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{~} Chapter One: In Which Yachiru Meets the "Hot," Rich, Exchange Students from Japan {~}

Yachiru stared out the window, her head resting in her hand as she let the teacher's introductory lecture float over her head. Lost in her thoughts, she watched the school grounds idly, scanning the familiar landscape for some form of inspiration for the start-of-year movie she was planning to make. Although the Movie Club wouldn't be able to meet in full until next week, Yachiru wanted to kick things off as soon as possible.

She sighed. None of her friends or club members were with her in first period. It didn't help matters that it was the least favorite subject she would have to take this year, world history, and the teacher was notorious for his extremely challenging exams and strictness.

"Excuse me, miss . . ." The teacher paused to consult his seating chart before continuing, "Yachiru? Yachiru Kusajishi? Pay attention, please." Yachiru turned and lifted her head, focusing on the front of the room as the teacher continued. "You should know that in order to survive in my class, you must actively participate and work hard. If you do not work hard or are not willing to work hard, then you do not belong in my class. I will not tolerate laziness of any sort. You have been warned." He nodded to himself and walked to his desk, putting down the seating chart and picking up a stack of green papers. "I will be passing back the class syllabus now. Put it in your binder and keep it there for the rest of the school year. Take one and pass it back, please."

Yachiru tapped the cover of her notebook impatiently as the papers were passed back. She was anxious for the lunch break, when she would be able to meet with her friends again. When Yachiru received the papers, she took a copy and passed the rest back automatically. The rest of the teacher's lecture blurred into the background again as Yachiru examined the green paper in front of her. She scanned it quickly, ignoring the repetitive elements from last year, and turned her attention back to the teacher in time to hear him announce,

"Homework is due the following day unless otherwise announced. Homework will also not be accepted late unless you are absent, with at least three day's prior notice. The only exception is if you are sick, in which case you will need a call from home or a doctor's note." Just then, the bell rang. Yachiru quickly folded the paper in half, shoving it into her bag. "You are dismissed."

The classroom was immediately filled with chatter and the scraping of chairs as people stood up, swinging backpacks onto their shoulders as they hurried out to their next class. Yachiru followed suit, sweeping her notebook off her desk before quickly exiting the room.

Students quickly amassed in the hallway, talking and greeting old friends as they walked to their next class and quickly compared schedules. Yachiru walked with the flow until she reached a bathroom. Quickly moving inside, she sighed in relief as the door shut behind her, muffling the crowd's chatter.

She moved away from the door, just in case, and pulled out her schedule to give it a once-over. Her next class was Photography II, room 33 on floor 3. She quickly folded it back up and stuffed it into her backpack before leaving the security of the bathroom.


In Photography II, the teacher passed back the usual permission slips and donation slips, as well as the class syllabus. She requested that they bring their cameras by the end of the week, and until then, they would be brainstorming ideas and reviewing concepts from Photography I and Art I. Although Art I was not a prerequisite as Photography I was, it was recommended for the extra knowledge and experience of other mediums that it provided. Yachiru hadn't wanted to wait an extra year before taking Photography II though, so she skipped Art I and just took Photography I in her freshman year.

The teacher gave them free reign for the rest of the period after asking them to bring back the permission and donation slips by the end of the week. Yachiru promptly took out her notebook and opened it, flipping through the colorful pages to a half-filled one. Small, neat handwriting took up most of the page, but some colorful ink drawings were crammed into the margins. She picked up her favorite calligraphy pen and proceeded to doodle a chibi picture of her dad posing in front of the cameras, his hair gelled into spikes and tipped with bells. As she continued to add in details, like a random window with a wonderful view of a tree, she listened idly to her classmates. The Photography I class had had some of the best gossip of all her freshman classes, and she expected this year's class to be much the same.

Next to her, a group of popular girls, probably upperclassmen, were talking avidly about some handsome exchange student from Japan. Avira Academy had never had exchange students before, and Yachiru, her curiosity piqued, decided to tune in.

"He's from Ouran Academy, you know!"

"From where?"

"Ouran Academy! It's only the most prestigious school in Japan for rich ladies and gentlemen!"

"Oh, I've heard of that place! I have a cousin who goes there!"

"A cousin? In Japan? Why haven't I heard of this before?"

"Well, he's not actually a blood relation, but I'm sure I've told you before, haven't I?"

"Even so, I had no idea your family was that rich."

"Eh, well it's not. I told you, he's not my blood relation."

"But anyway, what's his name?"

"My cousin? Or the exchange student?"

"The exchange student, of course!"

"Tamaki Suoh. He's so cute! Or . . . charming! Like a prince!"

"A prince, huh? That's so lucky!"

"And you have him in your first period?"

"Come on, tell us more!"

"Well, he's blonde . . ."

"Blonde? But I thought he was from Japan."

"Yes, well, I have no idea either. But he's so handsome I don't care! Apparently, he's not the only one either! My friend, Jesse- you know Jesse, right- she told me during passing period that he has four- or was it five- companions with him. And she says they're all hot . . ."

Yachiru tuned out the rest of the conversation as the girls continued to dote on their blonde Japanese Tamaki Suoh person and his "hot" companions and returned to doodling in her notebook.


The cafeteria was crowded as usual. The line stretched from the kitchen to almost outside the building. The round tables dotting the hall were all occupied, with extra seats drawn up in small circles for groups of friends who didn't have a table. The buzz of conversation filled the hall, the aromas of the different foods mixing together.

Yachiru stood to the side of the doorway, scanning the crowd for familiar faces. The cafeteria was the last place she had left to search for the other members of the movie club other than the clubroom itself.

Nearby, a group of raucous upperclassmen pushed their way into the cafeteria. They were laughing and speaking slightly accented English, but at one point they switched to Japanese before reverting back to English. Yachiru supposed that these were the rumored "hot," rich, exchange students from Japan. Looking at them, they were pretty attractive, she supposed. Two were obviously twins, although one had dark, ashy hair and the other auburn. They said something together, then threw back their heads and laughed in sync. It was a twin thing, probably. The tallest one turned and said something to them, waving an arm wildly and putting the other arm protectively around the girl standing next to him. The girl was short, with short brown hair. She flushed slightly and pushed away the tall boy, saying something that caused the twins to jump on her gleefully. Some kind of harem, maybe? But then again, harems only happened in shoujo manga . . . right?

Just then, the tall blonde boy glanced her way. Yachiru started in surprise and blinked, noting that his eyes were purple, a color almost as strange as her own dark pink ones. Looking away, she noticed that almost all the girls (and some boys) in the cafeteria were also staring at them. Did they have no decency? Although, the group seemed pretty used to it. For the most part, they were ignoring the stares, although as she watched, the blond boy walked up to her and produced a rose from nowhere, holding it out to her as he smiled charmingly and said,

"Well met today, Princess. I-"

"Thank you," Yachiru chirped, cutting him off as she smiled cheerfully and accepted the rose. "You're one of the new exchange students, aren't you? Tamaki Suoh, right?"

He nodded, looking a little disconcerted that she had interrupted him, but soon smiled again, as blindingly cheerful as before, and said, "Indeed! It appears that my superiority and charm has even reached as far as America! I am surprised that my excellence has spread so far and so quickly as the King of the Host Club!"

Yachiru tilted her head slightly, thoroughly confused, but she managed to keep her smile on her face as she introduced herself. "I'm Yachiru Kusajishi, sophomore and president of the Movie Club. Nice to meet you! Oh, and would you like to join the club? It's very fun, and we have lots of sweets!"

By then, the rest of Tamaki's assorted group had inched up behind him. One of the twins, with the dark ashy hair, said slyly, "You're a sophomore? I thought that you were a freshman. My bad."

Yachiru paused before turning her smile on him, although it had a kind of edge to it. "Oh, don't worry! Many people think that, so it's alright!" The twins looked rather surprised at her reply, and a little uneasy behind their sly smiles. Yachiru wasn't sure what they had expected- for her to get mad? It wasn't as if she really cared about what they said . . . .

The dark-haired twin recovered first and smiled. "I'm Hikaru Hitachiin, and this is my younger brother, Kaoru."

"We're juniors," Kaoru chimed in.

"It's a pleasure to meet you!" Yachiru responded cheerfully. Maybe they weren't as bad as they seemed, although they looked like the kind that liked to cause trouble.

The girl of the group stepped forward next and, also smiling, introduced herself. "I'm Haruhi Fujioka, also a junior. And over there"-she turned and gestured to the last member of the group, a dark-haired boy almost as tall as Tamaki that wore glasses-"is Kyouya Ootori, a senior." Upon hearing his name, the boy, Kyouya, looked over and nodded at her, pushing up his glasses with one hand.

"So..." Yachiru looked around at their faces, trying to remember their names. "Tamaki, Kaoru, Hikaru, Haruhi, and Kyouya? Tamaki, Kaoru, Hikaru, Haruhi, Kyouya. Tamaki, Kaoru, Hikaru, Haruhi, Kyouya. Tamaki . . . . Ok, I think I've got it!" The others watched her, contemplating her until the girl- Haruhi, Yachiru reminded herself- broke the silence.

"Your name sounds very Japanese, Yachiru. Are you Japanese?"

"I don't know," she replied truthfully, still beaming at them. "My dad is, though! He speaks Japanese to me all the time!"

"Oh, is that so?" Haruhi muttered in Japanese.


"And your hair?" the twins asked in sync. "Did you dye it too?"

Although Yachiru wondered about the "too" part, she nodded and clarified for them, "It used to be white, but I didn't want silver hair like Shiro-chan, so I had my dad dye it pink for me! I love pink!"

The twins and Tamaki shared a look, but it was Haruhi who spoke up. "Shiro-chan?"

"Uh-huh, Shiro-chan! He doesn't like me calling him Shiro-chan though. He's very mean about that, and he never gives me candy. I'm sure Panda gives him plenty of candy, though."

"Panda . . . ?" Tamaki muttered.

Before Yachiru could continue, though, Kyouya interrupted, "What were you saying about a movie club?"

"Oh, yeah! It wasn't that popular last year, but the end-of-the-year movie was really popular! It was because of that that I was voted president of the club!"

"You're the president . . . of the movie club?"

"Yeah! If you want to join, I can get you in! We were always in need of actors and extra cameramen last year, since the club was rather small, but I'm sure if you joined, our club's movies would improve greatly in quality! Then more people would buy the movies! And then our popularity would skyrocket! It'd be a great success!" Yachiru could almost feel her enthusiasm getting to- or rubbing off on- the others. Tamaki was looking at her with stars in his eyes, and the twins shared a knowing glance.

"Of course we'll join!" Tamaki blubbered, his eyes brimming with tears. "I'd love to help you boost your movie club's popularity!"

"It'll keep us entertained, for sure," the twins said, beaming at her. "And Haruhi, you're going to join, too, right?"


"Of course you will," the twins said, replying for her and nodding at each other.

"Wait, what? I don't have time to join the movie club- I need to study, and-" Haruhi began to protest, but the twins leaned over her and said together evilly,

"You had the time to join the Host Club. Why not join the Movie Club?"

"I- well, that was because-"

"You can come by later, after school, 'kay? It's in room 33, on floor three." She opened her backpack and pulled out a handful of fliers that she had made in preparation for circumstances such as these. She put one in Haruhi's hand and gave one to Tamaki before adding, "And feel free to invite other friends, even if they're not from this school. Just be sure to tell them to get visitor passes before entering the school, or the security guards will catch them and make them leave."

"Okay . . ." the twins said as they received their fliers from Yachiru. Just as she gave one to Kyouya, the bell rang, echoing through the busy cafeteria.

"Ah, lunch is already over? Minimum days sure are short . . ." Yachiru muttered to herself. "Anyway, we do meet today after school, so please be there! Thank you!" Stuffing the leftover fliers back into her backpack, she turned and exited the cafeteria.

Behind her, the members of the Ouran High School Host Club looked at the fliers in the hands, then at each other. Tamaki broke into a smile and shouted in Japanese, "Alright! This year we will help Yachiru-kohai with her Movie Club! Let's do our best, everyone!"

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