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Ok, this is a story that came up in my mind. I was just wondering what will happen if Naruto dies. What will Sasuke says? And stuff like that. I tried to make a scenario or smth. Hope you like it ^^.

Oh, and sorry if there are spells.

The sinner

You said that you were going to kill me, didn't you? Was it a lie?

Why aren't you there to complete your duty? I came for you and I'm ready. I'm ready to stab you. Skin you. Rob you. Beat you. Cut you. Infect you. Wound you, whatever you want!

All the thoughts about him run wild and I can't control them. Why I'm so neglectful when I'm thinking of him? My mind become a labyrinth which lends to the land of nowhere. High white walls surround me, no light will touch my face again and I'm getting the feeling of a helpless dead. I can't even look at them the way I'm looking at the others. Is this maybe… fear?

" What have you done, bastard? What. The. Hell. Have. You. Done? " I yelled at his dead pale face, while the rain was pouring from the dark clouded sky.

I kneel down, speechless. His body isn't warm and so the labyrinth begins to wave up and down endlessly while my mindcrumbles over and over again. It's colder than the other corpses that I've seen before. I can't feel any strength left in my body, but I still try to grab his tasteless orange jacket that I hated so much. His eyes and mouth are shout. Why did he have to be so special? Why he? Why such an idiot? I can't understand, it really doesn't make any sens for me. I hated you more than my brother, I trusted you more than my dead family, I even let you to do all those things to me, and yet, you just died with no reason or regret. Is that what I am for you?

" You even made me kneel in front of you. " I think this is what people call a regret, but I still can't overlook it. I can't just pass by your corpse saying He finally died. In this moment all my thoughts ran out of energy, they are just drained of life. My mind is empty, and yet still full with all these moments spent with Naruto. Why has he this power to control my mind? Why can this person do such a thing?

You said that if we fought, we'd kill each other, nor me or you would be alive to see what will happen, right? This was a promise that binds everything you've ever had to me. Why didn't you keep it? Why did you let me alive to see the horrible act that life is going to performagainst me? Didn't you said that I was the one for who you fought your whole damned life? Weren't I this person?

"You always kept your promises towards others, but you couldn't kept this one for me." It rather sounds like a question, but it isn't. This is a fact, a true fact, that can't be changed no matter what I do, what Naruto does.

"Wasn't I your enemy? Tell me! "

I laugh at myself. He couldn't tell me that. He is dead. I pull my hands around his neck. His face is so calm, so damned calm! I want to suffocate him, to take out every single breath that he have. But I can't. He has no breath in his body anymore.

He's already dead.