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Anyone, my dear friend CatchingWind had the brilliant idea of doing a COLLAB STORY.

After several PMings that involved a new word (adorkable), stories of being locked out of our own houses, the maddening frustration of not being able to save a video game, we came up with a genius story involving our new favorite video game…


So if you don't know what it is, we advise you to look it up and watch walkthroughs of the four games on youtube XD



Hey guys, OwlheadAthena here to tell you all that…

I'm a total super Phan. :D

I bought the first two Nicktoons Unite games PURELY because Danny was in them. And then I beat them in a few hours, but that's besides the point XDD

Anyway, I'm obsessed now. SO, I got the idea of writing a fanfic based on the Mawgu's last line in Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island:

"This isn't over Chosen Ones! *insert evil laugh here*"

But because the creators didn't make a sequel (*Grumble*) I had to write one- with CatchingWind!- involving the Mawgu :p

NOTE: This story will NOT include Tak or Zim or whoever else was in the 3rd and 4th games only. Why? 1) I never watched Invader Zim or Tak and the Power of Juju because it was on at ungodly hours where I live, and I'm to lazy to watch episodes online and 2) Because I don't own the 3rd and 4th game :p (Soon my pets… soon.)

So please don't hate me for not including those two! (Besides, if you love Zim so much, do you want to see someone who knows nothing about the show write like their an expert? Because I honestly think I'd ruin his personality and stuff. To me, he seems sort of blunt and points out the obvious things in a conversation, at least from what I've gathered from watching Nicktoons: Globs of Doom cutscenes on youtube.)

Anyway, Imma gonna shut up now and pass the mike to my friend, CATCHINGWIND! XD

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First of all, I would like to reveal a BIG secret of mine that I have revealed to pretty much one person (other than people online of course)…


No, seriously! I really have only told like, one person! But enough with that…

I have the fourth game (Globs of Doom). Why did I get the fourth rather than the first? Because I couldn't find the first at Best Buy. (Curse you, Best Buy!). I finished it, and I won't say anything, because I don't like listing spoilers. I do have experience in Nicktoons Unite! (wow… that was total resume-talk right there) by watching run-throughs via YouTube. So… (Dude... I forgot to tell you, but for the first two games you have to have a COMPLETELY different game system instead of Wii. It's called 'Gamecube', and it's the older version of Wii. it's pretty much like an X-Box controller XD Anyway, you have to buy an adapter, Waybird controller, and then a memory card to actually play the stupid games. All together, it costs about $70 DX But my parents bought it for me anyway :D Also: The game discs for the first two games are TINY. Their adorable, really XD But luckily, you can just stick them in your Wii box and they'll work fine. Then, you have to order the games online. So there you go, Stoppy AND readers :p)

I know nothing of Invader Zim, but I do have a little knowledge on Tak, because I recently (like, REALLY recently) watched a bit of it online, but not enough to write his character.

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Just be glad I'm not stealing her from you. *pouts some more* (Pfft... I consider myself lucky XD)

Anyways, this is getting really long. READ AWAY, dearest readers! (don't take that the wrong way please!)

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Time is such a fragile thing. It's every changing, moving faster than light, but at times slower than atoms rearranging themselves so you could go through something solid. Time is also unpredictable, turning at a moments notice, going down one of several paths, like fate. But most importantly, it works on it's own accords and waits for no one.

And it certainly wasn't waiting for him.

He was getting weaker, he could feel it, as he rotted away in his prison somewhere in a rip in time and space. (Or something along those lines of Scientific crud)

This… place (if you could call it that) was sapping his energy, absorbing it and distributing it among the multi-verse, slowly giving each world their portion back.

But it was his. He did after all, rightfully steal it, therefore making it his. Right?


In the Mawgu's eyes, there were two types of people: Those who held the power, and those who obeyed it. And to himself, obviously the Mawgu was in the former group.

But how could such a powerful being such as himself be defeated by children?

Oh yes, he remembered now. The oldest one in that rag-tag group of kids, the leader. What was his name?

Danny Phantom, it was. Ah, yes. With a strange combo of snow white hair and glowing green eyes, it would be hard to forget a face such as his. The Mawgu had thought that with him sucking the energy from their worlds, Phantom would have been powerless, like the two fairies… Comma and Waldo? Whichever. (Strangely though, everyone but the Pink hat boy thought the fairies were holograms… except for the sponge and starfish who remained blissfully ignorant.)

But the boy was stronger then he thought. The Phantom child had unleashed a powerful attack, something he had obviously been saving up for judging by how short the wail was, when the Mawgu was recovering from the onslaught of shells the sponge had been sending. Unprepared, the Mawgu was forced into the rip the ridiculously named invention created out of thin air. He, the great Mawgu, hung onto the sides of the rip long enough to shout out one last promise of revenge before being sucked in.

Now, he was here, a year later, sitting (well, floating) in his prison. He had long since learned the blackness stretched on forever, as he had spent quite a bit of time trying to find at least a barrier of some sorts while trying to find an exit. The only way out, the Mawgu realized grimly, was through using your power to rip another portal to get out of here. But he had lost to much energy before being forced into his prison, and as said before, said prison was slowly sucking the Mawgu's energy away.

'This could very well be death', the Mawgu thought as he started floating aimlessly in no real direction. The Mawgu, up until that point, had believed himself to be invincible, immortal even. But those children proved him wrong in less than a week while those silly crabs spent years suppressing his control over Volcano Island.

Curious, indeed.

But, 'whatever', as those children would say.

And now, as much as the Mawgu hated to admit it, he needed help. So, gathering some of his energy, he set out a series of distress calls spread out among the multi-verse. Hopefully, some fellow villain would aid him, or at least some stupid fool would unleash him from his prison.

He sent out his calls one, two, three and finally four times. Then, he waited.

Waited, and remembered the day his power was unraveled.

He had been waiting, the Mawgu remembered, for those two idiots to show. Phantom and the sponge. If he had known better, the Mawgu would have taken that time to run and stage an ambush. But he had been cocky back then, underestimating his opponents, thinking himself to be far more powerful then his young enemies.

When they arrived, they did so much like when they first arrived at Volcano Island. The sponge managed to land on his face, skidding forward a little, while Phantom tucked himself into a somersault before gracefully landing in a crouch on the ground next to his fallen friend.

With cat-like ability, Phantom straightened and stalked forward. "Hey! Mawgu!" Phantom shouted. "Me and the sponge here," He jerked a finger to himself. "Are gonna suck all your energy away, and there's nothing you can do about it!" Sweeping a hand in front of him, Danny Phantom ended his semi-speech by falling into a defensive position, the sponge scrambling upright to join him.

"Fools!" The Mawgu roared. "You have sealed your doom." Present-day Mawgu remembered hissing out the last words and narrowing his eyes threateningly before attacking the duo.

While the sponge kept the Mawgu busy by using catapults to throw shells and debris from the tornado-like storm around them, Phantom ran around busting open golden crystals and absorbing the miniature sun-like orbs that melted out of the rocky remains.

"Hurry… up… Danny!" Spongebob grunted. "I can't keep this up much longer!"

"I'm almost ready, Spongebob!" Danny called back. "Almost… ready… got it!" Absorbing one last orb, Danny ran forward to stand by Spongebob at the catapults. Together, they pulled back the string loaded with more shells then usual, and fired it at the Mawgu, breaking the machine in half. If Danny's plan didn't work, then they would be completely defenseless against the Mawgu.

The Mawgu, speaking of which, stumbled back from the force of the attack, leaving an opening in which to spring Danny's final step of his plan: Use Danny's ghostly wail.

Danny opened his mouth and sucked in an amount of air his slim body didn't seem to be able to hold, before letting it out in a deafening sonic scream.

Spongebob's hands flew to the several holes on his head where his ears would be to block out the noise as neon green sound waves you could actually see flew out of Danny's mouth.

The attack continued for 30 more seconds before Danny fell to one knee, barely strong enough to yell, "TUCKER! NOW!" Looking over the edge of floating rock they were situated on, Danny waved his arms and pointed at the Mawgu. Spongebob helped steady his semi-conscious friend as the Mawgu was sucked into the activated rip, which leads us up to the present.

It all could have been avoided, if he had known. Every day, the Mawgu relived his last moments on Volcano Island, going over every single mistake he made, and how if he got out, would get his revenge.

If only somebody would spring him out of this stupid place!

But one day, finally, they came.

He was wandering aimlessly around again, about a month after sending out the calls, when suddenly a white rip appeared, filled with the silhouettes of several beings.

"We heard, and came as soon as I finished the machine." A small wheezy man with large glasses on that slightly resembled a dentist well… wheezed.

"Are you coming or what?" The smallest one, barely perceptible to the Mawgu's eyes, said jumping on top of the first person's head. His tone was arrogant and loud from someone so small, which made the Mawgu smile.

"Yes, hurry up! We have FAIRIES to catch!" The third man said, doing a weird spasm dance on the word 'fairies'.

The last man remained silent, just giving the Mawgu a slight nod as if to mean, 'Want to join forces and crush some enemies?'

The last man was obviously the leader, so the Mawgu addressed him first. "I am ready to seek vengeance!" His voice sounded as rough as sandpaper from the lack of use, which added a nice sound effect to the whole 'evil' thing going on here.

Smirking, the four men stepped aside to make room for the Mawgu to join them, and enter the real world, a place he had been banished from for so long.

Revenge… was his.

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