My Life in MacFarland

A Seth MacFarlane Love Story


Name: Samantha Sheppard

Looks: 5 feet 8 inches, Shoulder length natural red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, freckles on her face and shoulders, and 38D size tits.

Age: 28 (Seth is 33 almost 34)

Jobs: Jazz/ Pop singer, and Writer.

Year/Month: June 2007

Ok, I'm just letting y'all know up front that I am changing some things, like song that have most likely did not come out in 2007 will be in here, just because they are on my iPod and I am listening to them. So don't get mad if things from now end up in a story that is supposed to be set in 2007. Also, Seth won't be in it till about chapter 2 or 3, and I am totally making all of this up and nothing is real, not the books or the songs that I make Samantha sing unless I name the artist that originally sang it. Also the chapters maybe a bit short at first, till I get into them getting together where I can put both of their thoughts in the same chapter.

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Peace out, till the next chapter.

The Back story

It was a hot June night and the Teen Choice Awards had ended not even an hour ago, and the after party was booming. I didn't know too many people there, being the new girl on the scene and all, but everyone just kept coming from behind me congratulating me on my awards. I had just won best new single for my "Crazy all day" brake out song, and best teen book for my "Teenage Heart throb" series. As much as I loved bringing all this joy to so many people, it was not even close to what I really wanted to do with my life. I had originally moved out here to L.A. to pursue a career in animation. It was my passion, the drive, the thrill of getting to work with all of the amazing cartoonist that I had grown up with that gave me the confidence to move out here in the first place.

But after 6 months out here, and a small tuffle with the "South Park" boys, I had gotten fired from my job as a receptionist over at Comedy Central Studios. So with no job I had to take the first thing that came available which was, believe it or not, a record deal. Some big executive guy had come into the Jazz club that I went to, to blow off some steam. He heard me singing "I left my heart in San Francisco" by Dean Martin while playing the Piano, and from then on I never had to worry about a job. He had signed me to a Jazz/Pop contract right then and there. As for the book, I got contacted by a publisher after a few of my blogs got some attention, because of my record deal.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that guests could sign up to sing their favorite artist songs, so seeing how much I loved to just let loose and sing my heart out without being said I was "coping" some other artist was something I just couldn't pass up. So I went over to sign up. After signing up, I decided to make my way through the crowed to get a much needed drink.

"Jack on the rocks" I tell the bar tender.

"Whatever you say miss" The bar tender says.

As I stood there waiting for my drink, I notice my good friend Matt Groening talking to the very handsome Seth MacFarlane I had a huge thing for him, but thank God Matt didn't know that. We had met about a year ago, at a party just like this. My manager was trying to get me to be on The Simpsons as a guest star, and Matt was the one who stuck his neck out for me when nobody else wanted me on the show. Although Matt didn't know about my infatuation with Seth MacFarlane, he did in fact know how much I wanted to be a cartoonist. That's why I know so much about the cartoon biz though never having worked in it.

"Your drink miss" said the bar tender.

I turn around to grab my drink from the man and thank him, when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. "Oh yippy" I thought, more people I don't know telling me how they want to be my friends and congratulating me on my awards. Just what I need more fake friends, that's all this town seems to be. Nobody really wants to be your friends, they just want to act like your friends so that they can get discovered, God I hate this life some times, but I guess I am living my dream somewhat by being a writer. But I turn around anyway and my eyes lock onto the most beautiful pair of brown eyes that I had ever seen in my entire life.

The Meeting

"Samantha, I would like you to meet my good friend, Seth MacFarlane" Matt said

"Oh hello, it's nice to meet you, I'm a big fan" I said to Seth, trying my hardest to not sound like a crazy fan.

"Well it's nice to meet you as well, and might I say that you look stunning. Oh, and congrats on your awards" Seth said sounding oh so sexy in that smooth voice of his. It was all I could do to not tell him that I wanted to throw him down on the floor and fuck him since-less.

"Oh thank you" I said trying not to let Seth see me blushing.

"You know Seth, Sam here is a huge fan of yours. She has all of your DVDS and even your albums." Matt said with a sly smile like he was actually up to something.

"Oh crap" I thought, he knows I like Seth, how on earth does he know that? I was always very careful not say anything that was too Seth-obsessed sounding. Maybe he just said that I like cartoons and wanted to be a cartoonist instead, God I hope that was what he said. I really don't want this to get weird.

"Is that so, well I am quite a fan of yours too. It's not very often that you see a woman sing Sinatra with such skill" Seth said flashing that sexy smile of his.

"Well you two seem to be hitting it off fine, if you will excuse me I promised my wife I wouldn't stay too late" Said Matt leaving the group to go home.

But as he left I could hear him giggling to himself. I bet he just loves this, that dick; I'm going to kill him when I get my hands on him. I'm going to have to try really hard not to sound too angry while I'm talking to Seth.

"Bye, have a good night" Me and Seth both said in unison. I started to blush again, and this time I think he noticed.

"You know, you're really cute when you blush" Seth said flashing that adorable smile of his.

"Oh stop it, you're just going to make me blush more, and besides don't you have a girlfriend around here somewhere. I mean a handsome guy like you can't be alone" I said taking a sip of my Jack. Wow, he really knows how to make a girl feel less angry. Maybe I won't kill Matt for this, and if I'm lucky Seth will like me as much as I like him.

"No, no girlfriend, I've been kind of busy lately so I haven't had all that much time to date" He said trying to explain his lack of companionship while trying to hide his blush. "And what about you, don't you have a boyfriend? Please tell me now so, I won't be in pure shock if he hits me for talking to the most beautiful girl in the world." He said with a chuckle again flashing that amazing smile at me once again.

"Don't worry I don't have a boyfriend, I haven't really been in L.A. long enough to find someone to go out with. It just seems lately that work is all I ever seem to be doing." I said still blushing, trying to sound like a complete dork. "So are you going to sing one of the crooner songs you come to be so famous for?"

"I may, why do I have any requests?" He said smirking at me.

"Well, if you don't mind, you could sing The Things We Did Last Summer by Dean Martin" I said smiling oh so sweetly.

"Well I always try and please my fans, especially the ones that think I handsome. So I will see what I can do" He said kissing my hand while looking up at me with those beautiful brown eyes.

"Oh Seth, you really do know how to charm a girl, don't you" I said blushing.

"I try" He said sounding a little cocky. "What about you, are you singing tonight?"

Just then a voice came over the speakers to announce who was next on the list of people to sing.

Announcer "Everyone please put your hands together for the amazing, talented, and quite beautiful I might add, Samantha Sheppard singing the works of Whitney Houston. "

"If you will please excuse me, I need to do my set" I said trying to pull, myself away from Seth, which was kind of hard since he was pulling me closer so he could whisper in my ear.

"I'll be waiting for you by the punch bowl when you finish" and with that he left. Leaving me blushing and a little lost in thought." Oh man that was amazing" I whisper to myself" I better go before they give my spot away"

Well thats it for the first chapter, comment is you liked it, thank you. Tune in next time to see what Whitney Houston song Samantha will sing and what will Seth think about her singing? Next time on "My Life In MacFarland" (Hahaha I sound like an old t.v. announcer.)