A Bundle of Lies

(Hi! I haven't written one of these stories, so here we go! Review and tell me if I should continue! This is gonna start in Hanna's POV)

"Caleb's back" Those words that my best friend, Spencer Hastings spoke made me want to scream.

Caleb Rivers. The boy who had spied on me for money. I was completely in love. I won't lie; I loved him in a heartbeat.

I had taken him back after Lucas brought him back from Arizona. It had taken me a while, but I eventually gave in. We had been together until it was time to graduate.

He was going to go to Arizona for college and I was going to New York. We were going to try to have a long distance relationship, but something happened

On the night before Caleb was leaving, we made love. We wanted to remember our last moment together no matter what.

Then a couple weeks later; I figured out I was pregnant.


"He's in Rosewood, and he's looking for you" Aria elaborated

I had talked to him the first couple of weeks before I knew about the baby, but after that, I couldn't stand to talk to him.

He was saying how much fun Arizona was. How he got a job that was once in a lifetime that paid a lot. I wanted to tell him, but that would just ruin his chances at college and money.

I felt guilty, so I stopped answering his calls. It hurt me, but it hurt me more to think of speaking to him every night and not telling him.

"But-" I sputtered

"You need to tell him about Clarity"

Clarity Haley Marin. That was our daughter. She looked like me, blonde hair, flawless skin, but she had Caleb's dark eyes. Everytime I looked into them, I felt my heart break even more.

"I know, but what if he gets mad?"

"He won't" Aria said

"You know why I hid her from him, right?"

"Yes, we do, but he does have a right to know now. He's out of college" Spencer said

"I'll tell him when I'm ready"

"Okay," The girls said in unison

"Do you guys mind babysitting Clarity? I need some time to think"

"No we can watch her"

"Thanks" I walked down the hall of my apartment and into Clarity's room. It was a light pink with little silver stars on the ceiling. The bed was pink and with flowers on it.


"Hi, mommy!" She smiled as she dropped her dolls and looked up at me

"Um, how would you like to hang out with your aunts?" She beamed and I felt my heart sink. She also had Caleb's smile.

"All of them?" I nodded and she squealed "Yay!"

"Come on, get out your backpack and put some of your toys in it so they can play with you"

"Okay!" The little girl raced around the room trying to find her backpack. I laughed.

"Looking for this?" I grabbed her Winnie the Pooh backpack of the floor.

She ran toward me and took the bag right out of my hands "Thanks mommy"

"You're welcome"

She gathered her favorite stuffed animal, Winnie the Pooh and grabbed a couple of dolls. She zipped up her backpack and put it on her shoulders, hugging the bear to her chest.

"Ready!" She exclaimed

"Let's go" I smile and she skips out into the kitchen.

"Hey, Clarity" Emily smiles

"Auntie Emily! Auntie Aria! Auntie Spencer!" She ran and hugged each one of them

Spencer laughed "You ready to have some fun?"


We all laughed and then Aria turned toward me "Where do you plan on going?"

"I might just hang out at the Grille"

"Okay, have fun" Emily said and they all smiled.

"Wait, whose house are you going to?"

"Mine" Spencer said "Toby really wants to see her"

"Okay, I'll stop by when I'm done"


"Bye mommy!" Clarity ran toward me and I hugged her.

"Bye, honey" I kissed her forehead and they walked out the door.

I grabbed my purse and I walked out to my car, locking the front door as I went.

I drove to the Grille and walked in. I sat at a table and soon the waitress walked by.

"What can I get you ma'am?"

"Um, just an ice-tea, please"

"Sure thing" She replied and walked off

I started to think. How was I supposed to tell Caleb that we have a five year old daughter? I mean, we are only 24. What if he doesn't even want her? What if he hates me? What if he walks away without another word? I'm scared.

The waitress breaks me out of my thoughts as she places my drink down. "Anything else?"

"No, not at the moment. Thank you"

She throws me a smile and then walks off once more.

I take a sip and it calms my nerves slightly. I feel like such a terrible person. I ruined Caleb's chances at watching his daughter grow. But I hurt another person as well. Clarity. My own daughter doesn't know her father. Her first word couldn't have been "Daddy" because she didn't know him. I could never buy her those cute little shirts that said "Daddy's Little Girl" I had ruined their chances of meeting each other.

"Hanna?" A voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked up and saw that long-haired, brown-eyed man I fell in love with.

"Caleb" I breathed