The sun was setting across the horizon.

The warm mixture of reds, yellows, blues and purples seemed to calm the buzz of the sidewalks of the city. It was a Sunday night, so many people were returning to their homes to go to bed early for work and school the following day. But there was one that didn't seem to care what time it was. Having left the apartment of a friend of hers, she didn't exactly want to go rushing home to her annoying family. An occasional breeze would ruffle her dark brown hair or her silk, maroon top a bit, but she payed no attention to it. Like a pretty little lost bird, it seemed as though she didn't know where she was. But being born in this city, she knew perfectly well where she was. But just a few moments ago when she had gone to where she thought her car was at, she had begun to panic when she couldn't find it.
Having spent the last hour...or possibly two, looking for her car, after every corner she turned, her steps grew quicker and her eyes displaying more worry.
"Where the hell is my car?" She asked herself in a soft murmur, looking around with even more panic than a minute ago. It had to be here somewhere. A 2008 Chevy Volt wouldn't just grow legs and walk off on her, so there were only two possibilities.

One: She was losing her mind and just couldn't remember where she parked it.
Two: Someone stole it.

Finding herself quite sane, it could only be option number two. Someone stole her damn car. Angrily, she stomped a foot onto the cement, bent forward a bit, and dug her fingers into her long hair. Holding back a scream, the girl instead let out an angry growl through clenched teeth. She didn't want to bring any unwanted attention to herself by making a lot of noise.
Untangling her fingers from her hair and inhaling slowly, she looked around one more time.
Seemed that the only car around was a police cruiser. She should report her car being stolen to the cop inside.
Yeah, that was a good idea.
With a quick fix of her hair, the girl started towards the police cruiser and tapped lightly on the passenger side window. Leaning forward to peek inside the car, luckily enough, there was a man inside. He appeared to be in his late 30s or early 40s, sunglasses over his eyes and a light brown, possibly blond mustache under his nose. But that was common of many of the police officers around here, so the girl thought nothing of it.

"Excuse me, sir?" She said and raised her hand to give the window another tap, but it rolled down before she had the chance.
"What is it?" The man growled, his attention caught up in the computer that was held by a stand attached to the dashboard.
"I think my car was stolen. Don't most cars these days have a tracking device that turns on if a car is stolen, so you guys can find it easier?"
"Name and license plate."
"Nicole Witwicky, 1859 006."
The officer stiffened in his seat and didn't type the information into the computer. But he did finally turn to look at her.
"You're the spawn of the Witwicky boy?" It asked, but the voice coming from the man was different now, rough and almost...machine like.

Nicole frowned slightly, eyebrows pressed together and she took a hesitant step back. "Spawn? Witwicky boy? You- you mean my father? How do you know him?"

"That does not concern you, human. Now, I believe you'll be coming with me."

The door of the cruiser popped open, there was a flash of silver, and before she even knew what had happened, was inside the cruiser and tightly strapped to the seat. "What the fuck do you want with me?" She demanded, squirming slightly in the tight seat as her eyes seemed to shoot daggers at the officer. Suddenly, however, she froze.
Had he just...flickered? Like a light? No, no, no. She was just imagining things.
Receiving no response to her question, she squirmed even more, trying desperately to get free.
"Answer me!"

The engine of the cruiser seemed to growl as the seat belt tightened around her. Uttering a soft gasp, she looked around outside the cruiser for any sort of help. But there didn't seem to be any around.

"The Witwicky fleshbag is sure to gather up his little Autobot allies once he finds that his offspring has disappeared."

Autobots? Where had she heard that before? But whoever they were, if they were friends of his father, that was all she needed to hear.

Primus, that girl was always up to something.

For the first time in twenty-two years, Optimus could honestly appreciate the turmoil of anxiety that Nicole must have put her parents through on a daily basis. Being a parent seemed to be an incredibly difficult task, from what Prime and the other Autobots had observed in secret over these 'many' years. The Witwicky family had three offspring, each unique, and each with their own problems. It appeared to be a pretty thankless job, though Optimus had observed tender moments among many chaotic ones.

But Nicole Witwicky was, without a doubt, the most rebellious of their children he had seen. Despite her parents best efforts to keep her safe, she always seemed to test the boundaries. Staying out late, refusing to call back and quell her Mother's anxiety, anything she apparently could do to make them worry even more, she did. Optimus found it a bit odd that she'd never opened up to her parents the way she had to various Autobots at the old shop. But humans were a peculiar species, he'd known that already. And as far as her opening up to them was concerned, Nicole hadn't even known just who and what they were. To the young woman, those had been nothing more than lifeless, mindless machines. Just inanimate objects that would never register or repeat the many things she tended to spew out around them.

Some were just ordinary vehicles, but some weren't. And it was through the odd Autobot here or there, himself included, that he'd come to know bits and pieces of her personality, even problems of hers that her parents had more than likely never experienced. It had always pained Optimus when the Witwickys had severed their ties with the Autobots and taken off to avoid ever coming into contact with them again, but that had...and always would be, their choice to make. No matter how much it hurt, it was probably for the best in the end anyway. Human life was, after all, incredibly fleeting.

So why then, had they never respected their friend's decision?

The fact they hadn't tended to plague Optimus with guilt quite frequently, sometimes making him wish he'd never prodded the other Autobots into helping him spy on their friends.

But he had good reason to. Optimus had always suspected that the Decepticons would come back, and knew that no matter how hard the Witwicky family tried to hide, the Decepticons would find them eventually. Now that they had children, their enemies would not hesitate to make the young ones suffer in order to make their revenge that much sweeter. For the good of Sam, Carly, and especially their offspring, the Autobots had to break protocol and keep an eye on them, even when they weren't wanted.

If Sam and Carly ever found out, they would be understandably outraged. Prime was willing to take their rage when it came, but he was not willing to show up only after the Decepticons had made their mark. Once the threat to their family was gone for good, Optimus would ensure that the Witwicky family never came into contact with the Autobots again, if that was still their wish. Only when the Decepticons were through hunting them down, could they truly live a normal life. He'd promised to protect them through thick and thin, when they needed him, and that meant even if he was to be hated for it, as long as it was best for them. Decepticons never tired from destruction.

..And, speaking of Decepticons...

" It can't be."

His tone became worried, rightfully so as his radar was indicated a Decepticon signature somewhere in the city. Somewhere close. Identical with Barricade's certain 'code', Optimus knew he had to pause his search for Nicole for the moment, and ensure Barricade wasn't causing any harm to human life or property. He would continue the search for her later, when he'd chased Barricade away. Optimus didn't even want to think about what would happen, if the Decepticons managed to figure out the Witwicky had children and who they were.

Little did he know, as he sped off toward the source of the signal, that he was already too late to prevent that.

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