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Chapter One

"Posie, you wouldn't mind getting me an ale, would you?" Peregrin Took asked the pretty young lass with a wink and smile. She smiled and ran to do his bidding, as any of the lasses around him would have done.

When she was gone, he turned his attention to the lass closest to him. He thought twice about being flirtatious once he saw who it was, for she was Rosamond Goodbody, the lass that Merry had last courted. At once, Pippin thought of a million reasons to berate Merry for ending the relationship between them. Rosamond was beautiful, pleasant company, and rich as well. It would have been advantageous for Meriadoc marry her.

Pippin cast a glance at his elder cousin, who was on the other side of the dance floor, and silently asked for permission to be friendly to Rosa. Merry granted it with a dismissive wave of his hand. Pippin grinned at the prospect of a new conquest and quickly charmed her into sitting on his knee while he told her exaggerated stories of his more grand adventures.

'Far too easy,' he thought when she consented to be placed on his lap.

It was not an unusual dance for Pippin. He had his fun teasing and flirting with the eligible young ladies, he danced with many, and got goodbye kisses from a few, and then headed home to talk about which lass he should next pursue with Merry.

Though when Pippin walked through the door of the Crickhollow house, he saw Merry smoking his pipe with his arms crossed, and a displeased expression marred his face. Pippin quirked an eyebrow and asked what was wrong. Merry's answer surprised him.

"You shouldn't toy with them like that," he said.

"What?" Pippin wondered.

"All those lasses that swarm around you wherever you go. You should not be flirting with them, especially since you have no intentions of marrying any of them."

"You sound like my father, Merry! If this is about Rosa, then I won't talk to her anymore."

Merry shook his head. "No, it's not about Rosamond, trust me. Ending our courtship was the best thing I've ever done. But you need to at least settle for one lass, Pippin. Just because you could court all the lasses in the Shire at once doesn't mean you should."

Pippin was silent for a moment before deciding that Merry was jealous. He took in a deep breath before declaring, "Merry, you need a new girl!"

Merry sighed and ran a hand down his face. "Pip, I want a break from lasses. Please don't try to set me up with anyone."

Pippin was amazed that any lad would want a break from lasses more than willing to be courted. He had not understood Merry's desire to disband the crowd of girls that seemed to come to him like flies to honey. Pippin was enjoying it. Wouldn't most lads? No, there was at least one who wouldn't.

"Merry, why do you want to be like Sam all of a sudden? Only thinking one lass is beautiful enough for your attentions, only one lass deserves you as a suitor..."

Merry shook his head. "Sam isn't like that, and you know it. But what is so wrong with being like Sam? He fell in love with Rosie a long time ago and has never wanted anyone else. She wants him as well. Mark my words; they will be married by summertime. More likely in the spring."

Pippin looked skeptical. "Merry, he told me he hasn't even held her hand yet."

"Just wait and watch. Frodo sees more than both of us, you know. He shares my opinion."

"Whatever you say, Merry. I'm off to bed. G'night!"

"Night, Pippin."

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