Name: Yasha Satou
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 20th
Village: Village hidden in the Clouds
Age: 16
Hair: Long with bangs at the cheek bone: Pearly White tinged with blue on the tips: yes on layers too.
Eye color: Deep Blue.
Other: Has two Blue cat ears resembling the demon Nekomata. She also has a small spray of light freckles on her face that turn into whiskers when she turns angry. (Very rare)
Yasha has hardly any personality at all. She could care less if she were to die the next minute, or to live the rest of her life. She finds no purpose in the world, as she was shunned away by everyone she has ever met. She is very neutral; she doesn't get angry OR happy. She doesn't get sad, feel grief or even excitement. She doesn't hate, and she doesn't love. These personality traits change once she meets Sasuke who is traveling with Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo. She is a great ninja though, and what little joy she does find, she reaches it through fights.
Yasha grew up in the village hidden in the clouds. The 2 tailed demon Nekomata was sealed inside her, making her labeled as one of the Jinchuuriki. She's never had a friend or family member, other then her sensei who is the closest person to her. The lack of friends has caused the neutral personality of hers. Having a lot of free time on her hands, she used it to try to control the power of Nekomata, and to train to become a Kunoichi. She succeeded in the goal of becoming very skilled, and she can use Nekomata's chakra whenever she feels necessary.
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Blind Eyes (Sasuke love story)

Chapter One: An Uchiha's Curiosity

Yasha Satou, Jinchuuriki, holder of the 2 tailed demon Nekomata. That is my name, and that is my label. For the past 16 years I have been abandoned by all, and turned away by each new encounter. The only to dare approach me are the ones who are interested in taking the demon inside me, or to kill me. Could I care anymore about this fate that has been brought to me? No, not anymore. I admit, the pain of having no one close used to bother me as a young child, but now I accept what has been given to me. I AM a jinchuuriki; I AM the holder of Nekomata; that is who I was destined to be. I have been drained of my emotions, I have told myself not to care about what others want to call me, and the only one who's preference I care about is my Sensei's; Oita Sensei, or known as my closest friend. He is the only one who see's past my inner figure demon, and see's me as a normal person who just needs someone to be close to.

It finally came the day that nobody in the village wanted me to live there anymore, and so I left the village hidden in the clouds in the dead of night. No one would bother me as I left, no one would stare. All that would happen was in the morning; all would notice that the dangerous Nekomata was finally gone. It didn't bother me to leave the village. It didn't make me feel happy either. I didn't care if I died the moment I stepped foot outside the village gates into the open world where there were bound to be more of those critical beings. More of the ones who figured it was better for all Jinchuuriki to be locked away in a single place as to not disturb the (as they called) NORMAL people. It was always the same. As a kid I could never play with any of the others in my village because of my demon. And it would be the same when I left, I was set apart, and those who knew me as a holder of the 2 tails would run away.

For the first two years I was gone I searched for another of my kind. I had heard there was one in the Village known as Sunagakure, and another, the most powerful, in the Village hidden in the leaves, known as Konohagakure. The five tailed beast was somewhere in Iwagakure, and the last one I heard of was in the village of Takigakure. Unfortunately I had never found another one, I could never make it to the village, and when I did they said that they didn't know what I was talking about. They might have been setting up a defense for their Jinchuuriki, and if they were then there was nothing I could do about that.

After those two years, I eventually gave up on trying to find someone who would understand me, and resorted to being by myself. Little did I know that I would end up having feelings for someone who could never understand my pain, for someone who once knew one like me.

"Yasha Satou, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave," A man from the village I was currently staying at said to me. Why I had to leave, I do not know, but I did as instructed.

"Of course," I replied plainly after giving him a short stare through my white bangs. The blue at the tips normally caused a little intimidation to the others around me, and so to this man as well for the moment he said his message, he was off. I stared off until I saw him turn around the corner, then I lifted my bag onto my shoulder and began to walk away.

"Hang on Yasha, wait!"

I turned slightly to peer out through the corner of my eye to see who was calling for me, as if they were excited. Excited for my existence, I would think not, but excited maybe to mock me more; to pull once again more painfully at my cat ears, or to attempt to push me onto a beach saying to "go where the cats go."

"Y-Yasha! Whew, you move fast!" Some boy that I had never seen before in my life was running up to me, apparently lost for his breath and took a moment to catch it once I had stopped. He had spikey red hair, and when he turned to look at me I saw large brown eyes. He appeared to be younger then I, enough to be like a younger brother.

"Who are you," I asked, not much of a question but still wanting to be polite… In a way.

"Hi! My name is Ryo! It's really nice to meet you!" He said excitedly, holding his hand out as if he expected me to shake it. I did not, and when I didn't he reluctantly pulled his hand back as though it was shrinking away from my ice cold stare.

"What do you want?" I asked, moving my deep blue eyes slightly upwards to stare at him. He didn't seem at all fazed by my glares that suggested I didn't want to talk to him. In fact, he seemed positively happy that he had the chance to talk to me.

"Not much really Miss. Satou, I just wanted to say hello! I mean…I never would have thought I'd have the chance to talk to a real Jinchuuriki!" Ryo shot out. At the word Jinchuuriki, I squinted my eyes at him, hoping he'd get the message that I didn't like that label. He didn't get it.

"You just wanted to say hello to a real Jinchuuriki, huh." I repeated coldly, putting much emphasis on the last two words. "There is more to it; I can tell you want something from me."

"Well no. I mean yes. I-I mean no not really, I just wanted to say Hi and um, well it would truly be an honor to travel with you!"

"Beg your pardon?"

Ryo began to turn a bright red kind of color in his cheeks. I did not understand what that meant, and since he didn't reply to what I had asked, I just turned back around and continued to walk out of the village. I narrowed my eyes farther as I realized that the kid was stalking me.

"Go away," I demanded sharply; not even turning around because I knew it was him.

"But, Yasha! I heard you were traveling alone, and well you might need someone for backup! I won't be a burden on you, I promise," He pleaded, grabbing onto my arm. I jerked my arm out of his grip, and still didn't turn back to him.

"Look, I do not know you, so it would be best for you to leave me alone," I said, still in a monotone that would never change from my voice. Ryo just continued to look happily at me like he didn't care that I had a demon in my, that he just wanted my company. I don't understand why.

"But I can't! I've heard you can actually Control the demon's chakra AND the demon inside you! Very few jinchuuriki can ever do that!"

If that boy dare call me jinchuuriki again I will turn around and unleash Nekomata's power on him. Even though I am able to keep my emotion neutral, at being called that labeled name I sometimes couldn't control myself. Especially around those who called me that like it was nothing at all, like it was a pet name that I enjoy.

"Goodbye Ryo," I said plainly, turning on him and resuming my walk out of the village. Despite my sayings that he could not come along, he followed me anyways. I sighed, too lazy to get involved in whatever this was, but I hoped that he knew I would not be responsible for his actions, nor would I protect him, as I would wish he wouldn't try to protect myself.

At the moment, the village I was leaving was engulfed in fog, and it was raining quite hard, although I was told to be on my way, so I couldn't exactly stop for cover. The rain didn't exactly bother me either; it was just another type of weather that would happen. And so what if I got wet? Ryo never complained once that I didn't stop walking. He was actually so quiet that I would on occasion look back to see if he had left. Whenever I did, he would turn again that bright pink color and give me a smile. Just as he was about to say something I would always turn away, cutting him off.

"Um, Yasha?" Ryo finally said after a while. I turned my head slightly to show that I was listening. My hair was soaking wet, as well as my clothes. My face was dripping with water, and yet still it didn't bother me.

"Well we've been walking in the rain for a while now… Don't you think we should go and dry off? Being out in the rain for too long sometimes isn't good," He continued. My response was very simple. I DIDN'T respond, I just continued to walk. I could hear Ryo sigh a little bit, but he didn't say anything else and continued to follow me to our unknown destination.

It was a few minutes before I started to hear his teeth chatter as if he were cold. Without turning around, I said, "Are you cold?"

When I asked, his chattering quickly stopped, and I could hear his hair shaking around, the water flying off, as if he was shaking his head in the most furious way.

"No Yasha, definitely not! Are you? I mean, I didn't suppose you would enjoy the rain seeing as you have a cat demon in you! Well, it is like a cat… Nekomata is a cat right? Cats don't especially like rain, so seeing as you are the holder of one I would think…"

"Ryo," I said, cutting him off, my tone slightly inclined to suggest a small switch to anger. "If you are cold, then we will find someplace to stop." Anything to get him to stop mentioning Nekomata. He looked back at me with thankful eyes that I quickly turned away from and continued to walk. It wasn't until we found a decent sized cave carved into the side of a mountain did we stop. Ryo gratefully ran inside the cave and immediately began to shake the water off. I however stayed outside, still in the rain. I wasn't yet ready to get dry.

"Ryo, I am going to walk around for a while. Don't move, do not leave this place," I told him. Ryo looked up at me with his large eyes in which I coldly stared back at. Understanding that he got the message, I walked away from the cave, continuing down the path.

The minuets turned to hours as I walked, yes continued to walk, soaked to the bone, but still not in the desperate need of stopping. I actually enjoyed the feel of cold water dripping down my face. It reminded me of the tears that I would so often shed as a child. How foolish I was to care of the opinion of those around me. How needy I was of their approval, to become one of them as a normal child.

Lost in these thoughts, I payed no attention to my surroundings, or where I was. The rain danced on the leaves of the trees all around, so any approaching enemy would be impossible to hear unless they made any significant change in the natural noises.

Sighing, I felt too lazy to proceed in my walk. I treaded over to the base of one of the largest trees I could find, sat down on the surprisingly dry grass, and within minutes I had fallen into a sleep. Little did I know that when I woke up I would meet someone who would possibly change my life for the better.

*Sasuke POV*

"Sasuke, don't you think we should stop walking? Its raining pretty hard now," Suigetsu said from behind me. "I mean if it keeps up like this we won't even be able to see where we're going!"

"Be quiet Suigetsu, if Sasuke wants to keep walking then he can!" Karin retorted angrily. I didn't listen to either of them as they began to start a pointless little fight about whether we stop, or continue on. Karin seemed to do anything that I told her to, and she always seemed to agree with me, whereas Suigetsu actually said what he thought. Jugo didn't say anything to either of them once they got into small bickers.

"Would both of you just shut up?" I asked plainly after about a few minutes of their nonstop talking. Karin stopped almost immediately, but Suigetsu didn't give up as easily as I wished he would.


"Suigetsu just be quiet already!" Jugo interrupted. He seemed to be as annoyed as I was. "It doesn't matter that much!"

He was much quieter after that. They all were in fact, that was until I made an abrupt stop in the middle of the path. I had just seen a girl, possibly around my age, walking past us on another pathway. She was so ghostlike and the rain didn't appear to bother her at all. The moment I stopped to get a better look however, she had disappeared.

"Sasuke what's wrong?" Karin asked as I changed our direction and carefully walked to where I had seen her. There was a gap in between the paths, so I had to move through soaking wet, leafy bushes before I could step onto the dirt on the other side.

Karin, Suigetsu, and Jugo all followed me, completely perplexed at my weird actions. Karin had stepped up her speed so that she was walking along side me.

"What are you doing Sasuke?" She asked. I didn't look at her when I replied.

"It is nothing, just keep walking," I said, leading the way to find the girl. When we got onto the path I had seen her on, she was nowhere in sight. I remembered her ghostly appearance. Was it possible that we had just seen a passing spirit? Although through all this rain and mist it was difficult to see anything correctly.

"Look, you tell him he can keep walking and he goes off in a complete different direction then where we are supposed to be going!" Suigetsu snapped at Karin who had fallen back to walk with him and Jugo. I ignored them both and just tried to find the girl I had seen before.

"Hey Sasuke!" Jugo said urgently. "Look, did you see that?" He asked, pointing way up ahead. I looked where he was pointing, but I couldn't see what he was pointing at. All that was there was a mass of white fog.

"No," I replied shortly.

"It looked like… Probably a female Suigetsu!" He said, stunned. Suigetsu looked at Jugo indignantly, but Jugo didn't seem to notice.

"If you minus the sharp teeth and add in some cat ears!"

"Jugo, you saw this up ahead. Did you see where she went?" I asked.

"No not really, the fog moved over her. But it looked like she was moving forward." He replied. I quickened my pace in walking, now oblivious to the rain fall. My mind was set on figuring out why a girl was walking through the woods by herself in this weather.

Pushing aside the little side comments Suigetsu and Karin would occasionally throw in, Jugo and I worked on trying to find the girl.

"Look!" He said at last, pointing past the trees in front of us to a single on, where there was the same girl I saw earlier, sleeping. She did not resemble Suigetsu at all, so I had no idea what Jugo was thinking when he said that. The only similarity was the hair color, white. The bottom of her hair was this deep blue, which matched the abnormal cat ears on top of her head. She was positively soaked, telling me that she had probably been out here for quite some time. Her blue and white robes looked like they had been dunked in a lake before being put on, that is how wet she was.

"Who's that?" Karin asked, stepping up to take a closer look at her.

"Jugo she looks nothing like me!" Suigetsu said loudly.

"Are you kidding? She could be your sister!"

"Jugo, Suigetsu," I said coldly, cutting them off from their fight. I continued to stare at the sleeping girl who seemed like she fell asleep perfectly at ease despite being soaked.

"Well lets just leave her there then. She's no one we know," Suigetsu said, leaning on the sword that he had taken from Zabuza's grave some time ago.

"No, I want to see what she is doing here," I said plainly. They all looked at me dumbfounded.

"But Sasuke, we need to keep looking for Itachi right?" Jugo said at last. "We can't waste time trying to figure out what this girl is doing here!"

Hm, that was our mission. To find my brother, Itachi Uchiha, but at the same time I felt it was necessary to stay here and meet with this girl. Why? To tell the truth, I am not exactly sure. But my conscious was telling me to do this, so it couldn't be that bad. If Suigetsu, Jugo and Karin all wanted to keep going, then they could, but I was going to stay right here.