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As I make my way through the crowd I could hear people talking about me, but not the usual stuff. These people were saying things like "Did you see her talking to Seth MacFarlane?" and "I bet she is his new floozy." Floozy? Who the hell did these women think they were calling me a floozy? I mean I know Seth has dated some less then reputable women, but to stand there and call me a floozy is out of line. Maybe there is something going around that I don't know about. I will have to ask Seth about it later. Because right now I'm on. The music started playing as I was walking up the stairs to get to the stage.

"Here's your mic miss" said one of the stage guys.

"Thank you" I said as I tried my hardest to remember the songs that I had signed up to sing. I know that I had signed up to sing "I have nothing" and "I wanna know" but I could not remember for the life of me what the third one was. Maybe it will come to me, or maybe I will remember once the music starts playing. Let's just hope that I have not forgotten the words, man I hate getting nervous right before a show. Why did those people have to be talking about Seth? Well here goes nothing.

"Share my life

Take me for what I am

Cause I'll never change my colors for you

Take my love

I'll never ask for too much

Just all that you are

And everything that you do"

As I was singing I could see that Seth was watching me. He had a huge smile on his face, at that moment I could feel my face getting hotter as I tried to keep my voice from giving out or braking at the high notes that always came when singing Whitney Houston.

"I don't really need to look very much further

I don't wanna go, where you don't follow

I will hold it back again

The passion inside

Can't run from myself

There's nowhere to hide"

After that I could hear everyone gasp as I hit the high notes just as good, if not better then Whitney herself. I looked back to where the punch bowl was located to see if Seth was still watching me, and he was. But what I thought was weird was that the girl that called me his "new floozy" was trying to flirt with him. That made me a little pissed. Not that I thought that he was going to ask me out or anything, but that she was most likely like all the others, just wanted to hear him do the voices, didn't really care about the man behind the voices.

I just didn't know how people could do that? How do you sweet talk someone so much to where they only see you as the "hot blonde?" It hurt me just a little inside to know that Seth would probably start talking to her and instead of asking me out to dinner, go out with the blonde and after a few glasses of wine down her she would be saying that she was drunk and that she wanted to have sex, so he would go and rent a big hotel room where they could stay the night, and eventually wake up in each other's arms. Then after all that she would start saying that he was her boyfriend or something of that nature, and as not to get bad publicity or just wanting to band again he would keep her around for awhile until it got unbearable. To where she started showing up at his office and begging him to take her out on lavish and expensive trips and dinners.

Man I hated people like that, but what I hated even more was that I could never make a man into putty like that. I could never push myself to flirt like all those other whores did. Not that I wanted to be a whore like that. Latching on to somebody like that and taking them for all they've got, that just wasn't my style. But it did get lonely being here all by myself. I hadn't made many friends while I was here and the people that I worked, with were all jackasses.

I wanted to work somewhere where it was fun, where people greeted you with a smile and laughed because something was funny, not because I was famous or important. I wanted to make people laugh, that's why I wanted to make cartoons so much, so that I could make people laugh. I guess even if things didn't go to that level that I wanted with Seth I could still talk to him about making my own cartoon, and how I would go about doing that. Although I would have to face it that if Seth did start helping me with my cartoon I would have to accept that nothing would ever happen between us, since he doesn't like to date co-workers. I saw it as a loose, loose situation for me. Oh well I guess I would just have to face it that Seth was just out of my league

Before I knew it I had already finished two songs out of my three song set list. So instead of singing another Whitney Houston song I decide that I was going to switch it up and sing Carrie Underwood "Before He Cheats" I knew that this song was getting kind of over played and losing it punch, but for some reason it fit the mood I was in at that moment. Although I didn't really know why I was in this hellish mood all of a sudden I felt like I needed to kick every man in the room in the balls for always picking the whores on the dance floor instead of the girls that really could have made them happy. I hated to think that maybe the reason that this mood has come around was because Seth was talking to another girl. There is no possible way that I could be jealous. I had just met the guy, he never asked me out, he never said that he wanted to hang out or maybe grab a bit to eat.

He was just being his normal amazing self and if that self made him fall for whores instead of the real deal, then I guess that I would just have to accept that. I got to meet him at lease. When I was done with my set list I heard everyone in the room cheering. As I walked off the stage I was instantly being hugged by people I didn't know, but after a minute or two I was able to break free from the strangers hold and head over to the punch bowl that I promised Seth that I would meet him at after I was done, but to hardly any shock to me he was gone. Probably gone with that women to have a nice dinner and some great sex. Although thinking this hurt, the thing that hurt the most was that I didn't get my song that Seth promised to sing just for me.

As I was ready to just go home and wallow in my own self pity because I had just let the most handsome man in all of the world slip out of my grasp. But as I walking out of the room that the party was being held in I began to hear the most beautiful piano playing that I have heard in since I was in college, but what was the most beautiful part of the whole thing was that it was "The Thing That We Did last Summer" By Dean Martin. As I turned around to see who was playing this glorious music that just had to be sent from God himself, I saw Seth sitting at the piano looking straight at me while he smiled from ear to ear. His eyes casually asking where I was going, and wasn't I going to stay to listen to him not only play but sing my favorite song? I smiled sweetly at him as I moved closer to the stage, feeling like the whole world had disappeared and it was only us two, him singing like the true crooner he was, and me standing there in front of the stage in a daze like I had just been awaken from the most heavenly dream ever dreamed up. However it didn't last long. The song isn't very long to start with, and that bitch that was talking to Seth was bitching to her friends about how Seth had turned her down saying that he had "prior engagements." I felt so happy that Seth had turned her down just so that he could play me my song, and talk to me some more.