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Severus Snape looked around as he crossed the street. The weather, cold and rainy, was a perfect reflection of his mood. Not that it was strange to see him in a sour mood. What was strange however was the cause of his mood. Normally he was angry because he was forced to teach dunderheads, otherwise known as Gryffindors, this time however his mood was cause by the Dark Lord.

The Dark Lord had returned just under two months ago and had already shown his followers that he was much stronger, and by far saner, then before his fall. He was also starting to look like how he had when he went by Tom Riddle. He was tall, standing at 6 feet 5 inches, he had dark brown hair, almost black, and that he wore just above his shoulder. His face was aristocratic, with high cheek bones. He had a medium build, not too much muscle, and his skin, well still pale, now looked healthier.

Now, if Severus was a normal death eater, he would be thrilled about the changes his master had gone through for it meant they had a greater chance at victory and that they weren't punished as often. But then Severus was not a normal death eater, he was a spy for Dumbledore's order of the phoenix. Not that he believed what the order stood for, it was just a way to fulfill a promise he had made to himself after he had found out that his sweet, sweet Lily had died because of him.

He had sworn to himself that day that he would do what ever it took to keep her son safe. Not that he ever planed on telling the boy that. Granter wasn't as much like his father as he first appeared. He was quieter, he didn't enjoy causing people pain, and he did not enjoy his fame and didn't use it to get things he wanted. At first he hadn't been able to see the differences, and now, with the Dark Lord back he didn't dare change how he treated the boy incase the Dark Lord noticed and realized that he was not as loyal as he seemed.

Severus walked into the headquarters of the order and went into the kitchen where the meeting was already almost over. He took a seat at the back. Dumbledore nodded at him before turning back to Tonks who was speaking. "The Minister is still refusing to believe that you-know-who is back. There isn't much we have been able to do, however I have found a few aurors that seem more willing to listen to what we have to say."

" Thank you, Tonks, now Severus, what has Voldemort been up to?"

" Last week the Dark Lord called all the death eaters who have children in Hogwarts together. I was also called because I work there. He want to know if their children had ever made mention of a student that could speak parsletongue."

As he said this shocked mummers began, everyone there know that Harry Potter was a parsletongue and were all wondering why Voldemort didn't.

Severus waited for the whispers to died down before he continued, " Lucius told him that Potter was a parsletongue then went on to tell him about what happened in Potter's second year. When he finish telling the story the Dark Lord sat there for a moment deep in thought before he dismissed us. Since that day he has not call any large meetings but he has been calling all of his followers who are members of the older pureblood families one at a time."

Dumbledore looked puzzled by his report. "You have no clue about why he wanted that information, Severus?"

Severus paused for a minute before answering. He had spent long hours trying to think of why Voldemort could want to know about any other parsletongue. There had only been one answer that he could come up with, and it wasn't a very good one. "There is only one reason for the Dark Lord to be looking for other parsletongues. He is looking for an heir. I believe that he is planning to become Lord Slytherin."

Sirius surprised everyone by interrupting. "That's impossible; there hasn't been a Lord Slytherin in six hundred years. It's believed that the ritual needed to become the Lord was lost."

Before Severus could responded to what Sirius had said Dumbledore cut in, "it doesn't matter either way as Harry isn't related to Slytherin..."

At this point Sirius surprised everyone even more when he said, " that may not be completely true, headmaster. James had an uncle and two cousins who could speak parsletongue. In fact, I'm pretty sure that he said something about his grandfather speaking it as well. So really, Voldemort might be related to Harry."

Tonks looked confused, "but why would you-know-who need an heir to become Lord Slytherin? You didn't need one to become Lord Black."

Sirius shrugged, "Ya I did, Harry's my heir, has been ever since he was born. As for why Voldemort needs an heir, it's one of the requirements to becoming the Lord of any really old family. It's meant to stop the line from dying out. Well, at least that's what it's for officially. I always thought that it was to stop parents from killing the children as babies when they wouldn't stop crying."

"Is there anyway to stop him from claiming Harry as his heir?" Dumbledore asked Sirius.

"The only real way is to keep Harry away from him. No one knows how Slytherins claim their heirs so he could need to be with Harry for only a few seconds, or it could take him hours. Because of the blood wards it's probably safest to keep him at his relatives' house or if someone apperated him right to the front step he might be safe here. But if you do leave him at his relatives you should go and explain personally why he needs to stay there. Don't just tell him in a letter."

Dumbledore though about what Sirius had sad for a moment before nodding. "Yes, I think it would be best to bring him here to headquarters. I had not planned on him coming here till the second week of August, but he would be safer here. I will go and pick him up tomorrow." After he said this he turned to look at Severus, "Severus try to find out anything you can about how Voldemort is planning to capture Harry and anything at all about how he would claim him."

With that the meeting ended. And all the order members left to go home and rest. As Severus went to leave Sirius called his name. Sneering, he turned to face him, "What black?"

Sirius took a deep breath before saying, "thank you for looking after Harry." Severus blinked in surprise, but before he could say anything Sirius continued, "And I'm sorry about how James and I treated you when we were younger." Severus was too shocked to say anything, so he just nodded and left.

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