A Bundle of Lies

(Hi! I haven't written one of these stories, so here we go! Review and tell me if I should continue! This is gonna start in Hanna's POV)

I look at him. He looks the same, but his hair is a little shorter and he's not carrying around that backpack.


"Hi" I reply, almost breathless

"May I sit? Or are you waiting for someone?"

"Go ahead" I said "I'm here alone"

"Thanks" He sat across from me and smiled slightly

"Sooo…" I trailed off

"Why did you just stop talking to me?" He blurted out. I looked down and took another drink of my ice tea. I didn't know how to say this. I was scared, there I said it; I'm horrified that he would hate me forever or he found some other girl.

"I-I, uh"

"Did you find some other guy or something?" I could see the hurt in his eyes, I wanted to embrace him and never let go, but I know it couldn't be like that.

"No!" I said quickly "There wasn't another guy"

"So, did you just not love me anymore?" Caleb asked and I felt tears sting my eyes. I wiped at them quickly. I couldn't cry, not now.

"No, I could never stop loving you. In fact, I still love you" I looked down, not making eye contact.

"Then why did you stop answering my calls?"

"I-" I felt tears fall down my face. "I don't know how to say this, I'm sorry"

"Hanna, I need to know why the only girl that was ever on my mind stopped talking to me!" Caleb's eyes looked at me coldly

"I-" I looked him in the eye and it felt like I was in high school again, but this time, I would be the one apologizing.

"Please, Hanna" He looked at me with sad, but loving eyes. Here it goes.

"Do you remember the night before you left to go back to Arizona?" Caleb nodded, smiling a little. "I found out a couple weeks later that I was p-pregnant." His eyes widened and he came to sit next to me. Tears fell from my face like rain.

"It is mine right?"Caleb asked

"Of course, I would never cheat on you"

"Why didn't you tell me? I would've come back to help you"

"That was the problem. During the weeks when I didn't know what was going on, you called me everyday saying how happy you were and how much you were getting paid. I couldn't talk that away from you."


"I know it was wrong, and I know that now" I sniffed "I wish I could take it all back. I wish I would have called you and told you. I'm sorry" I sobbed.

I felt terrible. I was the one crying when I was the one who hid Clarity from him.

Then suddenly, I felt strong arms around wrap around me. I looked up, shocked. Caleb was comforting me.

"Aren't you m-mad?" I asked

"No, I understand why you didn't tell me"

I laid my head in his chest and tried to calm down.

"Boy or girl?" He asked, I looked up and he was smiling

I smiled softly "Do you want to find out for yourself?"

"I would love to"

So, when I went to go get Clarity, Caleb was forced to stay in my apartment, but he wasn't allowed in my room or Clarity's. That's where most of her pictures and toys are

I pulled up to Spencer and Toby's house and got out of my car. I walked up to the front door and knocked.

The door opened and I smiled as I saw my best friend's boyfriend "Hey Toby"

"Hey Hanna" He ushered me in and I saw Aria and Emily playing Clarity. I smiled as the little girl ran up to me and hugged me.

"Hi Mommy!"

"Hey little miss" I smiled and tickled her belly

"Stop it, Mommy!" She squealed and I put her down.

"Was she good?" I asked Aria, Emily, and Toby.

"Yeah, she was really good" Toby said and Emily and Aria nodded

"We thought you'd stay out later" Spencer said as she walked back into the room.

"Well, I probably would've, but I ran into someone"

"Who?" Aria asked.


"What?" Everyone's eyes widened and Clarity looked around, confused.

"What's going on?" The 5 year old asked

"You'll see when we get home" Hanna explained

"He's in your house?"

"Yeah, I saw him at the Grille, and I told him…everything"

"Really? Was he mad?" Spencer asked

"No, not really"

"Momma! What are we talking about?" Clarity asked, tugging at her mother's shirt

"Clarity, I'll tell you in a second" Hanna said angrily. The little girl's eyes pooled with tears. "Sweetie, I'm sorry" Hanna crouched down and held the girl in her arms "Come on, let's go, you're clearly tired" Clarity nodded and Hanna picked her up. "I'll talk to you guys later. Thanks again" Hanna smiled and walked out the door.

Hanna made her way to her car and opened the back door. She strapped her daughter into her car seat and then shut the door and walked over to the driver's seat and got in.


"Yeah?" Hanna asked, knowing what was coming

"What were you talking about?" Clarity asked.

Hanna sighed and pulled out of the driveway. "Umm, sweetheart, do you remember that one time when you came home from school and said you were talking about other people daddies?"


"And then you asked me if you had a dad?" Hanna's eyes welled up with tears, but she continued to drive as she quickly wiped her eyes. "Well, I saw your daddy at the Grille"

Hanna couldn't see her daughter but she knew that her eyes had lit up immediately. "Rweally?" The little girl asked

"Yes," Hanna said "He's at home"

"Rweally?" Hanna chuckled

"Yes, he really wants to meet you" Hanna said as she turned on the road to the house.

" But, mommy, what if he doesn't like me?" Clarity asked and looked down.

"Sweetie, he'll love you" I reassured. I onto out street and sighed. I could practically hear Clarity's excitement. I pulled into our parking spot and then pulled my key out. I slammed my door shut and walked over to the backdoor. I opened it and unhooked Clarity from her car seat. I lifted her out and placed her on the ground. She was bouncing with excitement and I smiled. I grabbed her backpack from the floor of the car and then shut the door.

I locked the car as we walked up to the door. I unlock the door and Clarity walks inside. I follow behind her quickly. I wanted to see Caleb's face when he saw her.

Caleb was looking at all of the pictures on the mantel. They were only pictures of me and my friends. But I had one of Caleb and I and I saw it in his hand.

"Caleb" I spoke carefully. He spun around and looked at me, and then at Clarity.

Clarity tugged at my pants again. "Is that Daddy?" I smile and tears well up in my eyes.

"Yes, it is" I feel a tear about to flow down my cheek.

Clarity turns back to Caleb and grins. Caleb walks up to us and crouches down to Clarity's height. "Hi" Caleb says "I'm your dad"

Clarity smiled and flung herself into Caleb's arms. "Daddy!"