have been friends forever. Bridgette's mom works for my family and her dad is the blacksmith. He makes weapons for the, err, normal ones. Gwen is my cousin on my mom's side. She is the daughter of my uncle Colin. Gwen has one brother, my cousin, named Alex who is 11.

Bridgette Lynnette Petra is 15. She has blonde hair that she always keeps in a bun. Her mother Melissa Hope Chance-Petra is 30. She had Bridge when she was only 15 and her husband, then boyfriend, was 20. They got married five years after she was born then they had another child, Chloe Sara Petra, three years later. Bridge's dad is Derrick Carl Petra. He runs the town's blacksmith shop. He is the best blacksmith I know.

Gwendolyn Bethany Qamar is 14. She has black hair with blonde tips. That's how she was born. She also has black eyes. She is the middle child of my Uncle Colin and Aunt Natalie. They have Lucy Cecelia Qamar-Pagun, 20, Gwen Bethany, 14, and Alexander Leon, 11. Lucy is married to Seth Cleo Pagun, 21, and they are expecting their first child soon. Colin Neal Qamar, my uncle, is 40. He has black hair and brown eyes. He owns the butcher shop on the other side of town. Natalie Rainelle Quinn-Qamar is also 40. She has brown hair and black eyes. She owns the inn a few blocks down from the palace.

Aww the palace. How I love that place. It's the place the King and Queen live. They live there with their kids. It's a huge building made up of bricks and wood.

But enough of that. Let's get back to me. You see, I have a big secret. Well two actually. They are-

"Qorti tikseb sa issa!" said the maid, Melissa. "You'll be late if you don't get up now."

"I'm getting up now," I said.

"Do you want to go to town or not?"

"Yeah. Of course I do."

"Then get dressed. Inti ser tkun tard."

"Where's Bridge this morning?"

"She's at the inn with Gwen."

"Ok. I'm going to go there."

"Dressed like that?"

"Right. I'll get dressed."

Half an hour later I had on a brown leather skirt that went down to my knees and a white shirt that the sleeves went down to my elbows. I also had on my favorite brown sandals that matched my skin.

"There I'm dressed," I said.

"That's better. Now have fun."

"I will."

I tried to be as quiet as I could as I walked down the squeaky steps. As I rounded the last corner I saw the door. I was home free as i touched the doorknob and-

"Courtney? Hija li inti?" I heard my mother say softly.

"Yeah it's me omm," I said.

"Fejn int tmur?"

"Out with Bridge and Gwen."

"Ok. Oqgħod attent."

"I will. Ara inti aktar tard."

Thats my mother for you. She loves speaking in her native language, Maltese. Not that I don't like it. I do. But I also like English.

When i walked outside I was taken back by the wind and the cold. There was snow on the ground and everything. There weren't namy people around so i didnt have to keep my head down a lot.

The inn is only about five blocks down. It's a small place but it's cozy. It's a brown brick building with a brown roof and three floors.

"Hey Court!" I heard Bridge say when I walked in.

"Hey guys," I said.

"Hi Court," said Gwen.

"How are you guys today?"

"Great!" Bridge said.

"What's wrong with her?" I whispered to Gwen.

"I don't know. She was like this when I got here."

"What's wrong Bridge?"

"Nothing," she said smiling.

"Something happened."

"Well, I met a guy. My parents actually approve of him."

"Whats his name?"

"Geoffery Flynn Perry."

"Are we going to meet him?"

"Yea. He's going to hang out with us today. Oh, and he's bringing his friend too."

"Hey guys?" Gwen asked.

"Yea?" we said in unison.

"Can we go practice now? I've been waiting all week."

"Yea I guess."

"Let's wait a few more minutes," Bridge said.


"They'll be here any minute."

"But then we can't practice."

"Geoff said he has them too."


Just then two guys walked in. One had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He had on a pair of white shorts and a white shirt that was unbuttoned. The other guy had black hair and tealy blue eyes. He had on a black long sleeved shirt with a skull on it and ripped baggy black shorts

"Guys this is Geoff and his friend Duncan," she said as she pointed first at the blonde one then at the black haired one.

"Hey hotstuff," said the one named Duncan, looking at me.

"Shut up, Ogre," I spat back.

"Ooh fiesty. I like that, he said winking at me.

"Pig," I said under my breath.

"Wierd. That's what my dad calls me too.

"You little-"

"Calm down dudes. Can't we all just get along?" Geoff said.

"No," me and Duncan said at the same time.

"Well well well. Look who it is," said a voice behind us.

"What do you want Heather?" Gwen said.

Heather Naomi Lin is my worst enemy. She has black hair and black eyes. She thinks she's cool just cause she's a princess. Her dad is King of the, err, air kingdom.

Oh. Now I remember. There were two things I didnt say earlier.

One- I'm a princess.

Two- Me and my friends, we have powers.