Hey guys! I know it's been a while, sorry about that! This is written in response to The Last Stand Of Courage by NovelistOfTheSky. I'm hoping to write a few more oneshots to go with our stories, as well as finish my actual story.

Alex stood next to a tree miles away from what he was watching, although he was able to see quite clearly. He watched as Tai, one of his last remaining allies, started removing the jacket of his suit. He knew that Tai was not planning on coming back from this battle at all. Alex shook his head, and cursed his job as protector of the core. As the last Child of Virtue, although he could hardly call Tai a child any more, Tai held the Crest of Courage and was one of the last pillars still protecting the Digital World. When Alex heard that Tai came down with cancer, he was shocked. As much as he wished he could help, Alex had yet to be able to help digidestined with the disease. Somehow, the fact that the body itself was the cause prevented Alex's Crest of Life from helping. While Alex wished he could help Tai here as well, he knew it was futile. Alex had 'died' several years ago during an attack on Primary Village. He had in fact been killed, but he woke up several weeks later back on his bed in the Isle of Beginnings. Cursing his luck again, Alex had kept a low profile from that point on, working in the shadows to continue protecting the worlds. He felt bad for deceiving the remaining digidestined, but the feeling passed with each of their deaths. Logan, Shelby, Ryan and Ryo had all passed on as well, leaving him alone as the last member of the Children of Creation, as well as one of the last digital beings in this world. He sighed loudly, gaining the attention of his digimon partner. NeoFlamedramon padded over and put a comforting hand on Alex's shoulder.

"Are you sure you can't do anything to help?" Neo asked his partner, although he already knew the answer. Both Alex's heart as well as Fanglongmon knew that the final original digidestined was going to fall in this battle, possibly before Tai himself knew it. Alex turned his anger at himself. In order to continue the balance of the digital world, Alex had collected the powers of the crests from his allies as they passed. He hated having to take away a piece of their being, even if they no longer needed it. Looking down, Alex noticed he had clenched his fist so tightly, he was drawing blood with his nails. He released his fist, and sighed again.

"I truly wish I could Neo, but we both know that this is destined to happen. Not to mention I don't have the power to help anyways. Who would've thought that my powers were so tied with the lives of the original digidestined? As they passed on and I collected their powers, my own powers began to fail. Is it so wrong to hope that I may finally pass myself, after Tai?" Alex questioned his partner, pain evident in his voice. "I would never have guessed that being the Child of Life would be such a curse. Even Brendan has passed on, and there are very few people left who know the truth about me and who I can call a friend." Alex just shook his head, hearing a rumble start from the distance. The fighting had begun, and it would be over almost as quickly. Neo turned to stare at the fight as well, his eyes growing distant. It had been a long time since Neo had fought, and though he wouldn't say anything to Alex, they both knew he wanted to help his own comrade very badly. Alex grabbed Neo's arm, and tuned out the fighting, unable to watch. "Let me know when it's over, Neo." Alex said. Neo nodded his head, and Alex closed his eyes as well, feeling tears welling up.

Several minutes passed, and Neo suddenly grabbed Alex around his waist, taking off into the air with him. Alex opened his eyes and stared at what remained of the battlefield. He was surprised at the amount of damage Wargreymon had pulled off, though it was not totally unexpected. Alex saw some digital particles in the air, and smiled farewell to the remains of an old friend. He nodded to Neo, who left to finish off the remains of the army. His smile quickly faded as he turned his attention to the fallen man lying on the ground. Alex knelt over the original holder of Courage, and held back tears.

"Goodbye Tai. You will be missed greatly," Alex said, holding his hand over Tai's chest. Deciding to make this quick, he focused his power, and quickly drew the Crest of Courage out, before it had a chance to fade. Closing his eyes, he caused the crest to shrink into a small orb of power about the size of a marble. Sighing, he did to the crest what he did with the others, and placed in on his digivice. His digivice absorbed the power, and he felt his own powers come rushing back. Blinking at the sudden rush of power, he turned to Neo in the distance. Overcome with a sudden feeling, he rushed to his partner's side. Alex inwardly cursed at the latest events, knowing that he was very alone in this world, and it would continue for a while. However, he had a purpose, as well as his partner to keep his company, and he would support the digital world as long as it truly needed him.