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The AU - ness: Ok I just thought I'll make this clear. This is definitely an AU story. It takes place during the Prisoner of Azkaban time period where Remus is the DADA teacher there, Sirius just escaped and the whole world is looking for him. I'll use some cannon factors to help guide the story along and give you a sense of where we are, but other than that it's mostly AU. I have added a few fictional characters of my own in there just because I felt like it haha sorry. And of course it's AU because now Tonks is disguised as a student.

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Chapter 01 – From Dawn Till Dusk

"Level two, Department of Magical Law Enforcement," a cool, chilling voice announced just as the wrought golden grills to the lift slid open.

The lift had been stacked full of people, squeezed and packed tightly together and were slowly piling out. As always, Nymphadora Tonks stumbled gracelessly out of the lift, her bubblegum pink hair a blur as she tripped and caught herself as she fell. As if it was a morning routine of hers, Tonks straightened herself and held tighter onto the pile of bulky Ministry folders she had under her arm as if nothing happened at all. She looked up, her eyes immediately meeting the back of a man's head which caused her to frown at his dreadfully boring attire of a concealing set of black robes. Tonks clashed with all the others surrounding her, with her violet plum colored leather robes, her bubblegum pink hair, the tattered jeans she wore, black boots, and the grey Weird Sisters t-shirt. Her pale, heart-shaped face was much too young in the middle of the mass of Aurors, and her smile was much too wide, but it made her unique against the bore.

"Why so happy Tonks?" Kingsley Shacklebolt's slow and deep voice chuckled at her.

"I just finished all the reports assigned to me," she grinned.

"Wow, no wonder," he smiled. "Paperwork is a total kill joy in this job."

"Tell me about it," she smiled as she walked beside Kingsley into the farm of cubicles that was the workplace of the Aurors. "I was up all night yesterday and the day before, running on nothing but coffee and chocolate."

They spoke a little more and parted way as Kingsley spoke with Silvia White, a female Auror in her early thirties with chocolate brown hair and a young, pretty face whose cubicle was right beside Tonks'. Tonks went on and finally arrive at Mad-Eye's office, scattered with papers.

She didn't bother knocking seeing that there was no one else beside Mad-Eye Moody in the room. She entered to see a battle-worn man get up from his desk, his calloused features striking her no surprise as she was so used to seeing them. Even his distorted nose and his mechanical electric blue eye that swirled crazily in its place didn't surprise her.

"What do you want?" he grunted, but it wasn't a cold grunt he gave others.

"I finished all the reports and didn't even use color ink," she smiled, shoving the pile of folders into his arms. "Can I work on the new mission with you?" she asked eagerly.

"You don't even know what we have to do. You may not want to work this case."

"Beggars can't be choosers," Tonks smiled and followed him out of the office.

Mad-Eye grunted once, a grunt of approval she'd recognized after training under him and actually getting to know the man. "I'll speak with Scrimgeour and see what I can do."

"Yes! Thank you, thank you!" she smiled, hugging him, much to Mad-Eye's discomfort.

"Be serious," he growled. "Go wait while I speak with Scrimgeour about you joining the team." He was too fast for her to keep up with. Even with a faux leg and a wooden walking stick, Mad-Eye's strides were far too wide and he still maneuvered at a high, steady speed.

"What's the case about?" she called after but he didn't answer her.

"Speak of the devil," a smooth, airy but playful voice called out to her. Tonks could recognize that voice anywhere, after being best friends, practically sisters with its owner ever since she was five. Tonks turned around as Mad-Eye disappeared into Rufus Scrimgeour's office. Gathered around Silver White's cubicle were Kingsley Shacklebolt and the owner of the airy voice, Alexis Black, Tonks' cousin, possibly twice removed.

Tonks smiled as a reply to Alexis' signature smirk. "What are you doing here? You're not here to wreak havoc on us all are you?" she teased as she took a glance at her favorite cousin.

Alexis, whom Tonks fondly called Lexi ever since small, was a small, pixie woman a year older than Tonks, age twenty-one. She was orphaned after her parents had been killed by Bellatrix Lestrange, a story she didn't want to hear. Alexis was luckily raised away from the psychotic drear and glum of the Black family. In fact, she was possibly the only Black who wasn't mentally insane, in Azkaban, or was out to kill all muggleborn. The girl though didn't escape all the signature looks of the Black and had long, straight, jet black hair, sharp, defined features on a pretty face, and dark brown, almost black eyes.

"I'm here to simply talk with Kingsley and Silvia," she replied innocently.

"I'm watching you, Black," Tonks teased, narrowing her eyes and trying to imitate the look that Lexi always got from people and was all too familiar with. Lexi only smirked.

"Tonks, did Mad-Eye say you could join the case?" Kingsley asked, chuckling.

"I don't know. He said he was going to talk it over with Scrimgeour."

"If they let Alexis join the team, they'll let you too," Silver interrupted with a kind smile.

"Wait, what? Lexi's in this mission too?" Tonks asked, utterly surprised. "But you're an Unspeakable. How did you wound up with an Auror mission?" Tonks stuttered.

The three chuckled as Lexi folded her arms and began to explain. "In this mission, you'll be using some tools and instruments taken directly from the Department of Mysteries. It is by Ministry regulations that we accompany you, one because of safety reasons with the magical instruments, and two because we have to make sure none of the information about it is leaked."

"What are we using?" Tonks asked, raising an eyebrow.

"We don't know for sure yet," Kingsley spoke. "But Mad-Eye mentioned time turners."

"Wicked," Tonks smiled. A twinkle was present in her eyes as she wondered about it.

"Don't even think about it," Lexi warned in a suddenly serious and all Unspeakable like tone. Tonks knew that was how her cousin was, silly and goofy and possibly the biggest motor mouth on the face of the Earth, but she knew when to be serious…sort of.

"What's this case about? Mad-Eye won't tell me."

"Silvia has the full report," Kingsley spoke, leaning his tall broad build to the side.

"I don't know if Mad-Eye would want us disclosing information just yet."

Tonks rolled her eyes. Silvia was a total sweet heart but she takes her work too seriously. Thankfully, Mad-Eye had just escaped from Scrimgeour's office. "Tell her," he grunted. "Scrimgeour approve of it. If Alexis is in this case there's no reason why Nymphadora can't be."

"Don't. Call me. Nymphadora!" Tonks snapped. Her hair changed color rapidly from bubblegum pink to a violently fiery red that looked almost like Arthur Weasley's down the hall.

"Alright Tonks calm down," Kingsley patted her shoulder.

"It has been established that Sirius Black would be heading to Hogwarts," Silvia began. With the mentioning of his name, Tonks knew why they were so wary of the case. Sure Sirius was her cousin and was family, but she'd never known the man and wondered if he's just like all the other Blacks in Azkaban, evil and cruel. "He'd been sighted at towns that lead from the Ministry to Hogwarts and we can predict that he'll be sighted at Hogsmeade next. We think that he's after Harry Potter, wanting to finish off what he started twelve years ago."

Silvia paused to look around. Tonks noticed Mad-Eye's silent grumble at the mentioning of what happened twelve years ago. She'd heard stories of how the Potters had been murdered and the story of the boy who lived. Tonks knew then that that case wasn't as easy as it seemed.

"The Minister wants Aurors to be stationed at Hogwarts, one, to protect Mr. Harry Potter from such danger, and two, to capture Black by all means necessary. There are Dementors but they are not allowed in castle grounds. That's where we come in," Silvia briefed in her all business tone. "We'll be patrolling the grounds and the Forbidden Forest. Headmaster Albus Dumbledore wants us to be of no distraction to the students so we'll have to do so in secrecy. It's mainly so we don't stir panic amongst the students."

"So where do the Unspeakables come in? Not that I don't enjoy Lexi's company," Tonks smirked when Lexi playfully hit her shoulder.

"There will be three Unspeakables and six Aurors in a team of nine people," Mad-Eye grunted. "We'll carry out the mission under concealment. The disillusion charm takes up too much energy and invisibility cloaks will slow us down. The Department of Mysteries unveiled a device they refer to as the ghost necklace which renders us completely invisible with the added ability to walk through walls, students, and such. We'll still be able to cast spells but what we say or do will be of no knowledge to the students. With the Unspeakables on this case, they'll be able to help us in case the devices malfunction or something of such nature."

Tonks nodded and proceeded to look over the case documents after a while. Kingsley was explaining more about the case while Mad-Eye was forming a schedule for how they will be carrying out the task of protecting Harry Potter but looking for Sirius Black as well. Soon Mad-Eye ordered them to go home and quickly pack. Doing as she was told, Tonks followed Lexi down to the Atrium as the two girls apparated to the flat that they shared in Diagon Alley.

Her apartment was a small flat located in the heart of Diagon Alley with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a clash of two different natures. Tonks was messy and uncaring while Lexi was neat and way too organized for her own good. Their decorative eye clashed as well with Lexi preferring a modern theme while Tonks enjoyed color and variety. Yet somehow, the two cousins had managed to live with each other ever since they graduated Hogwarts.

"Lexi, what do you think of Sirius…now?" Tonks suddenly asked after a long silence.

Alexis was folding her clothes hastily as she replied without looking over at Tonks. "I don't know. To be honest…in my mind I don't remember him as a murderer and traitor. I remember him as our favorite cousin Padfoot. You couldn't have forgotten that."

"How could I?" Tonks replied, her eyes signifying many, many thoughts going through. "I could never forget how he's our favorite cousin. Aside from you and mum, he's the only one from the Black family who doesn't want me dead." She quietly packed for a few more moments. "How are we going to capture him? Murderer or not, he's still family."

"I don't know. I'm not the Auror here," Lexi replied.

"I just hope no one else knows of our relations to Sirius though," Tonks mumbled. "I can stand it when they talk bad about him. But when people suddenly start judging us just because we're related to an escaped criminal, and the looks they give us, it just bothers me so much."

"Some people are like that. Over time you learn to live with it. Trust me."

"I know. At least I'm not the one bearing the last name. But I swear if I see that judgmental look in someone's eyes again, on either of us, I'm going to snap."

Tonks emptied her closet of all her clothes. On the papers, Mad-Eye said they'll be staying at Hogwarts until they catch Sirius, and she bet that it will be a very long time. She glanced over the information papers and noticed the listing of a few things she didn't recognize. "What's a locator, something from your department? And what are we doing with time turners?"

"Some students use time turners to attend more classes than time would allow them. We use time turners to track them and make sure they're as safe as possible. Plus, they're oddly useful," Lexi smiled. "And locators are a new invention that we'll be using to capture Sirius. You think of a person's name and face in your mind and it will point you to where they are, acting sort of like a compass. But all these…um…instruments…haven't really been fully tested yet. The Minister is kind of rushing into this, that stupid oaf. So to guarantee your safety, we're here. Also, we're here in case you get time splinched," Lexi smirked in a scarily pleasant tone.

"Time splinch?" Tonks questioned. "That doesn't sound too pleasant," she sighed.

"No it's not. It's kind of like splinching during apparition, but much, much worse," Lexi teased, smirking and enjoying the expression on Tonks' face. "You body parts could end up in another time. The cleanest case of time splinching we've ever had was a man returning with half his body. The other half ended up in 1869," she spoke in a silly spooking voice.

Tonks had a very disturbing picture run through her head and whimpered slightly.

Lexi burst into laughter as she tried to close her over packed bags. "Oh by the way, I meant to ask, how are things with you and Charlie?"

Tonks raised an eyebrow. "Why would you ask that? We broke up a month ago."

"Yes. But Charlie's been pulling me out for drinks way too often and every time he keeps talking about you and all that. It's getting rather annoying. He wants you back little cuz."

"I'll get back with him if he doesn't mention anything about dragons for one day."

"You know it's impossible for the bloke," Lexi smiled. "He's in love with his dragons."

"And there you have it. Besides, Charlie and I don't match." Tonks groaned as she pounced on her bag, trying to get all her clothes to fit. "What about you and your many boys?"

"Dumped them all," Lexi rolled her eyes. "I think it's time I start looking for a romance that actually lasts longer than a week and consists of less…physical aspects," she smiled. "But I think I've also depleted my available choices over the years. I'm lonely and available now."

"Well," Tonks smiled. "I don't know how long you can keep away from your heartbreaker ways, but I'll just have to hope that the next heart you get in your hands, you won't break and will keep for a while." She playfully pushed Lexi. "Lonely and available," she scoffed.

Arrival night at Hogwarts was just as rowdy, heated, and welcoming as they remembered it to be. Tonks couldn't help but smile as she passed by groups of students scattered in the long halls after the feast, catching up after summer vacation. Just a few short years ago, she was like that. Tonks admitted she missed those days. But she wouldn't ever want to repeat it. Homework and typical school drama seemed like a bit too much for where she was after becoming an Auror.

They were standing in the headmaster's office, Tonks and Lexi receiving warm glances from Dumbledore. They did leave quite an impression on the man before they graduated, packing the entire library with dung bombs and nearly burning down the Whomping Willow. Tonks remembered those good old days and grinned to herself.

She listened intently as Lexi, Augustus Rookwood, and Broderick Bode, the three Unspeakables explained how to use the various instruments and the danger they may pose. She enjoyed the look on Silvia, Kingsley, and Dawlish's face when Lexi repeated her story about time splinching with time turners. Tonks also recognized a few other Aurors there. One in particular was a young man with dark brown almost black hair named Marrick Kingston. He was in the same year as Lexi, Tonks remembered, a prefect one year older than Tonks, and almost always caught Lexi and Tonks during their troublemaking acts. She could see the death glares Lexi and Marrick exchanged as they had hated each other ever since school.

After they finished their briefing again, Tonks watched as Mad-Eye divided up the nine Ministry officials into three teams. The first team included Kingsley, Bode, and Dawlish who will be patrolling the grounds and looking for Sirius Black along with the Dementors. Tonks stifled a laugh when Kingsley groaned, realizing he'd have to work with Bode. The second team was Mad-Eye, Silvia, and Rookwood who would patrol inside and outside the castle, protecting the students and investigating any suspicious activities. Silvia would also be posing as the new History of Magic professor, much to Silvia's dismay at the boring subject.

"Bloody hell," Lexi mumbled beside Tonks as Mad-Eye spoke to Rookwood and Silvia. "I have the worst luck of the century. I'm stuck with you and Kingston," she groaned.

Tonks smirked at the irony. "Oh cheer up Lexi," she teased.

"That will leave you three," Moody grunted. "Alexis, you and Marrick will work side by side in following Tonks around and protecting Harry Potter is your top priority."

"Oh why do I have to work with him?" Lexi accidentally mused out loud.

"I don't particularly enjoy working with a troublemaker myself you know," Marrick replied from where he stood beside Mad-Eye, earning a vicious death glare from Lexi.

"Wait, follow me around? What do you mean me? I thought we're protecting Harry."

"We can't have you stalking him twenty-four seven, he'll notice," Moody grunted. "So Tonks, you'll be posing as a third year Gryffindor and attend all his classes. Alexis and Marrick will keep close to you and you three will be following Potter and his friends."

"What?" Tonks replied, ignoring the snicker from Lexi. "Third year Gryffindor?"

"Yes, that is actually my request," Professor Dumbledore smiled from behind his desk and half moon glasses. There was a twinkle in his eyes that prevented Tonks from getting angry at him, but she couldn't control it when her hair turned flaming red.

"Tonks this is an order," Mad-Eye growled. "You'll be using your metamorphmagus skills to pose as a third year Gryffindor and follow Mr. Potter and friends through all his classes where you will be keeping an eye on him at all times. Alexis and Marrick will be there to aid you. Since your group has a relatively low age average, you can easily pass off as students. Tonks you'll still go by your real name, Nymphadora Tonks. We've talked it over with all the teachers and staff here and they have agreed to keep this classified."

"You already made this decision without telling me?" Tonks asked, feeling sick at the news of hearing she'd have to be a student all over again, not to mention a third year. She remembered her third year had been her worst year. Lexi was busy with all her classes then. They didn't get to hang out, and they were from two different houses, Lexi a Ravenclaw while Tonks was a Hufflepuff. Tonks couldn't forget how dreadful her third year had been.

"It's already been decided Nymphadora," Moody growled. "Follow your orders or back out of this mission." He gave her an ultimatum.

Tonks growled and folded her arms, trying hard not to hex Lexi who couldn't help but giggle beside her. "Fine," Tonks replied in such a childish tone and pout.

"You three will be sharing a living space on the third floor. Get there and rest up, you'll be starting early tomorrow," Moody grumbled and nodded to Dumbledore before he left.

Tonks, Lexi, and Marrick were about to leave until Dumbledore held them back. "Miss Tonks, may I please ask you along with Alexis and Marrick to stay a bit longer?"

She couldn't refuse her headmaster as they nodded. The three of them felt exactly like students all over again. It was similar to when they were students as well, the three being alone with the headmaster in his office. It was just like those nights in Tonks' sixth year where Marrick Kingston, the Gryffindor git of a prefect would catch them and bring both girls in. Somehow, standing there felt all too shockingly familiar.

"I've asked a few teachers to come and meet you so that they won't be surprised to find Aurors in their classroom. I hope you don't mind," Dumbledore smiled. "By the way, I always did favor the pink on you as opposed to fiery red, but whichever you prefer," he winked.

"Do you think we'll see Snape?" Lexi snickered, remembering their old potions teacher.

"I hope not," Tonks spoke, morphing her hair. "This is all really amusing to you isn't it?"

"Actually…yes and I can't wait to see you in your uniform," she smirked. "Yellow and black suited you. I want to see how you look in red and gold," she chuckled.

"You're going to wake up, under water if you keep this up," Tonks warned.

"Like I haven't heard that threat before," Lexi scoffed and folded her arms as a knock on the door sounded. "If I remembered right, in your fourth year, it was I who left you stranded on a boat for a night. When you woke up you were under water," she smirked.

"Grow up will you?" Marrick sighed, glaring at the two girls.

Tonks and Lexi both threw death glares at him. She knew that Lexi thought the same way when they say that he's attractive. Marrick was actually very good looking with his lean, muscular body, toned skin and chiseled features, but he was just way too uptight and annoying.

"Git," Lexi rolled her eyes.

As the door opened, Tonks saw Dumbledore smile at them and then turned his attention to the three teachers who entered the room. They immediately recognized two of the three teachers. One was Professor McGonagall, their old Transfiguration teacher. Tonks remembered she did enjoy that class, how she passed it so easily. The look on McGonagall's face had been so amusing that Tonks wished she had a camera to savor the moment. Surely the woman never expected three of her former students to be standing in the headmaster's office again, on arrival night, a sight that had been all too familiar a few years ago. She smiled hesitantly at them, her smile easier when she saw Marrick who had been in Gryffindor and wasn't a troublemaker. She immediately recognized Lexi and Tonks. They wondered if inside her head, she was wondering if somehow she'd fallen back three years into the past.

The other teacher was Professor Severus Snape. No one liked him, not even Marrick as he continuously favored Slytherins over Gryffindors. Snape always purposely called Tonks by her dreadful first name just to tick her off while he drew out Lexi's last name in a disgusted tone. To them, he was nothing more than a greasy haired git, and they could say that now that they've graduated. There was another professor though, one whom neither of them recognized.

He was a young man who looked tired and worn with premature lines. He had light brown hair flecked with grey and a gentle, shy, almost hesitant smile with very soft and beautiful blue eyes. He was attractive, but it didn't come off immediately as because of the faint scars that crossed his face. His clothes were shabby and old, but Tonks felt like he was a nice guy, at least he looked like a nice guy and probably a decent professor.

"I'm glad you three can make it," Professor Dumbledore smiled and stood up. Tonks felt so much like she was standing there as a student and troublemaker again rather than an Auror. "As you know, there will be a team of Aurors in the castle to help make it safer for the students. They will be inconspicuous of their work of course," Dumbledore smiled. "These three will be responsible for the student's safety. This is Auror Marrick Kingston, Unspeakable Alexis Black, and Auror Nymphadora Tonks who will also be posing as a third year Gryffindor student. I just want you to be aware there will be Aurors in your classroom so there won't be any surprises."

"Black and Tonks," Remus repeated under his breath.

Tonks saw the unknown professor suddenly tense and heard him repeat their last names. She didn't blame him, it was an expected reaction from everyone these days, and she knew Lexi didn't care either. In fact, Tonks didn't think her cousin noticed while she was busy glaring back at Marrick. But she saw that the professor was looking at them intently, both of them.

Remus froze, unable to help himself as he heard the names. He thought he recognized that pink hair and that unforgettable smirk of the Black family. He remembered them. Sirius had mentioned them as his cousins and even showed him pictures when they were born. Remus knew they were Sirius' family and felt it unfair to judge them so, but Sirius had turned his life so much into a living hell, he couldn't help it. He wondered what Sirius' cousins were doing in an investigation to catch him and was skeptical of them. They were probably spies. He couldn't trust them. He couldn't bring himself to trust anyone related to Sirius, not after what he's done.

"Nymphadora and Black," Snape sneered, raising a skeptical look at them. "Headmaster, are you sure these two will not cause any trouble like they were known for a few years ago?"

"I'm sure they'll be of no trouble at all. They are grown mature, lovely women now."

Snape nodded once and glanced at Marrick whom he acknowledged by quietly making eye contact with. He then turned and left quickly, the back of his long black robes swayed behind him as if a wind was carrying it. Tonks wondered how it did that. Surely there was no wind inside the building, but yet Snape always managed for his robes to sway with the wind.

"Aurors and an Unspeakable?" Professor McGonagall spoke, fighting back a surprise smile. "It's great to see you three again, all so…successful," she stuttered.

Tonks and Lexi were fighting back laughter as she shook their hands. Surely she never expected them to actually make something of themselves. "It's nice to see you too professor."

Professor McGonagall smiled kindly after she'd gotten used to the idea that two of the school's biggest troublemakers were now standing before her as an Auror and an Unspeakable. Marrick, she knew would become an Auror, he'd worked hard ever since his third year to achieve that wish. But the two young women who stood before her, she couldn't deny, had been a complete surprise. Soon Professor McGonagall bid her farewell and returned to her quarters.

Now the only ones left in the office was the headmaster himself, the three young Ministry officials, and a new professor that they weren't familiar with. The man was tense and had been the last to greet them, politely shaking their hands and held a forced smile as he introduced himself. Tonks wondered what was wrong with him. Sure they were related to Sirius but was he seriously judging them because of it? Even Snape didn't seem to care yet this man was all tense.

"Um…you probably haven't heard of me as opposed to Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall who have been here longer. I'm the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Remus Lupin," he smiled, seeming a little nervous and hesitant.

"Remus would you please show these students…err…to their living quarters?" Dumbledore asked. "You're on the same floor. I do hope it's no trouble."

"No, no trouble at all, professor," Lupin replied as he stiffly gestured for them to follow.

Tonks was the one walking closest to Professor Lupin, her inability to walk a straight path caused her to occasionally collide with him. She was glad that he didn't say anything and politely straightened her out instead of yell, sneer, or lecture her. But yet he seemed so tense still. His reaction when they mentioned her name and Lexi's had been the most obvious. Either he had something against the Blacks, or just wasn't too comfortable with them. He was strange.

Lexi held her chin high, walking in the all familiar Black walk as she purposely avoided any contact with her arch enemy, Marrick. She didn't know that even her walk bothered Remus.

"Here we are," Remus smiled dryly as they stopped in front of a locked wooden door. Tonks didn't stop fast enough and ended up running into the unsuspecting professor, nearly toppling him over. Surprisingly, he caught her with his strong and solid arms that made her feel all warm suddenly. Remus felt her warmth in his hands. He swallowed hard and put out his best effort to keep away from her. "Watch your step Nymphadora."

"Don't call me Nymphadora. It's Tonks." She wasn't able to stop herself when she suddenly asked, "Why are you so tense? Is it because we're related to Sirius Black?"

"N…no," Remus replied shortly, shying from her eyes. "Y…you're Black's cousins…"

"We're not like him you know. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover," Lexi sighed.

Remus shook his head but didn't look at them, especially at Tonks' strong eyes on him.

"If you don't trust us, there's nothing we could do," Tonks spoke, staring at him intently.

Remus shook his head again. "You're more like him than you know," Remus muttered. Memories suddenly clouded his mind. He remembered how happy Sirius was when each of the girls were born. He even showed off their pictures to Remus and James over the years. Remus remembered how Sirius would say they were best of friends. Sirius always said those two girls had a knack for mischief like Sirius did, and Lexi which was the name Sirius referred to the black haired girl as, walked and smirked the same way he does while Tonks, the pink haired girl, behaved the same way as him sometimes and has the same short temper as him. Remus shook his head. Those two girls reminded him so much of Sirius, the man who had been his best and closest friend until he betrayed them all.

Tonks' jaw dropped and she scowled when she saw that judgmental look in his eyes that she hated seeing. Remus had just compared her to Sirius as well. Family or not, Sirius was still a criminal, and being thought of that way didn't settle well with her. "Fine, if you're going to be that way then just go," Tonks snapped. "We don't need a judgmental professor telling us we're like Sirius Black and judge us because of it." Lexi grabbed Tonks' arm and gave her a look saying drop-it-it-doesn't-matter. Lexi was used to it, but Tonks couldn't stand it, especially from someone who seemed so gentle and kind but really wasn't.

Remus bowed his head slightly. "I'm terribly sorry. It's just that Sirius Black have caused me some…grief over the years. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to give you the impression that I was judging you girls," Remus apologized. He honestly had mixed feelings about them, but it didn't seem like a smart or polite thing to say to their faces. He wondered if they were there to help Sirius escape or help him kill Harry. Remus was astounded by his thoughts and behavior, but he couldn't help himself. Sirius really had given him so much grief over the years.

Remus looked at them, mainly Tonks who caught his attention with the vivid pink hair and defiant personality, with sharp and wary eyes. Tonks noticed this and it bugged her.

Tonks sighed and turned sharply away from him. "Good-bye professor," she spoke icily.

As Remus left, Tonks wondered what in the world was wrong with him. Her good impression of him was ruined. She thought he looked and seemed nice, but he was a total judgmental git. It was just like how Lexi and Marrick were. He was a total git too. Actually, he was even worse than Marrick with his noble façade. He was actually apologizing to them for judging them and didn't deny it. She couldn't believe that it hadn't been Snape who outright compared their likeness to Sirius, but a seemingly gentle and kind professor. Remus Lupin, in Tonks' mind, immediately turned from a kind looking man into a judgmental hypocrite. She usually wasn't one to bear grudges, but it was just how Lupin looked at them that irritated her.

"Calm down cuz. You'll get used to it soon enough," Lexi smirked forcibly.

"I can't believe I actually thought he'd be nice. He's so quick to judge us just because we're related to Sirius. What the hell was wrong with him anyways? It's as if Sirius murdered his entire family. I'd understand if Harry Potter acted that way but that guy?" Tonks grumbled.

"Alright," Lexi sighed, frustrated. She noticed Marrick's apologetic eyes and he looked down at her and chose to ignore them before she got herself pulled into his soothing brown eyes she always found attractive. "Just hush up Tonks," she finished.

"How does he even know we're related to Sirius anyways?" Tonks grumbled.

Lexi shrugged. "It happens way too often for me to care anymore. Now come on, get in."

Remus was walking down the hall. Just as he turned out of their view, he paused a moment, his mind lingering on the two girls. He found his thoughts wandering back to Sirius Black, and suddenly his happy mood of being back at Hogwarts turned sour and bitter.

Sirius had betrayed them and caused the death of their best friends. Remus couldn't forgive him, and these two girls he recognized to be related to the traitor were standing right in front of him, reminding him of his unclosed wound. He knew too well that he was in no position to judge anyone, but lycanthrope or not, Remus Lupin was only human. For twelve years he'd hated Sirius Black for taking away everyone he had in one night, for betraying them all. For twelve years Remus had hated Sirius for not keeping his word and being a coward. For twelve years Remus felt forgotten and abandoned by the world, all because Sirius had to betray them and kill James and Lily Potter, causing Remus to lose all his friends in one night.

It was selfish and unfair of him to judge the two girls, Nymphadora Tonks and Alexis Black, just because he hated Sirius, but he couldn't help it. They were similar to Sirius. Every time he looked at them he'd be reminded of his wound and how he lost everything in one night. He'd been alone for twelve long years all because of Sirius Black. And now the git has escaped and his cousins were to catch him. What sort of irony is that?

Lexi was skeptical of Remus Lupin but she shrugged it off like always. She turned around and closed the door to a rather large and comfy room with two windows, three beds and their bags already placed in the center of the room. It seemed cozy enough.

"You've got to stop that you know," Lexi smirked. "Some people can't help it. Sirius Black, in their mind, is a murderer. It doesn't help that most of the Black family is either mentally insane or in Azkaban as well."

Marrick was surprised at Lexi's suddenly mature statement. He had expected her to react like Tonks instead. Once he looked into her eyes, he noticed, for the very first time that behind that woman's smirk was discomfort and possibly pain. He began to wonder if it had been right of him to treat her so much like a delinquent himself.

"Remus Lupin, that stupid, hypocritical git!" Tonks hissed.

"Alright, don't hate the professor yet," Lexi smirked with an unreadable look in her eyes.

Tonks huffed. "I can't stand it when I'm being judged. It's so…disheartening and uncomfortable. It's as if people are just waiting for you to fail or do something bad."

"I know cuz, I know," Lexi nodded.

"Alexis, I'm sorry," Marrick spoke in a low voice that was nearly inaudible.

Lexi shook her head and chuckled. "We'll talk later Kingston," she told him.

They glanced at the room. There was good space for three people to live, three cozy looking beds with drawers, desks, a small table and a stove for coffee and such. She quirked an eyebrow when she realized that there was no bathroom and no dividers for any of the beds.

"You're kidding me," she spoke. "Where's the bathroom?" Lexi questioned.

"And how could they stuff two girls and one guy into a room?" Tonks wondered.

"Relax. I'm not going to do anything to you. Even if you throw yourself at me, rest assured that nothing will happen," Marrick spoke in a calm voice with a lopsided grin present.

"And you wonder why I hate you," Lexi scoffed, shaking her head smiling.

"Merlin! I can't believe I have both Remus Lupin and Snape as teachers! This is even worse than my dreadful third year! And are those my school books?" Tonks exclaimed, seeing a pile of books sitting beside her bags. Her eyes widened. "This mission is terrible!"

Lexi glared at Marrick as she passed him, sitting down on the bed beside Tonks but then laughed. "They're definitely not my books," she teased. "Cheer up cousin."

"How am I supposed to cheer up? Just the way Remus Lupin looked at us is irritating enough. I can't believe he judged us before Snape did! Just because Sirius is a criminal doesn't mean he can just judge us."

"Oh stop complaining. Why do you care about what Remus Lupin thinks so much?"

"I don't know. It's just that when I look at him…ugh. He's going to get his."

"Don't even think about it. You're an Auror now and you're an Unspeakable. We're here on Ministry business, not to mess around. You can't be resorting back to your mischievous ways." Marrick's voice would've been pleasant to hear if he wasn't lecturing them, Lexi thought.

"What are you going to do about it?" Lexi challenged, raising an eyebrow.

Marrick huffed. "This is going to be a long mission."

"Tell me about it. Mad-eye better change this. I can't sleep in the same room as you!" Her eyes narrowed in accusation as the three of them unpacked grumpily. No one was happy about the living arrangement. Hogwarts was such a big castle so surely they had some other room. Lexi and Tonks would rather sleep in a broom cupboard than that place with Marrick.

"I hate this. Mad-Eye is so dead when this mission is over," Tonks grumbled. She was dreading the sunrise tomorrow. Not only did she have to share a room with Marrick whom she was never comfortable with, Tonks also had to attend class as a student at the mercy of Severus Snape who hated her guts, and now Remus Lupin too who was skeptical and judgmental of her just because she was related to Sirius Black. "We better catch Sirius Black fast or this is going to be a long year," she continued to grumble, throwing her clothes and belongings out of her bag.

How was it? Good? Bad? Utterly Terrible?