Sooo a couple of people asked what happened to make Noah go away from his family for three months mentioned in the Epilogue of There's no Place Better. Well it's taken a while but here it is. Background in case anyone cares: Kurt and Puck are around 33 and have been married for almost a year.

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"No one forced you to come back to Lima Noah!" Kurt yelled as Noah raged through their bedroom. He was not going to put up with a midlife crisis from his lover. He knew Noah was still hurting from losing his mom only five months ago but Kurt wasn't going to be blamed for Noah's life.

"No but I wouldn't be some freaking math teacher still if I hadn't gotten stuck here!" Noah shouted back lugging a shoe at the wall. Kurt was never so glad Sarah had taken her niece and nephew out to spoil them rotten at the toy store.

"So you're going to blame me! Are you kidding me? I don't believe you are going to make it sound like I trapped you and forced you into anything!" Kurt shouted feeling angry tears fill his eyes this was just too much he thought they were happy. Every little fight before this hadn't gotten to this level. Noah had never said he regretted getting together with Kurt.

"I wouldn't have been in freaking Paris while my mom died if it wasn't for you!" Noah yelled right in his face.

"I can believe you're fucking blaming me!" Kurt screeched. "I never forced you to go I asked you to come because I wanted to share it with you. You don't think I miss her too! That I don't hurt knowing I couldn't get you home faster."

"She wasn't your mom you have no fucking clue."

"Of course because you're the only one who's lost a parent Puckerman. Grow the fuck up and stop taking your pain out on me. I never forced you to be with me! I never forced you into a family you obviously never wanted. Get out! Get out of my house and get away from my children because you obviously don't want any of it. Go try to be some big rock star again if you want I don't fucking care. You claim I forced you into anything at least let one thing be true, I'm forcing you to get out." Kurt walked to the door. "I'm giving you and hour to pack what you can and if you aren't out I'm going to have them haul you out!" Kurt slammed the bedroom door shut behind him and left only getting a few blocks away before he had to pull over because the tears just couldn't be held back.

His cell phone rang and he pulled it out of his pocket. Noah's name flashed on the screen. Kurt sobbed against the steering wheel. His phone kept buzzing so he answered it. "I don't want to talk to you, you need to get out and think about what you really want in life Puckerman. I want you out before the kids come home I'll come up with something to tell them. I don't want to see you or hear you right now. I don't know what got us to this point but you went too far. I will not expose the kids to it, I absolutely refuse to have them hear you yelling at me or me at you." Kurt took a shaky breath. "I know how much losing your mom hurt Noah I do. But what you said hurt me. When you've really thought about what you want we'll set up a time so the kids are out and you and I will talk. But I need some time too." Kurt sniffed. "You have fifty minutes left stop wasting it." Kurt hung up and dropped the phone to his passenger seat. He sat in his car just crying and not caring who saw. Noah didn't want them anymore if he ever did at all. Kurt knew he shouldn't put much into the words of anger but it just hurt too much.

When the hour was up Kurt drove back and Noah's car was gone. Kurt walked back into the house looking to make sure nothing had been broken. Noah wasn't prone to violence but the shoe throwing earlier had him worried. Kurt walked up to their room the drawers of their dresser were hastily pushed closed and the closet was wide open. A few of Noah's clothes were on the floor left in haste. Kurt picked up one of the shirts on the bed and clutched it in his hands. More tears stung his eyes and he collapsed on the bed with shuddering sobs.

Lying on the bed he'd cried all he could before Sarah brought the kids home. He'd been thinking on what to tell his children. Eve was only five and was such a daddy's little girl. Hayden he could tell more of the truth. He was such a responsible teen. Kurt feared a rebellion out of all this. Hayden loved Noah as if he was his birth father. They shared so many interests even if Hayden made the effort to spend equal amounts of privet time with both of them. Sarah knocked on his door frame. "Kurt are you awake?" Her tone let him know Noah had told her something.

"Yeah I'm up." Kurt sat up rubbing at his cheeks. "I'm guessing he contacted you." Sarah looked behind her before stepping in and shutting the door.

"He told me you two got in a bad fight and you kicked him out. He's going to stay with me alright."

"Just…yeah okay. Don't chose sides he needs someone he can talk to. You're his sister take his side."

"First you tell me not to choose next you tell me to take his. It's that bad?" Kurt closed his eyes feeling tears.

"Just be there for him please. I don't know what he needs but obviously I'm not it. Try to keep him from drinking and if he gets to out of hand call me."

"Oh Kurt who's going to take care of you?"

"I'll be fine. Noah needs time to think and so do I." Kurt dabbed at his eyes. "He's just missing your mom so much and I think it's all just shook him up so bad."

"You want to blame yourself." Sarah hopped on the bed and hugged him. "Don't blame yourself Kurt. Call someone who won't take sides who can help you." Kurt hugged her tightly.

"When did you grow up to be such a good woman?"

"Awe Kurtie I'm your sister now. I take care of my brothers. Do you want me to stay while you talk to the kids?"

"No I'm going to do this on my own. Go take care of Noah." Sarah kissed his cheek and gave him one more squeeze before leaving. Kurt got up and washed his face before he went to find his kids. When Hayden looked at him Kurt knew he had an idea about what was going on.

"Did you have fun with Aunt Sarah?" He asked taking a seat on the couch. Eve climbed into his lap and started excitedly describing their day. Hayden corrected her now and then but said nothing else. Kurt sighed and wished he could wave a magic wand and have this not happen.

"Daddy where papa?" Eve finally asked her dark curls bouncing as she turned her head. She looked so much like Noah with her big doe eyes full of hazel.

"First I want to tell you both that your father and I love you both so very much." Kurt gave them each a long look. Hayden nodded showing he understood. "Sometimes we fight when you kids can't hear it." Eve's frown of confusion made him pause. "Like how you fight with Hayden if he doesn't want to play dolls with you." She made an 'o' with her little pink mouth and nodded. "Well this time we had a really big fight and papa's going to stay with Sarah for a while until we both calm down."

"Like a time out?"

"Yeah baby like a time out." Hayden was obviously not buying the child's version but a warning look from Kurt made him keep his tongue. "Eve why don't you go put on your jammies and we'll all watch a movie and make popcorn. Eve hesitated but squirmed off his lap and ran off. "Hayden thank you for not saying anything around her. I just don't think I can handle her being too upset."

"What happened?"

"Your dad is still having a hard time with losing his mom and he took it out on me. We said words out of anger and I kicked him out." Kurt held back tears. Hayden scooted over and hugged him. Kurt sniffed and hugged him back. "He still loves you both very much this has nothing to do with you kids. I just…he needs to make some decisions on his own. I know you've just got done taking care of Eve for me but can you help me out again."

"Sure dad." Kurt hugged him tightly.

"You're such a good boy Hayden. I'm very lucky to have you. I'm going to try and work this out as quickly as possible. Just because I kicked him out doesn't mean you should treat him any different."

"I understand."

"You always did on some level." Kurt laughed a little.

"Daddy I wanna watch the princess movie." Eve called coming down the stairs. Kurt pulled away from Hayden rubbing the tear tracks off his cheek.

"It's gonna be okay baby." Kurt told him before placing a kiss on his forehead and getting up. "Alright I'm going to go make popcorn. Eve pull out your move and have Hayden help you put it in the player alright."

"Alright daddy."


Kurt checked on his kids for the fifth time that night. He just couldn't sleep. Eve had demanded that she call her papa to say good night until Kurt caved and called letting her answer the phone. She's laid on the guilt thick saying bedtime just wasn't as good with only daddy. Kurt had put her to sleep and cried to himself hiding in the bathroom while Hayden watched TV. Bless whoever was out there greater then him because Hayden was being absolutely perfect. Kurt knew it wouldn't last. Hayden was smart, too smart sometimes.

Kurt wandered down stairs thinking that some mindless TV would help him sleep. He'd work on some designs for next season but he just didn't have the will to try. Kurt hated that he just couldn't stop crying. He didn't have anyone to call. They all had their own families to worry about. Mercedes was busy with baby number two, Rachel was recently married, Blaine and David were busy with family work and school, Finn and Quinn were on vacation with their little girl, Santana was working and Brittany wouldn't know how to help. Kurt really didn't know who to call.

"Dad." Kurt jerked awake looking up at Hayden. It took him a moment to wake up.

"What time is it?"

"Seven thirty. Grandma will be here soon to take us to school." Hayden replied with a light frown. Kurt sat up and stretched. "I made lunch for Eve and me."

"I'm sorry Hayden." Kurt rubbed his face. "It won't happen again. Did you get breakfast?"

"Cereal." Hayden replied.

Kurt reached out and took his son's hand. "I know I'm asking a lot of you again. I…Hayden please just hang in there for me. I'm going to try to keep things normal."

"I know. Look, I know you're not going to tell me anything. But I'm not stupid okay. Just worry about Eve I can take care of myself." Kurt closed his eyes feeling tears well up. "I've got club after school don't forget to pick up Eve from Grandmas." Hayden leaned over and kissed his dad's cheek. "It's going to be alright dad."

"I hope so." The door bell rang and Hayden rushed to catch Eve before she could get the door.

"Grandma!" She shouted. Kurt got up blinking away tears.

"Kurt what's wrong?" Carole asked her mood instantly turning.

"Rough night. Can you take Hayden to school?" This seemed to make a connection.

"I'll come right back over once I drop the kids off."

"No mom you shouldn't have to." Kurt protested.

"Don't argue with me." She said. "Come on you two before we're late." Hayden came through with their school things. Kurt stood in the doorway waving goodbye as they pulled out of the drive. He shut the door and leaned his head against it. Maybe having Carole wouldn't be so bad. Kurt locked the door and went up to take a shower.


Noah was laying on his sister's pull out couch feeling absolutely awful. He hadn't slept more then an hour. What he'd said to Kurt had been horrible but at that moment he'd felt it. Sarah hadn't said anything mean to him which was unsettling. She made sure he ate and had woken him to ask if he was going into work. Noah had called and told them he was sick. He felt sick. Eve was talented with the guilt when she'd called Noah had first thought it was Kurt, his phone of course, not that he didn't feel better knowing Kurt wasn't going to keep the kids from him.

Sarah had left and he still hadn't crawled off the couch for more then a piss. He stared blankly at the wall replaying the day before. He'd thrown a shoe. That made him feel the sickest. He remembered before his dad left. The yelling and the sound of skin hitting skin. Bruises his mom just couldn't explain to him. When his dad left she didn't have any more bruises and despite the fact his dad was gone he was happy.

Noah would never hit Kurt. Never once had he even raised a hand. But a shoe being thrown was just as bad even if it wasn't even at Kurt. Noah hated himself. If he hadn't known Sarah would kill him he would have gone out and gotten drunk. He just didn't know where his mind was. One moment he'd been doing alright the next he was just feeling empty and unaccomplished. He'd taken it all out of Kurt because he was the only person he could blame.

If he'd never met Kurt that first day back he might never have gotten together with him. But then they'd waited years to get married. If they were only just married was that the problem. Barely a year into being married and he was kicked out. They'd fought before, all couples fought now and then but he'd never been kicked out.

What Kurt had said stung but he had come to terms with deserving it. Being called by his last name without Kurt's attached to it had felt like a knife through his chest. He was supposed to figure out what he wanted. Noah fell asleep somewhere along his thoughts he didn't even hear Sarah come back in.


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