Author: Daggermouth
Message From the Author: To be concluded in the fourth and final book, which, will (hopefully) be uploaded in the Autumn.

Lion King 4
Chapter: XI – Finale: The Fall of Priderock.

Across all of the Pridelands...

The Sacred Valley was lost; Malka had finally found his mate Tama, the lioness had being living on the Evenstar Beach and then went to live in the Sacred Valley where Malka found her atop an historic. Their reunion was ruined after the Sacred Valley became silent, the lakes and rivers had all being poisoned and his own pride was murdered. Malka had to warn Priderock of the impending snake which committed this deadly act, but now he questions her loyalty because she stopped him from killing the snake when he had the chance. Together they walk from the East.

The Dry Forest was also lost; moving home seemed a good idea at first to Afua, Beba, Kula and Chumvi but then everything fell apart. Chumvi bravely re-entered his home and had discovered their home had froze after icy crystals from Vulcan Rock had being stolen and placed in the lakes below the Dry Forest, all the creatures faced an icy death. Luckily Afua and Beba lived above ground and escaped the deadly mist in their home below. But now the four of them walk sombrely down from the North.

The Oasis was gone forever, burned down by a bat-eared fox named Bhat who loves fire, the meerkats living there were sadly trapped and were all murdered at the Oasis as the fire raged on. Ma, Max and the mysterious old wolf Unwami walk from the West, Ma was cradling a baby meerkat in her arms and Unwami the wolf had survived his fight with his old rival Bhat and he now carries the meerkats on his back, they had just walked through the Evenstar Desert and now they approach Priderock from the South.

Vulcan Rock had being destroyed too; it collapsed after the dark lioness Solta destroyed the Ancient's temples underground which served at the foundations to the monument. Before this happened however Zazu and his elderly mother Zuzu lead the hornbills across the sky, together the birds had to stop for awhile as they rested their wings and getting sidetracked but now Priderock was in sight as they fly from the West.

Ni carrying the young Vitani on his back also has to warn Priderock, he runs through the Pridelands from the cavern. The cavern which served as a playground for Vitani and her friends when they were cubs was now ruined, the waterfall was gone and one of the tunnels leading from the cavern was now blocked for all life.

Simba, Rafiki and Kovu also travel back to Priderock, after a dark journey into the unforgiving Shadowland Simba found the herb which would save his daughters life. Together the three friends rush through the dark passageway and into the Elephant Graveyard as time was running out to save her.

All their homes had being destroyed burned down or even froze. But together they all head to the save place in the centre of the Pridelands, the last remaining stronghold of the savannah; Priderock.

Nala cradles her daughter the princess Kiara, the young lioness groans on the ground inside Priderock. The epicentre of the storm was Priderock, the darkened clouds swirl around the monument. Nala had just being told of whom is coming to Priderock. She was extremely worried, but she knew the lionesses were out protecting the borders of the Pridelands.

"The king has returned!" Doti shouts as Nala's ears prick upwards she stands up just as her mate Simba and prince Kovu hastily walk inside with the mashed up herb in Rafiki's hand. Rafiki immediately dips his finger into the paste and rubs it on Kiara's forehead similar to what he did when a new heir to the throne is born. Kiara coughs and Kovu nuzzles her everyone was so worried as Rafiki applies more the mashed up white herb the princess finally opens her eyes, the herb had soaked into her fur and skin and somehow defeated the venom inside her, she opens her eyes and smiles at everyone gathered around her. At the same time everyone smiles and cheers quietly rushing up to the princess to cuddle her warmly. Everyone also breathes a sigh of relief especially Simba, it seemed that they were just in time to save her life.

"And the cub?" Nala speaks looking over at Rafiki speaking of the unborn cub inside her daughter,
"The cub will be fine now," Rafiki smiles knowing his duty is done and departs the lion's den leaving everyone to hug Kiara and celebrate that she was expecting. Rafiki stands on the terrace of Priderock looking out at all the Pridelands, it was dark, almost as dark as the Shadowland and the purple lightning seemed to match that in the Shadowland as well. Rafiki looks up at the dark clouds hoping for a message or anything, but any form of contact with the kings of the past was completed severed. Tojo the bird mother comes to sit with the wise mandrill, he was on the lookout for anything suspicious. He looks at Rafiki with a strange smile; but the two of them had something common,

"You were touched by the Great Spirit too?" Tojo speaks shocking Rafiki starling him, Tojo looks out at the Pridelands and then up at the sky, Tojo was indeed touched by the Great Spirit when he was a cub, one day when Tojo was a cub he tripped and fell over a tree branch before he sprained his leg he couldn't go and play with his friends, but Simba found some blue birds on a Cliffside once, the blue birds followed Simba everywhere because they thought he was their mother. But because Tojo had sprained his ankle he had the time to look over the birds while his friends went to play, from that moment on Tojo and his blue birds became best friends, and Tojo became the bird mother. It was at this time the Great Spirit came to Tojo himself, she gave Tojo two very special blue birds, Moyo and Kiwi who grew up to be the hawks he has today. The Great Spirit did something to Tojo, she touched his heart and spoke to him, just like Rafiki had spoke to her also in his visions.

"And as the Great Spirit passed away she spoke her last six words: 'It shall be a mournful ending'" Rafiki speaks, repeating the last six words she ever spoke. After nuzzling his daughter and a great deal of sighing Simba the Lion King walks out onto the terrace out between Rafiki and Tojo and sits with them, after a brief silence the three of speak together,

"It is told that when the first Lion King Mohatu died; it was the first and only time it ever snowed in the Pridelands. They say Mohatu's heart was as pure as snow. It was like the Prideland itself is weeping in pain. Simba, you have the same white pure heart he did, you endeavoured to be just like him Simba, you prayed the brightest star in the night sky; you even walked the same path Mohatu did when you were exiled by Scar. One is coming who will make us all suffer. Everything should be prepared Simba my dear." Tojo places his paw on his old friends shoulder with a smile. The bird mother Tojo had dazzling crystal blue eyes which were filled with optimism, but the Lion King squints as he sees many figures in the distance, dozens of birds and some other lions are approaching Priderock. A strange grey wolf carrying two meerkats and above them flocks of hornbills fly through the air along with Zazu and his mother.

"Everyone, get out here," Simba orders he roars loudly calling everyone back. Eventually it came to pass that everyone are together at Priderock: Tojo, Rafiki, Ni, Afua, Beba, Chumvi, Kula, Malka, Tama, Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kovu, Vitani, Doti, Timon, Pumbaa, Uncle Max, Ma and finally Zazu and his mother Zuzu. Together everyone gathers at the foot of Priderock. Ni arrives with Vitani carried over his back as Kovu rushes to her aid and helps rest her foot, Timon and Pumbaa help Ma and Max who were very hungry and thirsty. Afua and Beba rest their paws together as Chumvi and Kula nuzzle one another, together the four of them had being through much, but most importantly as Malka and Tama approach, Nala can hardly believe her eyes. She rushes down across the Pridelands to her old friend and realises it really was Tama. Nala smiles as she runs and runs until finally she pounces on her old friend hugging her old friend tightly as Tama grunts and laughs. Nala hugs her friend. Nala had made a terrible mistake of leaving Tama to be swept away and lost to the Daggermouth gorge. Nala had saved her brother Mheetu instead, but Tama had lived and Nala was so happy she stayed hugging her most dearest friend,

"I was told you were alive back in the Outlands. But, It really is you. Oh Tama, I'm so, so sorry! Please forgive me," Nala cries holding her friend,
"Oh Nala, you don't know how long I have longed for those words. You are always my best friend. I...I don't blame, I really don't." Tama says forgiving her friend as the two lionesses get a good look at eachother all grown up for the first time,
"And hey, no more tears, okay Nala? You've seen enough pain." Tama smiles for once she was really glad to be home at Priderock. Tama looks up at the monument, she hadn't seen it in so long and she never thought she would see it again,
"Why did you never come back Tama?" Nala says teary but still smiling and wipes her tears, she was not going to cry anymore, her friend was right, Nala had seen enough pain but she was so happy now that she could talk to Tama again,
"I was trying to hide my past, I guess I just ran away with myself in the end," Tama replies as along with Malka they walk,
"I guess in that respect you're just like Simba. Nala manages to smile through her tears as together they join everyone else. The regret Nala felt had finally passed, she was forgiven by her friend, the queen Nala quickly thanks Malka for upholding his promise to find her, and together the three of them teary eyed go to join everyone else together mingling within the crowd. But their reunion was quickly overthrown as more pressing matters quickly become apparent. Everyone was jumping up at Simba speaking about death and pain and what had happened to their homes, Simba looks around, everybody he ever knew was here, all his old friends are all in pain and worried. Only Kopa was missing. Looking around everyone was getting re-acquainted, Afua was with his fellow Knights Ni and Tojo along with Beba the cheetah cub who was talking with Malka, Beba and Malka both come from the Sacred Valley and they were talking about the fall of Ahadi, Zuzu who previously served King Ahadi joins in their conversation. Kovu was looking after Vitani and asking her what happened as she expresses her concern about the kidnapped Kopa back at the cavern, it was chaos and it was all noisy as everyone was speaking over one another until a huge lightning bolt strike Priderock itself roaring above everyone else the flash alone causes everyone to gasp and become silent.

One problem at a time, Simba thinks to himself, as everyone is silent the king goes around to each group and speaks to them.

"Our home is gone, someone tampered with the lake underground, the lake emitted a mist which froze the Dry Forest, we are the only survivors, I found some crystals in the lakes, they were cold like ice," Chumvi speaks explaining all he knew,
"Those crystals are from Vulcan Rock!" Ni speaks,
"Someone had stolen those crystals from Vulcan Rock in the Outland, the crystal made the water there cold. We lived in the Outland and when the crystals were stolen a lioness named Solta destroyed Vulcan Rock." Ni explains knowing now that the crystal was taken up to the north to destroy the Dry Forest.
"Solta, I know that name, Solta killed my father Kivuli!" Kovu explains recognising the name knowing the dark lioness was still out there someplace and that if he ever saw her again he would surely fight and end her once and for all.
"I think I know who took the ice from Vulcan Rock. A purple snake with red stripes, my pride in the Sacred Valley, they are all gone, poisoned by that venomous spitting snake, he killed them all. His red eyes have no mercy. Simba, it wasn't Scar who killed is father Ahadi, he was Joka the snake, he poisoned Ahadi. Also I have met that snake before, he is more than just a snake, he manipulated me and Kopa, Joka made Kopa return," Malka explains all he knows; Malka's pride was dead because of Joka. It was the same snake who manipulated Kopa in the Outlands into hating and eventually attacking Kovu,
"It was that snake who poisoned me..." Kiara says weakly laid on the ground as Kovu nuzzles her affectionately.
"That snake, he took Kopa, Kopa is gone, that snake called Joka he took Kopa away!" Vitani groans laid on the floor as everyone looks over at her, they could see the worry in her face; Kopa was the only one missing out of everyone. It's at this time Unwami the elder Ethiopian wolf steps forward to speak, his fur was still burned off from the Oasis fire,
"Joka the snake, he has others working for him, Solta the lioness you speak of and Bhat a bat-eared fox both take orders from that snake, it was Bhat who burned down the Oasis, the Oasis is gone, nothing more than a pile of dust by now," Unwami sighs as Ma was holding the meerkat baby, she was stood with Uncle Max and conversing with Timon and Pumbaa,
"It was also that same snake who attacked Uncle Max," Timon shouts, remembering back when a deadly snake attacked his Uncle in the Oasis and gave the warning that the equilibrium of the world will be broken. Then Nala decides to speak,
"It was a purple snake with red stripes who told me Mheetu was still alive, that snake lied to me and gave me false hope," Nala recalls it was the same snake Joka who told her about Mheetu still been alive and sent her to the Elephant Graveyard where if it wasn't for Kovu she would of got attacked by the Hyena's. Joka destroyed the hope inside her that one night.
"Joka the snake, I have met him before, I believe this snake is the reason that Scar killed Mufasa, I believe this snake was also manipulating Zira, when I saw her body in the Shadowland she had certain marks on her fur meaning a snake had killed her." Rafiki remembers a spitting snake with purple skin and red stripes tried to end him when he was looking after Mufasa and Taka one night many, many years ago. Its fangs were sticking outwards dangerously and it shouted: "You shall not intervene!" But Mufasa knocked the snake away and saved Rafiki's life. Joka the snake was there too, Joka tried killing Rafiki when he first came to the Pridelands. It was that day that Joka met Taka and the plan to corrupt him began to spiral out of control. Joka manipulated Taka into doing horrible things; Joka hissed words which made Taka only hate his brother Mufasa. It only at that moment everyone suddenly realises: Joka the Snake has hurt everyone in some way at some time. He's hurt everyone, killed and even got others to kill for him. But yet no one ever truly spoke of the snake until now. Joka the Snake has caught them all off guard. Everyone starts arguing again, yelling over one another, speaking of the Pridelands are burning around them and how they are at war, but suddenly everyone is silenced once again but this time but a sharp evil snake laugh which echoes Priderock, the laugh echoes around them as everyone looks around.

"So I have your attention." Joka speaks with an evil hiss under his tongue and in a flash of purple lightning he appears on the longest terrace of Priderock above, finally revealing himself to everyone, it was him; the devourer of worlds.
"What is going on here?" Simba roars trying to make sense of the situation as Joka hisses looking down on everyone.
"What's happening here is that your precious little balance is broken," Joka taunts his voice echoing across Priderock the storm rages louder and louder, before long, Solta and Bhat appear at either side of the snake, Solta looked worried by Bhat just giggled childishly. Joka turns his head from side to side as his neck cracks, the snake of his companions must have slipped in the Pridelands while everyone was arguing nobody saw him. It is at that moment everyone realises they are surrounded, infact all of Priderock was surrounded by Hyena's, Grey furred lionesses, Vultures all matter of creatures which form an army. Everyone suddenly looks around as the army surrounds them, everyone draws their claws. Joka just smiles deviously; his plan had come together so perfectly, the Pridelands were all destroyed around them and his army had formed when Zira was defeated, Joka gathered the Hyena's along with everyone who had hate for Priderock together.

"Kill them all!" Joka shouts loudly as suddenly everyone is forced into fighting the army charges at Priderock, everyone splits up in their separate direction, the storm raged above them all as Simba and all his friends fight for their lives and for the sake of the Pridelands, smashing one Hyena across the face as the Vultures swoop down from above. Zazu and the hornbills take flight to fight the vultures in the air, Tojo helps by sending a mass of his two hawks along with some more blue birds to help them in the air, the birds fight in the air biting and clawing one another, the lionesses loyal to Joka had grey fur but some of them had sticks which were aflame in their mouths and they set off to burn the grass, the fires coil across the ground burning the area around Priderock. Solta and Bhat rush down to the ground level to join the fighting.

Simba smashes another Hyena in the face, together he stands protecting his daughter would did not have the proper strength to fight, the king and queen stand back to back as they fight off an entire army of hyena's, Nala was clearly the better fighter her claws were sharp and she pounced into a group of Hyena's. Solta rushes off to join the fighting but she was apprehensive, she cocky personality had somehow faded, she walks through the fighting and destruction as fire sets alight around her and creatures fight and die all around her. Bhat runs up to the Lion King she laughs,

"Didn't we used to be friends Simba?" Bhat teases, she really did used to be Simba's friend when he was a cub. Suddenly joining the fight, Bhat jumps on the Lion King and with her extra long claws digs them into the kings back causing him to roar in pain. Simba rolls on the ground to try and get her off; kicking riotously her finally grabs her and because Bhat was so small Simba manages to throw her across the battlefield before continuing to fight.

Beba the cheetah runs faster than she's ever run before, brushing past most creatures as an Vulture swoops down and uses it claws to grab onto her, she was prey to vultures, it grabs onto her and she turns on her back to scrap the Vulture across the ground but also falling herself the two of them lay in a heap on the ground. Across from them Afua cannot get to his mate as he is being held back by a grey furred lioness, Afua growls he tries to fight, he was a Knight he needed to be stronger. Afua looks around but he cannot see Chumvi or even Kula for that matter, then Afua kicks behind him, kicking the grey lioness off him and rushes to his mates aid sliding down next to her just as Beba coughs and gets up the two of them meet and Afua gets to lick his mates cheek only once before they're once again forced into fighting.

Even Rafiki has to fight, waving his staff around violently knocking the hyena's away, he stands with Tojo, together the two of them fight off an entire horde of hyena's and all matter of creatures, Tojo could fight, he was a great fighting, his fighting style was unlike anything Rafiki had seen, Tojo was jumping over hyena's, swirling around while defeating them Tojo grabbed a Hyena by the scruff and throw it to the ground as Rafiki trips over another running hyena with his staff.

"Solta!" Kovu roars angrily running towards her as fast as he can, Solta backs off but it is too late Kovu pounces on the dark lioness, suddenly the two of them get into a scuffle fighting eachother off, clawing Solta, Kovu wounds her badly he was going to kill her, he wanted revenge more than anything, but amazingly Solta held back in the fight,
"Kovu please, you need to know what I told Kivuli!" Solta yells pushing the prince off her. She growls lowly she was working with the dark snake and for this she was an enemy but Kovu backed off, he really wanted to know what she told his father to make him shed that final tear. Kovu runs to Solta and grabs her by the neck and pushes her to the ground, her growls angrily, squeezing tightly the rage in his eyes was clear, Kovu roars all of his teeth were showing now, Solta chokes as the prince holds her neck tightly she gags and gasps for breathe but she manages to speak more words,

"I told him...I told him his son still lives. He has another son Kovu, you have a brother!" Solta reveals before suddenly pouncing on Kovu clawing at his burnable face wildly and kicking him away leaving the prince defeated on the ground, Solta took advantage of the prince; her words had shocked Kovu so much she easily took him down; Solta brushes her claws off before running away from the battle and fleeing the fighting. Could it be Mheetu that she spoke of?

Further away from Priderock, Malka protects Tama. He had just found her and he wasn't going to let her get hurt. Malka had just found her and he was going to protect her now, Malka fights off a group of Vultures who strike from above, just as he hits a vulture a group of hornbills fly down and collide with the vultures and damage their wings. But just as Malka was about to kill the wingless vultures Tama stops him again, she looks at her mate and shakes her head. Why does she keep stopping him? What is she hiding?

Together, Vitani, Doti and Kiara all fight together, Vitani and Kiara were both wounded, but they both needed to fight, the three of them band together and pounce on a grey lioness who was extremely strong, together they overpower the grey lioness but as they do even more grey tainted lionesses join the fight, it was massive scuffle, the grey lionesses were nasty they try to strike Vitani's wounded leg in a feeble attempt to win the brawl, but Doti the previous Outlander was looking out for her best friend and quickly dispersed the grey lionesses with her claws smashing them across the head and body.

"Fight to the end!" Unwami shouts and dives into a group of hyena's, he was outnumbered but the elder wolf knew how to fight, he had the sharpest teeth and even in his old age the wolf could move quick, he was darting across the battlefield helping others especially his meerkat friends. Unwami suddenly spots her, his old rival the devilishly evil fox named Bhat, she was deadly and took everything as a game, but just as Unwami spots her with a flaming tree branch in her maw the female fox was gone disappeared into the crowd of fighting lionesses.

Everyone fights together and bands as one, protecting and looking out for eachother, slowly and together they fight, but the battle seemed to never end, the battlefield went on for miles, and the army vastly outnumbered the Lion King's friends and family. The hyenas were easily beaten however and together Simba with his mate Nala join Ni underneath Rafiki's Baobab tree home, Ni quickly nuzzles Nala comforting him but as he turns back to Priderock by now the fires had grown out of control and Priderock was burning. Simba roars the loudest he has ever roared before, his roar was calling everyone to him; they needed to regroup underneath the Baobab Tree which was out in the distance away from Priderock itself and could be a sturdy stronghold. Fighting hordes of hyenas together everyone slowly makes their way and reunites at the old tree.

"Where are Chumvi and Kula?" Tama asks as everyone looks around for their missing companions,
"Oh no..." Afua pouts looking out at the battlefield, in the distance he can see Chumvi and Kula being kidnapped and dragged along the ground away during the fighting they were being taken to the Shadowlands! Everyone fights at the tree,
"Why concern yourself about them so much?" Ni shouts while fighting looking to see Chumvi and Kula being kidnapped.
"Because Chumvi and Kula are my mom and dad!" Afua shouts back he wasn't going to let anyone stop him. Afua wants to save his parents he wants to lead an expedition to save them and he would not care going into the Shadowland, he had lived with his mom and dad all his life, but the Lion King himself stops Afua, knowing the Shadowland was extremely dangerous,
"Afua going out there now is certain death, you must be patient we willsave them," Simba holds Afua back reluctantly Afua sighs and stands back with saddened eyes.

Together at the tree everyone slowly defeats the army who back off or the hyenas that run away when knowing the battle was lost. Slowly Simba and his friends start winning, and the battle eventually clams down, everyone begins to rest at the Baobab tree, and Rafiki inspects everyone's wounds, nobody was seriously hurt but they were many cuts and scars. But because everyone stayed together the battle was half won, the purple lightning above still raged, during the fighting the storm only got worse and now swirls around the top of Priderock in the distance. Kovu still ponders if Solta was truthful about him having a brother or not, Afua worries about his parents Chumvi and Kula, it had all come so sudden, they were taken from their homes and now Priderock was under attack once more, everyone regroups and looks around, some lionesses loyal to Simba were still fighting in the distance, then Simba goes to lay down at the other side of the tree and licks his wounds on his paw, he sighs deeply, they were safe at the tree for now but who knows how long the fighting will be begin again, luckily all of Simba's friends were here to help, but just as Simba was about to go and fight again he hears the sudden hiss of Joka, it was quiet at first but then suddenly Joka appears before the king, the snake burrows his way through the ground and up onto the surface, Simba scowls at the snake and Simba draws his claws and dives at the snake but Joka was too fast and slippery, the snake easily dodged the Lion King's attacks. Joka grins,

"All this time, I've been hiding in the shadows, look around you, the Pridelands are torn apart. The entire Savannah will be extinct before long, with all of you along with it!" The snake hisses he did not fight because the snake always got others to fight for him.
"You're Insane!" Simba shouts he growls loudly drawing attention to them, but somehow the snakes words got to Simba he started to look around his Pride was fighting valiantly but the Pridelands are all burning around him, the sky itself was black and rained with lightning and roared with thunder,

"Tama, the little cub who was swept away, you were lost and little Nala didn't save you, she is not your true friend, you have no friends Tama, this is not your home, but do you want to know my secret Tama? I broke the Daggermouth Gorge dam." Joka looks right into Tama's eyes and somehow she knew it to be true, the snake was there, during the adventure of eight, Joka saw the cubs below he used his tail to let the logs roll and let the water explode out into the gorge, it seemed the snake had being everywhere and hurt everyone, Joka pauses but suddenly Tama jumps up from behind the snake and grabs him tightly, she was in a rage this snake which broke the Daggermouth Dam all those years ago, they wrestle to the ground

"You did this to me!" Tama screams and wrestles with the snake her claws drawn but Joka quickly crawls and wriggles his way out of her grip and then Joka quickly uses his long fat tail and knock both Tama and Simba of their paws and into the ground. He turns to face her with a devious grin on his face before burrowing his head to the ground and slivering underground. As soon as the snake was gone everyone rushes to help them, Malka himself rushes to cuddle his mate in tears.

"Don't listen to him Tama! We're here, and for now we are safe! The throne doesn't matter as long as we're together"
Nala helps her friend Tama up onto her paws and nuzzles her warmly, they were best friends and a snake wasn't going to split them apart, but everyone heard the snake confess, Joka caused the Daggermouth Gorge incident. Tama cries out, for so long she had being alone in the world, as Malka and Nala stay by her side everyone gathers around Simba for the final time,

"Not even Joka could've planned this," Tojo smirks as his two feral hawks Moyo and Kiwi fly down to him,
"No, everything all just seems too perfect, we won too easily, I think Joka did plan this," Simba replies,
"What?" Everyone speaks together,
"Joka planned this, he planned all this: think about it, he wants us together, all of us: in the same place at the same time,"
"Why?" Kiara could feel her father trembling as he spoke,
"So he can kill us all…" Simba looks out on the battlefield, meanwhile the mandrill Rafiki rushes to his tree, he easily climbs up into his tree to get one object; entering his home which he never thought he would see again, Rafiki rustles through his home and takes the object he wanted. Rafiki opens his palm to show the object he wanted: A Black Scarab, the sign of death. Rafiki grabs his staff and is about to leave as suddenly he sees a circle of his paints have been splashed all across his home, someone has already being in here. Looking up Rafiki see's the bat-eared fox named Bhat, he gasps to see her with a small branch in her little mouth and one end of the thin branch is on fire. Bhat loved fire. The evil fox winks at Rafiki before tilting her head to alight the paints on the floor, Bhat then quickly drops the flaming branch blows a kiss to Rafiki before jumping from the tree and fleeing, within the seconds the fire had erupted through the tree and Rafiki was trapped. He clutches the Black Scarab tightly before flammable paints the tree suddenly explodes into deadly yellow and red flames and Rafiki is caught in the centre. The flames burn bright. The Baobab tree explodes into fire, sending fire in all direction; the painting of the cub on Rafiki's tree wall representing Kopa starts to fade the paints all melt into one colour: the colour black. The wood of Rafiki's tree breaks the mandrill doesn't move. Suddenly everyone standing under the tree feels the full force of the explosion as they are all knocked backwards, the flames erupt above them as everyone runs but the flames around everyone, everyone below all of Simba's friends are cindered by the flames, Kovu's fur is especially cindered by the flames, the prince gasps and rolls on the grass. The debris of Rafiki's home falls on top of them the burning wood falls around them as the tree burns brightly. Simba quickly jumps onto the tree and bravely jumps inside the fire, everything in the tree was ruined, and Simba grabs his old friend and jumps from the tree just as it explode again. The old baboon is barely breathing, his black and white fur is burned clean off and he was in bad shape as Simba lays him away from the tree Rafiki drops his Black Scarab as it rolls from his hand and across the ground. Simba hugs his old friend Rafiki in his paws,

"Rafiki... you are... you are the last of The Ancients, you are the last of your kind. You can't die, you were always here for me, you were here for all of us and now what remained of your people can't die with you," Simba speaks with great sadness as now, the Lion King knew all along of Rafiki's deepest secret: Rafiki is an Ancient, one of the creatures who lived before the Pridelands had a name and it seemed not all of them died during the Great Earthquake. This makes Rafiki impossibly old; it seemed nobody knew how he lived for so long... But now what remained of The Ancients was dying in Simba's paws, all of Simba's friends slowly gather around they were desperate for guidance all around them it was chaos in the Pridelands,

"Simba?" Tojo walks up to his old friend up to see Rafiki lying lifeless on the ground.
"We have to get out of here!" Malka says stepping forward and realising the danger to himself and everyone else,
"Priderock isn't safe any more..." Kovu gives his best advice to the king as Simba just stands there in shock, Rafiki was surely gone, the wise and sometimes eccentric mandrill had saved the Pridelands a hundred times or maybe even more than that and now even he is suffering, his tree house home now destroyed and burning brightly above everybody,
"Daddy, what do we do?" Kiara asks tremblingly, everyone looks at Simba as the Pridelands fall apart around them. Simba suddenly comes to the realisation that the snake was right, four have died, the prophecy is complete and Joka has won. Simba is saddened to see his kingdom destroyed, it was all coming down, all they once knew was gone, their home and memories shattered by a snake from the past and Simba the last ever Lion King is forced to make a monumental decision:

"We have to leave Priderock...Forever."

Everywhere, fires burn, Priderock itself has fallen and now burns with the rest of the kingdom. Cracks appear in the land itself as the Pridelands quake and reform, earthquakes rock the land and huge gaps in the surface of the world appear as the earthquake increases strength, new gorges form as gaping holes appear cracking outwards like a wave of destruction, the storms rages across the Pridelands, Joka's army had overpowered everyone, the Pridelands were burning and falling apart. Perched at the pinnacle of the destruction the Joka remains on the very peak of Priderock, he turns his head and looks dead onwards his red eyes gleam and he smiles deviously, it was a smile unlike anything seen before, somehow behind his smile everyone knew he was the ultimate evil.

"I've done it, Hahahaha! I win!" Joka shouts up to the heavens, the snake looks up at the dark sky the purple lightning strikes down above flashing in the clouds with thunderous applause. Joka the snake, he killed the Great Spirit herself in cold blood, he made Taka into the monster which became named as Scar, he used everyone as pawns; he did it all. The Dry Forest, Vulcan Rock, Scared Valley the beautiful Oasis and now even Priderock were gone, he has crumbled the Pridelands.

"Now I have gained my vengeance on the Great Spirit!" Joka laughs, he was speaking up into the clouds and the snake knew the Great Spirit herself was listening form the Great Beyond above,
"Yes my dearest; come and see your world in flames!" Joka spits into the air the lighting strikes Priderock causing the monument to shake but the snake had no fear and just remained there. Joka then watches the destruction of the Pridelands around him from the very top of Priderock, fire's everywhere, his army cheering victory, his eye's blood red and a deviously evil grin etched on his face. He has won.

This is the end.

End of Episode XI.

End of Book Three.