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The boy moved downwards seemingly in slow motion. She wasn't quite sure where she was, but it was somewhere up high. She slowly turned her head and looked down from where she was. All she saw was a gaping mouth and a beam of light heading towards her. She opened her mouth in a wordless scream.

Kari shot up in her bed. She panted slightly; sweat beading up on her forehead. She struggled to remember the entire dream that woke her up, but all she could remember was a flash of light and a boy running towards her. Small snores drew her attention to the other bed in the room. TK slept heavily with the covers of his sheets tangled around him. He had complained earlier that the hotel beds didn't agree with him. She gave a small chuckle at the sight of Patamon sleeping on the pillow above TK's head. Gatomon was sleeping curled up by Kari's feet. As Kari shook herself of her remaining tiredness, she glanced at the clock and saw it was already 7:40 in the morning. She decided to get up to enjoy the rest of their time in New York. She and TK were visiting their friend Mimi in New York. Although Mimi had offered to lend the guest room to TK and share her own room with Kari, they politely refused. They already had a hotel room reserved for the two of them (with Tai being absolutely positive that they at least have separate beds, since he couldn't get them to get separate rooms). They had already been in New York for three days with Mimi, and had a few days left on their trip. Today, TK was planning of visiting a few sites he wanted to with Mimi as a guide, and was Kari going to a few places separately. She found out pretty early in the trip that TK was nervous about visiting the Empire State Building, and she giggled at the fact he had an apparent fear of heights (somewhat ironic since he flew pretty high up with Pegasusmon). She was going to visit the Empire State Building today with a tour group instead. TK groaned a bit and tossed in his sleep, and Kari looked at him fondly. She was really enjoying the time she spent so far with him and Mimi in New York. She frowned a bit, feeling a bit of an ominous feeling, but she figured it was just something from the strange dream she had. She shrugged a bit, and got out of bed. Stretching, she grabbed a change of clothes and headed to the bathroom. She started the shower up, letting it heat up, and went back into the room. Gatomon woke up when she started the water, and Kari greeted her partner.

"Good morning Gatomon, did you sleep well?" Kari asked, with Gatomon rubbing sleep out of her eyes.

"As well as I can on this mattress. I'll be so glad when we get back home so I can take a nice cat nap on your bed," she answered with a purr. Kari chuckled a bit, and petted her head.

"Can you wake up TK? I'm going to hop in the shower quickly," Kari told her partner, and turned around. Gatomon gave her an affirmative, and as Kari closed the bathroom door, she heard a load thump and a groan from TK.

"Gatomon, why in the world would you push me out of bed?" TK exclaimed, growled out in a sleepy voice. Kari laughed a bit as she got ready for the day.

Several hours later (and a revenge splash of water at Gatomon by TK), the two digidestined were at the entrance to the hotel. TK turned towards Kari and smiled at her.

"Okay, once I finished meeting with Mimi, I'll wait for you at Central Park once you are done visiting the Empire State Building," TK said. Kari nodded her head, and Gatomon climbed into her backpack.

"Hurry up Kari; I want to go to the top of this state building. I just love heights," Gatomon said, grinning at TK. TK got a sour look on his face and blushed a bit, causing Kari to giggle.

"S-shut up, Gatomon! I told you I just don't care to visit it," he turned away, getting even redder. Kari gave him a quick hug from behind, and then started running towards the bus stop before Gatomon could embarrass him further.

"Message me on your D-Terminal once you're at the park TK! See you in a few hours!" Kari shouted, turning the corner before hearing his response. She was enjoying the freedom of New York, both figuratively and literally. She was mainly liking the freedom from her big brother looking over her all the time (though he did call and message her a LOT). She smiled as Gatomon peaked out of her backpack as she reached the bus stop. She purchased a ticket for this tour stop yesterday, and was going to enjoy this as much as she could. Reaching the stop, there was a dozen other people standing around too, mostly in small groups. She slowed down, suddenly a bit nervous since she was alone on this tour. Stopping by the group, she loitered around a bit waiting for the bus as well. As she stepped backwards, she hit someone and stumbled a bit. She quickly turned around to apologize.
"I am so sorry," she exclaimed, looking to make sure she didn't hurt him or make him drop anything. Standing behind her was a boy, a little older than her. He looked to be about 17 or so, and had dark blonde-brown hair, and hazel eyes. She noticed they caught the light differently, and looked almost gold at times. He had dark shadows under his eyes, but it looked more like he was just not used to being up this early in the day, rather than just being tired. He dusted off his white jacket that had a golden yellow hood, and smiled at her.

"Oh, it's no problem. I'm just a little clumsy myself and wasn't looking where I was going," he said with a yawn. He gave her a smile and she quickly returned it. When he didn't immediately move away, Kari decided to talk to him a bit. He seemed very friendly and she usually could tell things like that right away. She made some small talk with him, and found out he was visiting for a day or two, just passing through and enjoying the sites by himself. He was going to visit the Empire State Building as well, and she asked if he would want to stick around with her in the group. He quickly agreed.

"Oh, by the way I'm Kari Kamiya, it's nice to meet you," she said, putting out her hand for him to shake. He took it with a smile.

"It's very nice to meet you Kari, I'm Alex, Alex Dowski," he responded. The tour bus pulled up at this time, and they all boarded. Sitting down, Kari put her bag on the floor. They engaged in some small talk, and Alex commented on how great her English was after finding out she was from Japan. He spoke a little Japanese to her as well, and she laughed at his horrible accent. At that moment, Gatomon got a little cramped in the bag and moved a bit. Unfortunately, Alex noticed this, and decided to comment on it.

"Um, Kari… I think your bag just moved. Do you, do you have something in there?" Alex asked, a little cautious. Kari grimaced a bit and looked around. Most of the other people on the tour bus had gone to the top of the bus to listen to the guide talk about the sites on the way, but both she and Alex decided to sit below to talk. She leaned over and opened up her bag, and Gatomon quickly stuck her head out. Alex raised an eyebrow, but otherwise said nothing. Gatomon gave Kari a sheepish look, and turned to Alex.

"Um, hi. I'm Gatomon. I'm a…" Gatomon started, but Alex quickly interrupted.

"A digimon, yes I know. It's a pleasure to meet you," he said, and shook her paw. Gatomon and Kari both looked surprised at first, though Mimi had told them that there were a few digidestined in America. Kari wondered if Alex was one himself, and quickly asked him.

"Yeah, I am." He placed his hand in his own backpack for a moment, and after a slight hesitation, pulled out his own digivice. It resembled one of the old models, and Kari's eyes shot up in surprise. Alex let out a small chuckle at that. "I'm surprised we're both digidestined, too. This is somewhat serendipitous. My partner is back at the hotel right now. He's a bit too out of the ordinary for me to take him everywhere."

"What digimon is he?" Kari asked with a smile.

"Well he's a…"

"Everyone, we've reached the Empire State Building! Please prepare to depart for the tour inside the building," the tour guide said over the bus intercom. Alex and Kari looked up in shock, surprised they were there already. Alex noticed that the people were coming down the aisle towards them, and with a quickly muttered apology, shoved Gatomon back in Kari's pack and zipped it back up. Gatomon let out a small snarl but quickly realized why he did that and quieted down. Kari smiled in thanks, and they both got up to get off.

"We can talk more about you-know-what later," Alex said with a small smile and a wink, placing his digivice back in his pocket. Kari nodded in agreement, and they went inside. They both admired the inside of the building, and were greeted right away. They were ushered into a room where they watched a video of the completion of the tower, and then went up to the 86th floor observation room. They both gasped at the sight. It offered an amazing view of all of New York, and Kari immediately took out her camera for pictures. She got a few of the scenes, as well as a candid or two of Alex. She managed to find someone to take a picture of her and Alex as well. About that time, Kari received a message from TK that he was at Central Park, and would wait for her when she was done. She messaged him back that it shouldn't be too much longer, and that she may invite a new friend as well. She closed her D-Terminal with a smile, happy with how the day was going. The was some commotion, and the guide came over asking if anyone would want to go up to the 102nd floor observation deck for an extra fee. So far, no one had wanted to, and she and Alex were the only ones left to ask. Alex looked at her with a smile.

"I think that'd be great," he said with a smile, and quickly handed over the fee for both of them.

"Alright, very good. Do you two plan of staying with the group after this, or was this as far as you were going to go? If you want to stay for a bit, you are welcome to. The view is amazing from the higher floors as well," the guide explained. Kari quickly asked Alex if he wanted to come to Central Park with her and TK afterwards, and Alex nodded his head in consent. The guide smiled at the pair, and sent them up to the 102nd floor with a quick good bye. Alone at the top of the Empire State Building, Kari let Gatomon out of her bag, and the three of them stared out at the city and started to talk again.

"So, Alex, where are you from?" Kari asked. They had talked about where she was from, but not him. Alex looked out at the city and a sad smile was on his face.

"I'm from a small town in Wisconsin. I grew up there with my mom and my close friends. It's been so long since I've been there though, it's hard to remember." Kari looked at him with a small frown.

"How long has it been since you were home?" she asked. His shoulders slumped and he looked sad.

"I've been home for a while, but I haven't been back there for almost 10 years." Kari gasped at this and Gatomon looked concerned.

"But, how is that possible?" she asked in shock, but before Alex had a chance to respond, a rumble shook through the building. They could hear cries rising from the street below, and Alex's gaze hardened.

"Damn, I was right," he said in a low voice. Kari quickly scanned the city to see what happened, and both she and Gatomon let out a cry of shock as they stared where Central Park was. Standing in the middle of the wreckage of the park was a large creature. A large, purple monster with black plating on it stood on its 6 legs, roaring in a loud cry. It was huge, taking up almost the entire park, and it seemed to be giving off data in large quantities. It flowed off the beast, while the creature flickered like white snow on a TV. Screaming of terror came from all over the city, and the beast let off a blast of energy that decimated several large blocks from where it stood. Kari whipped out her D-Terminal and started to message TK, hoping to hear from him, and fearful for his safety.

"Come on TK… Please, please answer!" Kari cried out, tears starting to fall from her eyes. She collapsed to the floor, Gatomon trying to comfort her. She felt Alex come up behind her, and looked up at him with teary eyes. His gazed was hardened and he didn't look at her when he spoke.

"I'm sorry Kari, he's gone. I-I should have tried to do something earlier. That beast is Armageddemon. But it shouldn't be here, and definitely not this large." Alex's voiced cracked a bit as he saw the destruction wrought by the beast.

"You, you knew this thing was coming," Gatomon said in an accusing voice. It wasn't a question, and Alex nodded his head.

"I could feel something was wrong here. This beast managed to cross to this time and place somehow. Armageddemon shouldn't even show up for a few years, and it isn't even supposed to be here when it does," Alex tried to explain, gesturing a bit with his hands. Kari struggled to her feet as the beast let off another energy blast, this one almost hitting the building.

"We, we have to do something. Stop this thing. I-we…" Kari tried to find the words, but was unable to. Alex supported her, and smiled.

"You're right, Child of Light," he said. Kari gazed at him as he used her digidestined title, and wondered how he knew of her crest. She suddenly gasped out loud as his eyes turned gold, and the room around them was surrounded by light, turning into a golden barrier around the room. A large figure suddenly appeared behind them, and both Gatomon and Kari cringed away, afraid of a threat. Alex just smiled again, turning his now gold eyes on the intruder. The being was a large white digimon, reminiscent of a Flamedramon without armor, and had large white wings with feathers tipped in a gold color. The digimon's eyes were gold as well, and made Kari instantly think of Alex with the kindness and intelligence behind them.

"I should properly introduce myself now, Kari," Alex said, and stood next to the new digimon. He pulled out his digivice and Kari watched as it changed from its older model to one reminiscent of a cell phone made of mainly a large screen. Alex bowed to her, and started talking.

"My name is Alex Dowski, and I am the Child of Life and Creation. This is my partner, NeoFlamedramon," Alex said, rising from his bow. He smiled at her, with a twinkle in his gold eyes, awaiting her reaction. Kari struggled to think, not knowing how he could be a chosen of more than one trait, not to mention traits such as life and creation. She looked at his digimon as well, guessing that he must be an actual evolution of Flamedramon, though not knowing how that could be. The building suddenly rocked again, as Armageddemon blasted straight through the middle of it. She cried out in fear, but was surprised that they were not falling. She glanced over the edge and was amazed that they seemed to be floating, with most of the upper and lower halves of the building being gone. She turned back toward Alex, and found him talking to his digimon.

"I need you to stay here this time Neo, there's too much damage done already," Alex said to his digimon. Neo, she guessed the digimon must go by, glared at his partner.

"Alex, you just woke up from your sleep, and now you're going to do something stupid," the digimon argued with him. Alex just smirked.

"I have two more uses of my higher powers left, and this creature has already destroyed part of New York even though it should not exist here," Kari struggled to keep up, wondering what powers Alex was talking about.

"Alex, what… what are you going to do?" Kari asked tersely. Not sure how this was going to end. New York was already partly destroyed now. She saw a few digimon trying to attack Armageddemon and being destroyed by it. Her heart leapt into her throat as the beast let off another blast that destroyed most of the digimon, including a Togemon. "Mimi…" she called out, and slumped down to the floor again. Alex looked at her in sorrow, and then had Neo help her up. This time, his digimon talked to her.

"You don't have to worry, Child of Light. Alex is going to fix everything," Neo said, trying to reassure her. She pushed him away, suddenly angry.

"What are you talking about?" she cried out. Gatomon clung to her leg, trying to comfort her. "Half the city is gone, everyone is dying! Mimi is probably out there, and TK, Tk is…" she started crying harder than ever. Alex nodded towards Neo, and Kari's eyes snapped up as a window shattered due to NeoFlamedramon. Alex stepped out towards the broken window, passing though the barrier. Kari's eyes widened and she reached her hand out.

"Alex, what are you doing?" she screamed out in shock. He placed one foot out into the air, and smiled at her. He put his hands out in between him and Kari, and she cried out again as he balanced on one foot. Two rings of light formed around his fingers, one on his left ring finger, and one on his right. He pulled the one off his left hand, and crushed it.

"I'm fixing this. Goodbye Kari, I hope we meet each other again in the future. Neo, hold them back until it's over. The barrier will protect you from what I'm going to do." He then leaned back towards open air, and Kari screamed out as he dropped into the open air. Neo held her back and frowned at his partner.

"He's always so melodramatic…" the large digimon sighed.

Alex smirked, hearing the comment even with the air rushing past him. He closed his eyes, feeling the seal he removed release his power. He fell floor after floor, and heard the beast scream out in the background. He then exhaled and then whispered out.

"Destruction." Alex glowed with a white light, and it exploded out from him. Up above, Kari could only watch as Alex turned into a ball of white light, and watched as it grew larger. The energy spread out, and slowly started to destroy the area surrounding it and it descended to the ground. Suddenly, it burst out in a large wave, and Kari covered her eyes and ears as everything turned white and rumbled violently. She could hear the beast as it screamed out in pain, and then everything went quiet. She opened her eyes, and gripped Gatomon in shock. Everything was gone, all of the tower that remained, and the rest of the city was nothing but a hollow hole in the ground. It spread for miles on all directions, and she cried out in horror. Above the wreckage, a large white symbol seemed to be etched against the sky. They were still surrounded by the golden barrier, but she knew that they would no longer be there if it wasn't for that.

"What, what did he do?" she cried out again in shock at the larger digimon.

"Hush," he said to her, a little impatient, "it isn't done with yet. Look there." He pointed up at the symbol in the sky. She watched as it changed from the white, scythe-like symbol, to a golden one, reminding her of both the sun and some kind of flower. As it fully appeared, she heard Alex's voice once more.

"Creation," his voice whispered out. She had to close her eyes once again as a bright flash of light, golden this time, came from the symbol. Bits and pieces of data started to fly around the sky, and Kari watched as they started to fill in the crater. Bit by bit, the city of New York began to reform around her. The barrier around them disappeared as the entire 102nd floor reformed around them. Kari and Gatomon both gazed at the city in awe as the city was rebuilt. Even the destroyed park was reformed back to how it was. Her eyes stared to water as the sound of people, cars and animals came back as well, and the rest of the light faded from the symbol. She felt Neo's hand on her shoulder, and she turned to see him smirking at her. She opened her mouth to say something, but he stopped her with his own words.

"Goodbye, Child of Light," he said, and another flash of light went off as the symbol disappeared into data. Kari tried to cover her eyes, but the light burned through them, and she clutched her head in pain, hearing something like rushing water, and then nothing.

Kari blinked back as the sunlight glared in her eyes as she looked over the city. A ringing her phone brought her back to her senses, as she answered the call from TK.

"Kari? It's already been over 30 minutes since you messaged me that you were coming, I was just making sure you were okay," TK said over the phone.

"Yeah, I'm sorry TK; I got distracted by the view. I'll see you soon, alright?" she told him. She talked to him a little bit longer and hung up. She blinked a few more times, wondering how she got so distracted and then raced to the elevator to meet up with TK. As the doors closed, she missed her digivice glowing with a small golden light, as well as the two figures standing around the corner from the elevator.

"Are they going to be alright, Alex," the larger figure asked, after an unknown amount of time had passed. The smaller one nodded his head. Taking out his digivice, Alex looked at the picture Kari took of the two of them, sad he had deleted all traces of himself from her memory and camera.

"Yeah Neo, it's going to be fine. She won't remember us, and no one in New York will remember Armageddemon either. I gave her a small amount of my power, so she and TK can digivolve to Mega in the near future. I can sense they're going to be fighting something big soon. Her and TK's path is going to be crossing with Willis's soon. And you know how well he's doing with his digimon," Alex said with a chuckle, and then a yawn. Neo took his Alex's arm as he almost fell over.

"Come on Alex, you should get back to sleep," Neo said with a small smile. His partner awoke too early to deal with that out of space and time creature, and Neo wished he didn't have to use so much of his power.

"Yeah, I suppose. A nap sounds good." With that, the two disappeared in a small swirl of data.

Well, I can honestly say this is probably one of my better chapters written so far. I'm really proud of it. For anyone wondering, this takes place in the Digimon Movie when TK and Kari are visiting New York. In the original movie, they are with Mimi as well, though it doesn't touch on that much in the dub. Anyways, the digivice thing at the end is me trying to explain why TK and Kari are able to digivolve their digimon to Mega form in the movie too. I like to try and make those things make sense. Anyways, I would love reviews on this. Thanks a lot!