Seriously, Why Me?

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Hey, my name is Kagamine Rin and I am fourteen years old. I'm here to tell you about a moment in history which SUCKED.

Why did it suck, exactly? Well, it all started before I was dating Len. I still didn't know if he liked me or not. And then one night, when I was pondering over what to do, I overslept.

The next morning I almost was late for school. I threw on my uniform and ran for it. When everybody was heading toward the classroom, Len noticed me running down the hall. He turned to probably say "What took you so long" and I bumped into him and kissed him. That's right. KISSED him.

And what's worse, everybody in our classroom saw it. Ugh, you have NO idea how awkward it was in homeroom. And then people started spreading rumors that Len and I were dating. I wanted it to be true, but I wasn't sure how Len thought, so I just stayed outraged.

Then our teachers gave us Fs because we were in an "incestuous relationship," which we weren't yet. And scheduled counseling.

And then, after the torture we went through, when we got home, the other vocaloids started taunting us.

There was also no orange juice, the game consul was broken, and the TV was busted. And I couldn't find my manga, so there was nothing to entertain me. And that led me sitting in my room, alone, with Len.

Boy this was awkward. And you are not gonna believe this. He started lecturing me that I shouldn't be going around kissing him, because that's what led us to that mess. He thinks it MY fault? It was an accident!

You know what, I blame him for turning around! Then I would have just bump into his back.

This is getting exhausting. I'm gonna go to sleep.

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