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"Wait a second," she called quickly. The trio whipped around to face the girl again, confused expressions on their faces. She pointed to SpongeBob, then asked "Are you a… sponge?" Hesitantly, the person in question nodded slowly, wondering if the girl was going to freak out. Instead, she hesitated for exactly two seconds before replying to the nod.

"I think you'd better come on in."


Seated around an invisible table in the Mawgu's prison, were the Mawgu himself; a man wearing a white lab coat and nerdy glasses; a small sea creature with one eye; a man with a hunch and his ears on his neck; and a classy looking man with a black suit.

"So… why don't you guys tell me about yourselves?" the Mawgu asked pleasantly, looking at each of his new evil helpers in turn.

"My name is Professor Calamitous," the first man wheezed to the rest of the group. "I am determined to take over the world with that idiotic Neutron kid out of the way!" he proclaimed in a somewhat scratchy voice, drifting off into his own little dream world. (CW: Look, out of these four cartoons, I know the least about Jimmy Neutron, so don't get mad at me if it's wrong)

"I am Plankton!" the tiny one shouted. He had such a big ego for such a miniscule being. Maybe his ego was too big… "I will steal the Krabby Patty formula, ruin Krabs, then take over Bikini Bottom! Mwuahahahaha!" this little green guy, now known as Plankton, declared, launching into an evil laugh to which the others looked at him strangely.

"I am Mr. Crocker, a fifth grade teacher being paid at minimum wage, but not for long, for I will soon catch… A FAIRY GODPARENT!" Hunchback dude screamed, going spastic at the last three words. The attention was turned from Plankton to him. In response, the teacher just looked at them blankly.

"My name is Vladimir Masters," the classy man purred smoothly, unlike the others. "I was half-ghost, but I was hit by an asteroid composed of Ectoranium, an anti-ghost element, therefore removing my ghost half. I still have my eyes on the world, but I am also aiming to get my ghost half back. I am going to do that by stealing the one from one of my own creations, but I must find her first…" he told them, no stuttering, no stopping. He looked down into the void, contemplating his plans.

"Well, I am the Mawgu. I was, humiliatingly, beaten by all of your foes. Especially… that Danny Phantom punk," the Mawgu explained to them sheepishly. At the name of the fifteen year old, Vlad looked up at the Mawgu sharply.

"Did you say Danny Phantom?" he asked incredulously. Once again, his gaze turned down as he muttered "So the little badger is still at his heroics…"

"Anyway, I need your help to escape this prison, so that I- I mean we can defeat these puny children and so that we can take over the world, as it seems you all wish," the Mawgu continued, patiently explaining his motives.

"Well, then we need some kind of name for our league!" Plankton shouted, so as to be heard. "That way, people will know us and fear us!"

"Hm… how about… the Syndicate?" Vlad suggested.

"No, no, that's not… catchy…" the Mawgu muttered anxiously. Okay, this is not what he had in mind. (OHA: And Vlad enters full pout mode…)

"What about the Evil League of Super Old Guys?" Crocker wondered aloud. (OHA+Stoppy: … *face palm*)

Okay, that was just stupid.

"That's it!" Professor Calamitous exclaimed in his wheezy voice. "We will call ourselves the League Of Super Evil/Renewed Syndicate!" he cried triumphantly.

"L.O.S.E.R.S. for short?"Crocker asked timidly.

None of the five evil-doers seemed to notice what that acronym really meant. (OHA: This name applies so well to them right now…)

"Yes, let's go with that," Vlad murmured patiently.

"Then let us go and start a new era!" the Mawgu shouted, rising up and gathering his… somewhat teammates to help him escape.

"A L.O.S.E.R.S. era!" Plankton corrected excitedly.


The world was theirs… (OHA: Annnnnnnnnnnd were all screwed.)


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